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  • [IMG][/IMG]have goo:hippy:d one lloyd
  • Hello! :waves: Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
  • Squeaky wheelbarrow :rofl:
  • Just a quick hello my friend. Shooting off to do other stuff not internet related. Bye! Have a good evening!
  • Well thank you my friend! :hug:
  • Tune for you :D[video=youtube_share;RRMlPT1qxw4][/video]
  • Ha! Whilst sat here with my morning cuppa I noticed your signature! :D Too true :thumbup:
  • hi..ive cleared my inbox sorry bout that..:rolleyes:waiting for my mate to bung a fiver on here from his paypal acc. im not a card carrier but i donate by proxy its all for da good.. ttys Ang:hippy:
  • morning lloyd man...i cant open my pm,s maybe all full up..still i got yhe kettle on so i cant complain... ANG :D
  • Hey up hows it going hope you and yours are well, Angio is off line at the mo but hoping to get sorted and Bungo is on FB, hope you are enjoying all this sunshine MF :D
  • Not bad at all mate :D , now I have finished my domestic duties, been to work , lit the wood burners , and have now got my feet up with a nice glass of cider .
    How are things with your good self?
  • morning Lloyd -we pretty much clear in leeds,out in our park its dark early,not foggy,unless you count my brain lol i got my sleeper cutdon,my head even stranger than fiction,you dun well for ya birthday,nice one,Ang x
  • Happy new year to you too . Hope you didn't over do the Blue stuff!:insane:
  • happy new year kiddo,lol just sent it to meself,doh... xx
  • hey lloyd-hows da hangover mate Angi XX
  • 'Ello matey, I was just thinking you must have been kidnapped on New Years Eve when you visited the 'pool :D
    All the best to you and yours mate.
  • hiya hunny have the best time over crimbo and new year hugs sensi
  • @folkorbit is his twitter handle he is always tweeting local gigs :waves:[URL="http://@folkorbit%20"]http://@folkorbit [/URL] dunno if the link will work is experiment MF
  • Yeah he is a good guy I follow him on twitter humm, bit jealous of where you are plenty of live music all over the show lots of pub with nights, have a good one :)MF
  • am on the mend cheers,a week 2moro,put me off taxis a bit:panic:sorer now but twill pass:thumbup:
  • :waves:
  • Hi see you have been about, how's the move going ? Hope you and the critters are keeping well MF
  • Ha Ha, glad to hear you are ok matey, are you fully settled now or is it just all the food outlets you have sorted? :D it looks like we might be on the move ourselves bud - over to Italy, running self catering apartments in Tuscany, just got to meet the owners and if we like each other and the terms etc are agreeable we'll be off early next year. Scarey but exciting.
    Nice to see you back fella.
  • Yeah! where the bloody hell are ya? aint they got tinternet in Blackburn yet? :angel:
  • lloyd are ya settled in yet? angio ;)
  • Where is you, missing the cowboy refs in word wotsit, hope your doin' ok. MF :waves:
  • Hi bud, yes it was me that got the fine, I was rushing to get Jane to work, it was 6.30 am, I just came belting off of the M62 at the Rocket and straight onto Edge Lane Drive, I should have known better, I know there have been a lot of accidents there and they have put up cameras but I didnt think I was speeding tbh. I have got a sat nav that warns you when you are going too fast but the cig lighter in the car isnt working, although I never thought of using it for that reason before it is a good idea, one to keep in mind nice one mate :thumbup:
  • Ello solo, how are you mate? good I reckon after looking at your pics' - you been roaming around then bud?

    I espacially like the one with the dove in it, kinda mystical, powerful and peaceful. Very nice mate.
  • how was the trip ? :D
  • Mornin matey, that looks like a nice old tree.
    I noticed you aint been on as much as usual, been on the road eh! :thumbup:

    Just sourced some free insulation for my windows just happened to ask a guy in work if they had anything, and guess what they have an unused surplus roll, brilliant! that has saved me £30. WAHOO!!!
    Cheers bud, hope the sun is shining for you. :cool: