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  • Hi Levey :waves:
    Yes it's a shame we don't live closer, as we could have sorted something out, with your cousin's help.
    You have been so kind & understanding of the reality of my plight with my landlord, who's forever moving the goalposts to suit himself. His issue isn't money, for he's a multi millionaire, who has various business's including house rentals, his problem is he's so mean, he won't employ proper professionals with credentials, so if one is only prepared to pay peanuts... One only get's monkey's, who are simply not up to dealing with the job.
    Naturally, this was not evident upon signing up, his projection was otherwise, to the contrary.
    And Yes, you are quite correct, it isn't Monopoly, it's my life he's messing with, after all, I am paying him full rent to live here, with basic amenities & not getting them, it just isn't fair. I'm not asking him for a kidney.
    I hope things are resolved soon. Thank You so Very Much Levey, I appreciate your friendship. FPG x :flower:
  • :D no worries , grown to like "Gerry" over the years not a bad sort at all , as for Ray W ??
  • aww thanks hes a 3yr hybrid wolf,aka a sarloos ,name of hombre lobo...my dream come true:Dno more marsden refs ok...
  • its no bad thing levey.... :waves:
  • oh,i saw you before..jerry marsden came to mind:)enjoy uhk ,ASE/Angio :waves:
  • Just the one, my goodness I used to box as a boy, & this is tougher than anything I have done, I have a weak back through years of work, but ..........fingers crossed everyday I have been doing this excercise she calls the plank, & I am feeling the benefits although I can only do this for seconds at a time, the only downfall is that I work shifts so cannot attend class that often ..... But Elfie I have enjoyed it and the people are lovely, but I am the only bloke there, so feel a bit akward TBH , smashing to hear from you Happy Easter
  • Hello there! How are you getting on with the yoga, have you looked into classes yet?:)