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  • Thats quite a while to have them, one of my customers has had his for 12 years they are down to his knees!
    For me its kind of complicated ive been making dreads since i was 16, i also do it as a little business so gets me some extra cash some times, on facebook i have a business profile called dread boo.
    My own dreads at the moment i have only had for a year but they are extended with other hair, so has my previous ones but a couple of times ive shaved them off in some drunken craze. very sad moment the next morning.
    At the moment still have short ones at the back as i took the extensions off but the rest of my hair im letting grow in to dreads naturally :) they are so cure :D
    Check out some of my work if you have facebook.
  • Ha yeah sheldon is amazing! i actually went with my friends to a kids play den today, lacked on a decent ball pit though but still great! I dont come on here a lot either as i dont know any one but some times i find some good reads :) how long you have had dreads for?
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    Thanks for picture comment , :thumbup:
  • Thanks for the comment on my picture :) unfortunately I cant figure out how to do some sort of comment approval though.