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  • Mine used to do that and missed funny to watch though
  • How's Alf has he got any bunnies yet?
  • I live in the pendle area so not bad price wise skipton is even cheaper
  • Got my sprinter with insurance choice251£ fully comp3000 miles a year as a campervan
  • Haha the things they present you with eh! :D
  • My old yorkie used to catch spiders then jump on my knee to show me
  • How's the dog has he caught any bunnies yet?
  • Wait till he sees a bunny then the penny will drop
  • How's Alf today? Has he started hunting yet?
  • Proper characters to go walking with mine was a good rabbiter
  • I used to have a lurcher bitch looked just likeaAlf best dog I ever had
  • :hippy:sure is....he was a real force of nature,one of my v first mates when i joined :(much missed xx
  • :waves:hope all is going good joe..[IMG]http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=HN.608028874120433070&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0[/IMG]:D
  • :D:D
  • lol i will stop b4 the nekkid thread:eek::D
  • aww you can see my lobo baggins eaaaaayhoo:D
  • [B]hágoshį́į́[/B] :D
  • Philamayaye :hippy:
  • cheers joe :D xx
  • :D:waves:thanks for heeding my childish hint-im up to 34 ppl now:cool:x
  • Hi, saw this gorgeous dog, and though of you. He needs to live outside, as that is what he is used to.

  • Eeek mixing days and nights like that isn`t good. I`m in a strop today too cause i don`t wanna go in....work`s an asshole :(
  • Aww glad to hear you not too depressed then....good news that nobody bought yer bus too! I`m grand doon here am all settled in....im loving having loads of new places to explore. My mum`s coming over in April and we`re getting the train to Paris for a few days so looking forward to that too :)

    I sympathise with the long shifts i used to do them too. Mine were 14 hours long overnight but i never did more than 4 in a row...seven sucks. How much time do you get off after that??
  • Hey hows the post Italy blues going?? Have you`s got a new plan yet?? :)
  • anyway do you like new pic
  • you spyin on me, tis not me lc keeps swapin em. ive put new one cause i like it. and shes not to swap it. i only go on ere on my phone and you cant do much. but to nite she gone to see mate and i got her lop top'. still cant spell but you get what i mean anyway, bet it takes time sometimes . were are you prob said be4 but i cant remeb. last few week dont know what i been doin. no new there . rob
  • how u today matey. just got off phone with psychological practition what a nob head. him not me. got see someone . other than that good day been had. rob
  • Happy New Yr Wurzel :waves:
  • Saw em.. Bubba looks like a happy sort of feller! God it sounds amazing will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for ya`s :)
  • Jealous!! :eek: It looks amazing seems pretty remote too it`d be perfect! Imagine all the amazing veggies an stuff that you could grow too :)