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  • yo hippie!

    where you been? loves ya :hug:
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=orange]Wishing you a beautiful summer solstice 2010[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ffa500]Hope your day is full of joy and laughter [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ffa500]Peace & Love Hippy from Steve & Lyndsey X [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Hi mate are you ok ? not seen you about lately ? well if i don't get to chat with you before have a good christmas mate
  • afternoon big james :wave: hope u are having a lovely day :hug:
  • always well but could do better....
  • Hi ya James hope all is well with you.
    Not seen ya about much.
    Have you given up the smokes yet?
  • hello rozzer
  • Hi mate hows life? well the sv clean again after the big trip and I'm walking ok again after 2209 mile on that seat. ouch . going to start doing a bit more green laning now as its getting to nteh back end of road riding year . Take care mate
  • [FONT=Century Gothic]Hi james, just wanted to say thanx for making Trevstock a shitkicking gathering. loads a respec[/FONT]
  • Hey, thanks for the message! Don't work yourself too hard lol!!

    Wednesday :)
  • good morning james,how you doing matey:waves:
  • yeh, alls groovy cheers mate...been enjoying the feral life in the woods...its been wonderful. cooking on the 'woodland hob' every night (a raised wood and clay construction with a fire on top, the same height as a 'normal' hob at home), having acres of woodland for the dogs to run around in, and beautiful woodland/farmland walks not very far away....triffick!!

    hope alls well with you n yours
  • a :hug: right back atcha mate, hows life with you n the kids?
    all good i hope :)
  • everythings going ok at the moment ? I'm off green laning this weekend to salisbury plain so i'm looking forward to that , The bikes are ok I've picked up a yamaha rd200 and a honda ss50 that I'm going to sell at the next Auto Jumble at Newark on the 31st . Not sure whats happening with my job my managers being trained up to run my machine ? I don't like that as I'm the only one who can run it at the moment? wait and see . Take care mate
  • Morning mate! It really is morning now, woke up at 3.00 am and couldn't sleep. And 'Ow's James? Long time no hear, obviously testing every road in Europe hee hee.
  • hello mate how's the bike?
  • Hiya hunny how's life in the James camp
  • You! :waves:

    Long time no see, when you coming to visit then, eh? :)
  • She was my rat, and yeah, she had to be put to sleep. She survived the op to have her tumour removed, but then when i got her home she ripped her stitches back out and there was nothing the vets could do :(

    We definitely have to go bikering soon. Twould be fun :)

    :hug: xXx
  • Well if you'd told me you were coming this way, I would have lol !!! :pp
  • You could have come for a cuppa, seeing as you was in Snowdonia lol :)
  • Wonderful ta, everything is a bit great, finding out next week whether I gotta have another op on my leg but apart from that am cool :)
  • Obviously Zee and little Twisty are still up for it! Erm, I don't actually know what it is we're still up for cos I wasn't paying attention, but if it's motorbikering type stuff then absolutely. Will there be chocolate and hugs? xxx
  • Wotcha mate! Gnasher is tucked up in bed and needs some tlc after all the nasty salt! Bin rushed off me feet, it's mad, I haven't has time to get gnasher fired up at all. I'm still on for land's end in summer though, maybe talk to you some time over the weekend. Send Lola a kiss from Gnasher...
  • You know, I'd consider it if it wasn't for the fact I don't want to work evenings! I teach guitar you see, and I'd rather make a career out of that.
  • Sadly I'm jobless next week, a little worried about that.

    Aside from money, I'm not bad!
  • Good evening. How's life treating you?
  • I know Julian is still up for the JOG - LE run, will get him to PM or call you about it. I'm sure Zee and Twister will still be up for it, I still remember the loooong conversation about motorbikes poor me and Twister had to endure last time they came to visit.
    I know what you mean about busy! I have my first Accounting exam in 3 weeks which is terrifying.
    You know your welcome anytime, doors always open and kettle on, Speak to you soon xxx
  • Hi dude,
    I was only thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were and thinking if I sent you a text, would I get a reply! lol
    Hows things in sunny Liverpool? And when are you going to come and visit us again? Its been too long man. Love and hugs xxx