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  • Hi, can you please PM me? I need to sort out a postal address for the scrap book? Cheers steve
  • I saw this online this morning and immediately thought of you for some reason lol [url][/url]
  • Hey Poppy did you get your video camera sorted out and are you happy with , like would you recommend someone else purchase one?
  • Heya. I know I don't know you, but Janna has informed me that I must say hello because apparently we are both as crazy in love with our collie dogs as each other. So hello! :) How has your week been? Nikki xx
  • Heya, hope you're ok dudes. Am currently looking for a car, so if by any chance you do plan to sell your Escort please give me a shout! Thanks :)
  • :woohoo: Fankoo! :grin: :hug:
  • Do you still have those kikwear pants for sale?
  • Hey there, how have you been? How's Seb doing? I've been away from the UK for 5 months or so... Just got back, but only to pick up the rest of my stuff and move it abroad...... Have fun!
  • Ooh that's such a shame he's so lovely! Can't you marry a millionaire just for a couple of months??? :D
  • Thanks mate :D I'm quite pleased with them at the minute. You have no idea how tempted I would be to swap Seb for Daisy! :pp Let me know how the MOT goes xxx
  • Just had to friend you there when I read the bottom of your blurb... that is so lovely :hug: (And you have a cool bus ;) )
  • Loved the rescue dog post today... :)
  • On May 6th....
  • Thanks ;)
  • Hi, loving your dogs and your van - they're beautiful! :)
  • Well we drove her back from Blackpool to Pembrokeshire yesterday down the M6/M5/M50/M4 without missing a beat and she feels like the mileage is genuine, not too much rust either :D Wouldn't live in her full time as we're all sensibley mortgaged etc although if we were thinking of van living think we'd need something bigger to contain me, Ben, Rhiannon and the mad hound!!
    I want to paint her purple (I lurrrrve purple - I really like Seb's colour in the pics I've seen of him) but wouldn't want to be seen as a copycat!! lol ;) :P
  • lol Just haven't taken any pics yet is all. And honestly, she's a very boring, all plain white and sensible looking Transit 110D LWB, but we'll sort that out eventually ( may have to paint a bat on her somewhere ;) ). We bought her off ebay so you can see her [URL=""]here[/URL] if you like :D
  • Thanks very much Twister that helped a lot will let you know how I get on ,your van looks great with the woodburner:D ,we spend a lot of time out in the winter and it gets really cold !!!
  • Hi Twister ,just looking at your pics of your van it looks great we have an ambulance and noticed you had put in a woodburner where does your smoke and flue pipe go ,we have a sprinter ambulance and are in the process of putting in a woodburner Thanks
  • Hey Twister, just read your profile so I'm sending you a :hug:
    Thanks for your encouragement on the drawing a day thread...much appreciated!!!:):):)
  • Thank's for your note - don't know why my last message posted twice...spooky. Hope you're well and good and happy, and have a good day *hugs* :)
  • Hello - just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your profile made me smile, which is no small achievement right now, so thankyou, and hugs :)
  • Hello - just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your profile made me smile, which is no small achievement right now, so thankyou, and hugs :)
  • :waves: ello

    long time no see, hows you?:):hug:
  • you gonna be home arond the mornin of boxing day? xx
  • hey, hows you? :)
  • aww thanks mate...hopefully I will have my home back on wed!
  • Helloooooo!
    Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad he was let off as he didn't do anything, the justice system is not good in this country.
    Cake sounds good! I have so much flour in my cupboard, we could start a cake shop and not run out! lol. Let me know when your free and we will arrange something, its been too long
    I have a morning in hospital tomorrow having some tests done, not fun :(
    Speak to you soon and I'm glad Juno is back to his bouncy self
    Love and hugs xxx
  • Things are a bit stressy at the mo... I will explain more later.

    Glad you are ok hun xxx
  • Hello lovely lady, hows things? Great news you don't need a cage on your leg and your summer will be wonderful.
    When you coming to visit? Missing you guys xxx