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  • hey you.. hoping alls well in your life,been a while :)am at a loss over lloyd we were pals from my joining and he made me lol and was a force of nature,,gonna take time to adjust
  • We can always find you somewhere to park up - never a worry

  • Is sad about Lloyd, I liked him.
    Looking forward to the season starting - wont be long now!
    If you fancy a weekend down there before the season starts you know you're welcome - I could give you a lift?
  • Hello you :)
  • hello you doormouse...im returned.like a bad smell:Don a hot day in the septic tank area:reddevil:on my new lappytoppy its good but my nails skid on the keys and send me to strange sites...i hear ya poorly ...GWS
  • :DHey up H hows it goin, expect your all awake now it is nearly solstice, have good one :thumbup:
  • Oops, didn't see that til now. Was a good gig. Did you go?
  • If you decide that you're going, drop me a text as I expect we'll be having a drink with Tony before hand.
  • I'm ok. Muddling through like I do.
    Beer festival at the pub from Thursday lunch which would be grand if you could drink it....
    Going to see the Stranglers on Sunday at Fairfield halls :--)
    Hope this weather fucks off soon - need to get out in my van
  • Just popped in to check that you're all behaving.
    How's tricks?
  • I agree with your previous msg H & yes, I also think sensi has now got her head down :sleep:
    So I will attempt to do the same, at least for a wee while.. :D G'night to you :sleep: :thumbup:
  • Yes H, :ppI guess your interpretation sums it up, just about right.. the 'Constant Twilight Zone'.. :eek:
    I would'nt mind but I need all the beauty sleep I can get.. but it's just not happening for almost 30 years :rolleyes: :)
  • Haha :pp So you've noticed then H, that I don't get much sleep or any' Cat Naps' either, I wish..:sleep: :whistle:
    I exist in a permanent state of tiredness, on a couple of hours per night, that's it.. :insane: :D :waves:
  • Cheers Al, I bow to your experience and knowledge :). We had an Aldi open not far from here last year so I'll pop down and have a look. I'm sure i remember Truvia being advertised a while back, then again, my memory is not much cop nowadays. Thanks for the tip, I'll let you know how I get on.
  • Hiya H...........I've recently started using Stevia sugar substitute. It can be a bit more expensive than the usual stuff,,,,,,,like you I've tried different types. Stevia comes from the leaves of the plant.......truvia is the brand name of it as manufactured by Silver Spoon, it's widely available in supermarkets either in tablet or powder. I've found that Aldi sells it in tablets for about 60p !! The powder seems most often to be in packs of sachets,,,,,,,,60,120 etc a go. Give it a go if you see it, it's pretty good and is natural so far as I can see. Like you I'm type 2, was diagnosed in 2003 and it's under pretty good control, fingers crossed, at the mo.
  • MMh think you might be right cause I got a massive jimi hendrix poster of the fence due to moisture, maybe it was the year b4 that was mega hot
  • Gosh most reasonable think I have the ticket somewhere:eek: we came down in an avenger beige, think it was a real sunny weekend, good times:D
  • Evenin Mr H liked you Reading T rem all the bother over the stranglers was it abpot £35 a ticket :D
  • No worries mate. The bottles are yours , pick em up when your ready. We're all good here .Sorry to here your roofers were doofers :eek:

    Take it easy B.
  • I do sunrise which is wicked, whats that trowbridge one like? sounds interesting!
  • That would be good man :) what festies are they?
  • Cheers. Have enjoyed your snow pics of the past few days but didn't get that message. The met office were giving out another [COLOR=#ff0000]red [/COLOR]warning for tonight through to early light tomorrow and the epicentre was Monmouth/Chepstow way :eek:.
  • Yes thats the one only there was a typo with the decimal point!

    No , just thought I sent one saying we had had tons of snow , and its hammering down with the stuff now.
    See you had some on your van .
    Extended hibernation for you!
    Take care and keep warm

  • Hi H did I just send the message I was trying to send you?Cracking up round here:insane:
  • hey there H-am good enough ,hope u staying awake longer ,im waiting to see what 2moro brings,been in the dale for hourslistening to some lyrical talk.having a fly round ,my wings are twitchy,love and peaceAng.xx
  • poor old aliens.lofl-glad to see you retained your gsoh...am with my sis she is also bonkers :waves:the detox is shitty but am managing ,no more cuts 4now tho ...might ava fit:reddevil:
  • hey you .awol peep hope youre ok and have da very bestest new year(humbug):waves:btw am down to one n a quarter mogs,its a big cut so am slightly bonkers ...as per Ang.x
  • Hi Hibernator

    Wishing you all the best for 2013, may it be happy and peaceful.
    Would have sent the message tonite , but I will be offline

    Cheers Bungo
  • hey:Dnot so much sleep but rest was ok,i did look 4u but i lol thinkn is he zzzzzzing,?the detox is happening but its ok so far-why did i decide to start at yuletide-doh,maybe take it slower ,coz im from 14 to 10 a wwek itsa shakey time haha here i go double spesking-nice to know:waves: youre here Angi
  • hahaha yes thankyou, gotta love the Hogfather!