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  • hej :waves:

    not too bad thanks, been a bit depressed so havn't been doing much but am getting back on track. not sure if i will be in wycombe for a couple of weeks but will let you know when i am up there next.
    it was really good to meet you and tim and i hope to be able to do that again soon.
    how are things with you? how is your gran?
  • Boo! How's it going? Hope life is being good to you :) x
  • i had hope for the greens, but it really saddens me to realise in opposition parties like them work as they raise awareness of issues and that is great.
    however, actually running a council shows they are not so good at implimentation or day to day running of a county.
    it really is a shame, they could of done so much more, but i feel they have somewhat burned their bridges and their only hope of getting the same power again in brighton is if elections are soon after freshers week for the two universities.
    i just hope they keep at it and learn from their experience, i like their ideas but they need to be more in tune with reality.
  • Just surprises me that they want to remove an item from the street when studies have proved the more going on encourages drivers to concentrate and there by improving road safety. Also you would expect the green party to protect trees, but I think they are more european green. good luck with mr elm, I have one in my hedge sssh :D
  • :waves:

    hi, thanks for your kind message, i am fine thanks. hope you are well too :)

    tbh the site is fine, i am new here and find it hard to make friends generally as i said before, i feel bad i may of given the wrong impression in the post. i was trying to make the point to the op the whole of society can be considered cliquey and all of us feel left out somewhere in life at some point.
    i was trying to say to the op, yes i have found it difficult to start conversations with others in the forum and thought about giving up, but the reality is others converse on here. this means it's my inability to initiate contact with others that is the problem and like me the op should be trying to make inner change rather than blaming others for not talking to them.

    its dry today :) hopefully this week is the week i get the leaks in my truck roof fixed so my bed stays dry :)

    thanks for saying hi, hope your day is good
  • Hello! I saw you mention how you thought it was a little bit cliquey on here, and that people were a bit unfriendly, so I thought I'd say hi :waves:, how are things with you?:D