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  • hello,how are you
  • Lol. its good to see you still so happy,:D
    Im now single, but we are still friends, which is good:)
    But Ive now got to concentrate on this college malarchy, if the application form is like the course is going to be, my grey matter is in for a serious wake up call :eek:
    catch up again soon,
    take care and keep that smile ,
  • Hey Hun,
    Hows you doing? all good I hope.
    Just a kwik catch up to say Hi :waves: and have a good weekend,:D
    take care :hug:
    Nick xx
  • Hi, i have seen a few of your posts around the site, and thought i would pop over and say hello :waves:
  • hello love the games
  • :long::reddevil::reddevil:
  • hello:waves:
  • ello hows everything going?
    sorry i'v not been online allot but im trying to build up my portfoilo for work haha :hug:
    im sick at the moment :( biggest snot and crusty monster ever!! lmao
    hope you are well?
  • got pm and replying now :) :D xxx
  • really! you had sun!!! OMG! we havnt seen it here for a few days...its been icy cold here.... was going to help my mum do the garden today but decided against it haha we both stayed in as its windy too.
    sending :hug: your way too :)
    what ya been up to?
  • :o thank you gonzo x
  • [B]WOW :)[/B]