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  • Hi Rab,

    I tried to send a private message to you, with the PDF link in, but the site said you have got private messages turned off, and it wouldn't send it.
    Just right-click on the link below, click 'open in new tab', and a new window will open, probably blank, while the file downloads. Go to your downloads, look for a pdf file called 'UKH cnd 2.pdf, and when you open that you should be able to print right from there.
    Regards, Keith. (Link here below)
    So I'm going to try and put the link in here:[URL="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41286187/UKH%20cnd%202.pdf"]

  • Hi Rab, with the UKH screen in front of you, go to 'My Stuff' on your left-hand side.
    After clicking that you'll see 'My messages' up there, again on your left-hand side. Click 'Send new message'
    This will open a page where you type the screen name of whoever you are writing to in the top box, put a title in the title box if you want, then go type your message in the big box below.
    When you finish just hit the 'Submit message' button, and it's on it's way!
    Once you've been in there coupla times you'll soon get into the way of it.
  • Thanks Gee - so true: enjoying life and having fun is what keeps a body young and healthy
  • Jesus just read your blog hell hope all goes well man, i joiner mate s wife had a brain tumour she s good now i hope but it brings life into perspective. Hang in there man, i know a few peeps who ve had cancer one man opposite me has had it twice, sounds ironic but the only thing i picked up was you have got to keep positive, there s fact that helps your body kick the arse out of it.