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  • Hi Zoe,
    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get an email notification lol. I keep thinking that an EMP would be a good idea and get us all back to basics - but then I look at programmes like Jericho, Revolution and Dark Angel and think maybe not lol. It would be ok if everyone behaved themselves and respected other people but they don't :o( just think of the riots we had a little while back. Add to that a potential lack of police support... Hmmm I shudder to think. I think I would rather colonise my own island with a select few lol :P anyone misbehaving gets banished to the mainland hehe. I'm also waiting for a global virus which only attacks evil people lol :P leaving us good natured souls to rule the world in peace and harmony... And common sense! ;o) All of us helping each other and being kind to each other, growing our own food... Ah yes, sounds wonderful lol

    Take care
    Michelle x
  • hello! i dont have a computer so havent had chance to reply to you. my phone lets me read forum posts but nothing else. lovely to hear from you. hows your quest going to live a more free life? i like your analogy of hot showers/flushing loos v connetions with people! we are losing our connections to so many things, mainly nature and eachother... im hoping for a big crash in technology so we can all get back to basics, it would do us all good. but then i rely on technology for my job to help people... argh! whats the answer. come and visit if you are ever in the tonbridge area.

    all the best

  • Aww thank you :) well, I know I can be a handful at times lol, but I know he loves me and is willing to take the rough with the smooth :) which I guess is a great basis for any relationship, come to think about it :D and of course, no one is perfect. I am domestically challenged, for sure, but he hasn't got such a bad deal with me hehe :) x
  • aww love, im sure he's not 'putting up' with you. I hope thats just you being playful and that you dont actually believe that. Im sure you have so much more value x
  • fiance, wow. that sounds serious.
  • maybe i'll end up in maidstone at some point. then you can see my beautiful bus. it might inspire you enough to do it yourself x
  • im not too far from maidstone. Close to whitbread hop farm at the moment. I live in my bus tho so i move around a lot
  • hello, im in kent too!