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  • Hope you have a great birthday

    :) x
  • I. Meant coughing were there is food and spreading germs sorry for confusion :)
  • Coughing in a health food store tutntut
  • Went scarborough in May lovely fresh air mmm
  • When you going seaside? Can I come?lovethe sea air Martin
  • thanks matey for groove hope your having a fab christmas
  • hi matey just having look round here new and checking out different things seems a nice friendly place here
  • Read your thread in 101. Sheesh, seems like you're in a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. Be kind to yourself, you need to stay strong...whatever your course of action. Sending you piskie laden good thoughts from Cornwall.
  • janet hun i text you but not sure if you still have same number
  • I sing you a cheery song, tralalalalalalalalala, lalaaa.
  • The poor baby :(. It's horrible when they're sick, you feel totally useless. Gentle hugs and healing vibes to kitty (and hugs to you :)). xxx
  • :hug: :hug: :hug: that Mkat is vile evil shite :( :( :( my heart goes out to you lovely, what an awful situation to be placed in :( xxxxxxxx
  • I didn't know if it was an option, but my doc says you can have it any time during the peri-meno years! I feel like I've got me back, so i'm not knocking it! I was getting very morbid, thinking about death and ageing etc etc, which apparently is common in women of 'our' age!! I'll let you know how it goes!!
  • Missed you too xxx Haven't felt like tinternetting much at all! Been on tabs for a month now, and would thoroughly recommend them!
  • Hiya Sis *hugz* I'm back after a leave of abscence! I'm on HRT and feel like 21 again! The same hormones can make you feel so crap, but so good too!!
  • Delicious guy - nice one, we all need one of those! Good on you for travelling for decent music, we should all do more of that. The rave was excellent as you can imagine. Much needed. We had some lovely liquid Hoffman juice and I've literally just landed. What's ya fella's DJ name? What's he spin? Where's the party's at?! (Questions, questions!) If we can ever get along to one we would love too! Hope you're having a nice sunny day like we are down south, peace x
  • Sorry,it didnt tell me it was full [IMG]http://www.ukhippy.com/stuff/images/smilies/new/confused.gif[/IMG] Cant work out how to empty it under the new system,sure there used to be a delete all button,but I've got rid of a page worths so there should be space now.
  • Of course! I never knew how vain i am XD Will definatly be going down to costco, lol
  • Great thanks! Very dry lips but totaly worth it! I had a little breakout but its gone now and i have a face, woooooo!!!
  • Thanks lovely :) I've always been a loner but the loss of independance and apparent brick walls everywhere is gutting when I dont have the strength to break them down :( Hopefully it'll start getting easier when I move somewhere more suitable,that or I'll be on the 10 o clock news surrounded by armed police with loudspeakers coz I'll have lost it and massacred everyone :P Hows it going with you? I've only just managed to borrow a dongle that works enough for me to browse stuff so havent seen any of your recent posts,is it still 'new man lovely,daughter needs shooting' or has that got worse/better?
  • Good friend! I think they have been but mostly at The Brixton Jamm. Cool venue with the usual sweat coated walls and ceilings! Where abouts are you then?
  • Hey :waves: sending some stomping vibes your way miss!
  • awww thankyou :hug: :D hope you are ok up there in oop north land xxxxxx
  • Glad you liked them hon xxx
  • Oooh yeh :D I can't think what it might be J-L!!!! Have you made me a pair of homemade silver wire handcuffs ;) :D
  • hiya janet
    it just arrived thanks hunny
    and the bracelets are just lush
    thats really kind of you
    have a great day
    top en route
    hugs sensi
  • hi janet hunny is 2 pound ok for postage
    and thanks
    do you have my addy
    you will need to send yours again
    hugs sensi
  • how do you mean ?
  • ahh,if wishes were horses then beggars would ride...
  • The wish fairy never listens to me anyway....I wished for Johnny Depp recently...and nothing :rolleyes: she granted Vanessa Paradis' wish...not fair!!!
    The pressie sounds lovely, J-L, and handmade is the best xxx Ty missus, I shall have to make you something *thinks