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  • Thanks for that Mayfly! Shame they're all so far away, but something to bear in mind if I do decide to relocate :) xx
  • Cheers, Mayfly, I'd missed that one. Thanks for mentioning it. ;)
  • Hi Mayfly, haven't been around for a wee while but I'm kinda back now. Family stuff, for some reason a whole raft of relatives decided to either drop dead or become very ill all at the same time. The ex-wife moved house so I found myself in the role of taxi-driver/laminate-floor fitter/bin man and emrgency bank(grumph!). It's been all go and my brain hurts:D
  • :Dshould be tapping away in comfort tomorrow mf ,when i gets me router-hoping you had a smashing break,,,,,gr8 to see mun popping by,weve had many a pm session and i like his wit,i fell asleep over a cup o soup and a sandwich:whistle:all the excitement of late musta caught up;gonna try catch love/hate-clash recommends it highly so i been a telly head and a tune paster.......:D:waves:ahh that feels good!
  • ...i always say what i mean..:insane::reddevil::hippy:
  • welcome back mf [video=youtube;eEmnqqFO1Gs][/video]:D:waves:
  • Just got back from working the Isle of Wight festie with ColinM and off to work Glasto on Monday or Tues. Haven't decided yet. Trying to collect enough nuts before Octobers big sleepover :).
    Booked in to work a few festies this summer:panic:
    Hope you are well and making the most of the ocasional rays of sunlight!
    All the best.
  • yo top fly...dunno how im here but its bonus time -i feel blessed and loved ;)look after the dale of green and my soulmate:wub: it cant be long now -i feel it in my waters...mind you they are clouded :D:waves:
  • heh-just making sure im in the inner circle of mf:reddevil:childish?moi?ooh spoke to pa-b4...still waiting on my call re frogs...back less twingy..ttyvs friend of the eagle:D:waves:...:angel:
  • evening friend :D:D
  • :waves: Thanks for the link MF :clap:Have posted now :thumbup:
    Am currently :panic:running about like a headless chicken :pppmaking preparations for the 'Picnic' :D :reddevil: x
  • awww loverley bunnikins :D i better do a shop for treats:waves:x
  • ok mayfly but my brother died 3 weeks ago , only 48.why do funerals bring the worst out in peeps,fell out with my mother.sorry if i put you on a downer.gongorde the mad.x
  • From memory ( not that good) I think it rained Friday night, was boggy Sat afternoon but then dried out for the rest of Sat and then a sunny manic Funday :)
  • I stand corrected, I've just dug out the Sunday tkt( all my fave memories are kept in an old plastic ice cream box) which had £15.95 written on it for Sunday only. Must've lost the other bits which makes you spot on.
    How comes you've still got a memory?
  • It was £15.95 for the whole weekend! ( In advance) And as students we tought (THAT was a rip-off) Including me & my mate (from Crickhowell) sleeping in a Hillman Hunter all weekend coz we didn't have a tent!:insane: Happy days eh!
  • gongorde is back speak soon
  • Thanks MF :D:thumbup:

    T'is a wee bit milder here also but am warmer with my blanket layers :)
    Plumber is coming on Monday, I look forward to his arrival :D Optimistic or what ? :whistle:
    We are indeed a pair of night owls :eek: :pp Stay warm lass... :) Thanks for your 'Warm Thoughts' MF :cool:
  • Morning Mf :waves:

    It makes me feel warmer, just knowing that you are thinking about me, with your warm thoughts... :thumbup:
    Thank You so much... I hope you're 'in Good Spirits' & keeping warm too.
    I guess the beauty of your hot water bottle is, it never goes cold... Your 'pup' warmer, it's perfect... :clap:
    Every home should have one supplied :D

    The Plumbers will be back on Monday to complete the job :clap: Or so they have said... :rolleyes:

    Do Have a 'Good Day' Mf :) FPG x
  • Thank You' Mf for the interesting link:D
    Using/Abusing your pup as a footwarmer, tut tut tut, what a brill idea:clap:Bet it doesn't mind in the slightest, probably loving it :puppydog:
    Late reply apologies :( due to my :confused: pc, which also seems to be suffering the cold, unsure exactly what... It may even be the Flu... :pp
    But whatever it is, it's killed my mouse :rip: n' over the last week, Trojans have been on the attack... but I think I've headed em off at the pass, they now seem quarantined :dalek:
    I'm unable to go off for the weekend like HRH as peeling spuds :chef: & vegs, :vgac:: etc. I feel more like Cinderella :whistle::violin:
    Same as...on the cold front but I've received your sent pink fluffy it is sooo cosy & warm mmmmm :cheer::respect: Mf :D
    Hope you're having a 'wicked' :reddevil: weekend & staying cosy & warm, despite the adverse & inclement weather fc :xgrin: :xsnowface :xcoolsnow :xsnowball
    Have fun Mf :thumbup::woohoo: ... FPG :flower: x
  • Tee Hee Hee :D Thank You Mf, that makes me feel a whole lot better and has made me chuckle today.
    I am going to have to face this challenge with 'Fortitude' just as Her Majesty is doing... :)
    With a stiff upper lip... :clap: After all, I am British :reddevil:
    I do hope you are also managing to stay warm at this time. x :thumbup:
  • :o:Dlol im a ikky bit bonkers know why-lobo sends kiss x
  • im all ears if ever you need to pm vent to you,Angi.xx
  • lmao its vile -but i like my veggies -bungo acres all go eh..12 years,i was with terry for 13..erk i mustv been bonkers heh heh
  • :clap:AWWW THANKS MF lol-putting stinky liver on for him now XX
  • Hello! Only just got back on here since Xmas...happy belated new year :) hope you had a groovy one x
  • Well i havent deleted yet lol but i have joined Tribal Living and getting on ok over there so far, maybe same type of people there too who knows ill just have to wait and see , but for now ill just leave the posting and and be a troll hya ha ha
  • Hi hun I just thot id let you know im deleting my account in here ive never met so many bad mannered people in my life, if you ever fancy a chat you can catch me at [email][/email] you take care and stay safe. Anna x
  • Do you ever visit [url][/url] they have an apiary section in there forum ,twas on there forum i got guided to here.
    Good luck with your new phone. I struggle with modern technology!
  • Yes we are similarly well surrounded by support, I think all these wet summers are putting me off, and all those little souls in one box. There is a fair in conwy called the Bee Fair it is supposed to be the oldest in uk, so they say.
    Maybe I will get all brave in march, as we are surrounded by woods which I think is good. Bungo it is good to have Ma B supporting you in your work :D