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  • Hi AnnieAnne, I'm new to this and having found how to read profiles and read yours thought I'd leave a bit of a footprint! Don't get to Wandsworth meeting do you? I have a F(f)riend there.
  • hi annie only just got online, your little on is GORGEOUS!!!! well done you you'll make a fabmum and I wish you all the best ( and Chris of course!) lots love to you all Vxxxxxx
  • awww you're welcome honey but he is a stunner! ;) :D aye Henry can come as soon as he likes now.. think tis safe to say ave pretty much had enough now lol :) still what will be will be and not had any signs of anything happening really yet! can't wait to meet him now though :D xxxx
  • Oh, Aiken is just *gorgeous*
  • hi just thought id check out how this thing works so without been rude thought id just say hi
  • Awww Anne thats lovely to hear :D Re: the feeding it can take a little longer when you've had a c-section so you are doing amazingly well honey and should be proud of yourself!! :D 3 hours between feeds i should bloomin well coco :D pat on the back for you lady!!! :D Re: the lack of mobility :hug: i know its frustratin mate but you not just got the c-section to deal with but i spect they've moved things around a bit in side in terms of fibroids etc so might take you a little longer :hug: did you get that rope tied down the end of the bed ? if not might be well worth tryin it out hun cos its that initial UP that takes so fekkin long int it! big big hugs n lots of love x x x x x
  • no arguement here, he's luberly x x x
  • oh and make big pants your friendsssssssss :hug: big pants rock!
  • Ello mum :D am really lookin forward to reading your birth story if n when you post one hun :) I guess you'll be home today or tomorrow so you take it easy lady! Don't forget that you've just had major abdominal surgery (we all do it love - we all forget and try n do too much n then we all nag other caeser mummies not to do the same ;) ) Hope you are managing to get lots of rest - loadsa love xxxxxx
  • Wooohoooooo your a Mummy!!!!!!! x x x x x x x