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  • Boo! :pp
  • I'm so jealous you're off to Norway to see the northern lights!! xXx
  • May your night shifts pass swiftly and not too eventfully, and may you have much daysleeping stamina :) S.O.S snuck in there again didn't it, ha ha :D
  • Ah, thank you muchly :). How are you ?
  • Well, if everyone else is going down with straight face, you be my Morale Officer, and I'll be yours, deal? :D
  • Hello :D

    Do I take it you approve of Mr. Hicks, being a black-humoured public servant and all? There was an angry honesty to him, tempered by an awful lot of compassionate observation too. Its a shame he is not here these fifteen years or so since to pass commentary on more recent events. The worlds populations feel like they are becoming ever more apathetic, and he would have been just great.

    Nice to meet you :waves:
  • First sign of madness that is mate.
  • Should that not be on my wall.
  • never seemed charmed..Buffy is best programme ever though x
  • Yup huge Buffy fan., I just re watched the whole lot too. Got a new telly so seemed like a good excuse to be honest. Starting on Charmed again now. lol

    Ok I will admit I love pancakes and pretty much most pizza.
  • Well if I ate some squid you would have to come get me in your ambulance.
    Ok I really dislike mushy peas and prunes. Also protein shakes and pork pies. Must be a P thing.
  • Right so remind me not to cook you pasta in mushroom sauce then. lol
    So really honestly is that all pasta of all shapes and sizes?
  • Whats wrong with pasta?