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  • Hello, I'm not sure if you got the message I just sent in reply to this one as I seem to have a repeat message :) Anyway, yes it is Em with Dave.

    I hope you had a good time at BD. Some friends and family went and had a great time...I'm very sad to have missed it so I'll definitely be there next year!
  • Hi Tree, I use to do the bicycles at GG and last year was the transition to peg looming and needle felting. The couple up just from me were doing the Tuffets. Was Em with/ is with Dave, or am I thinking wrong Em. Thanks for getting in touch and I shall keep you informed whats going on. My email [email][/email] 07496241164 website
  • Hi, I thought I'd jump in and give you my contact details for other possible work as i don't always catch up on social media. (I like to be proactive!)

    I remember the fleece pads from last year, I'm sure you or someone said they're called a tuffet? Em Weirdigan will be happy to give you a reference for me I'm sure. I have worked on GG box office for the last 2 years and the 3 years before that I was doing pedal powered bubbles and a repair cafe with nick mercer. I like to mix it up with a variety of jobs over different festi's!

    So if you're in the position to need some help it's [email][/email] telephone 07851226126. It's just me and I have a live in vehicle.

    All the best