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  • Nos da!
  • You'll be the only teetotal in the valleys:p
  • Noooo, don't drink that, the company funds bull fighting in France!!! How about a nice cup of chamomile tea?;)
  • You need Whiskey :P
  • Just chilling out on the sofa with the wife, first day back at uni today, I'm fucking knackered!
  • Yes, I've started the job, and gone back to uni, so things are pretty good. What are you up to tonight? :)
  • Why do you feel bad, too much drinking?:p I'm really good, thanks :D.
  • Haha! I'm doing okay, a little bit bored today, feeling jet-lagged for some reason :rolleyes:, I'm writing up a budget for this semester's student loan. Sigh. How are things with you? :)
  • Hahaha!! You can't be that bad! I'll probably speak so quietly, nobody will hear me:p. Either that or I'll overcompensate and come across like a snooty, arrogant twat :o.
  • Hahaha! :ditto: to be honest, I fail socially at the best of times, so I'll probably just sit there in the background not talking to anyone :P
  • I don't anyone at the gathering, either, it'll probably be a bit terrifying as I think they all know each other!

    Have you seen this? [URL]http://www.do-it.org.uk/wanttovolunteer/residential[/URL]
  • Oooh, I really hope you find something, there are lots of residential volunteering opportunities available, what sort of thing interests you? I think you should go for it :).

    Have you seen that there is talk of a Wales UKH gathering? (It's on the board) Do you think you'll be up for it?
  • I'm planning on backpacking around Europe next year, I'll be staying in hostels, too. Are you a member of the youth hostel association?

    The job is permanent but part-time hours which fit around uni. I'm working as a support worker in a women's refuge, so pretty much what I've wanted to do all along :).
  • That sounds like an amazing couple of days :D, where did you stay?
  • Wow, what were you doing in Paris?! I'm extremely jealous!!!
  • Not too bad thanks, I have a new job which I'm starting next week.How're things with you? Any news? :) xx
  • :waves: Hello stranger!
  • Hi, welcome to the group, which bands are you into? love dc
  • Hello again :) I've not been up to a lot, really. I've been looking at getting away for a while, I could do with a break and a change of scenery. I was looking at a Buddhist yoga and meditation retreat in Scotland, it's really cheap, if you're unemployed they only expect a £60 donation for you to go and stay. I'm seriously considering it!

    Is everything okay with you, lovely?
  • Gosh, I just realized I never responded to your last message, sorry about that! I'm 22. What have you been up to lately?:)
  • Oh dear:p How old are you?
  • That sounds lovely :D. Yep, I'm off to Cardiff for Comic Con, should be fun!
  • I'm okay thanks m'lovely, how are you? :) What are your plans for the weekend? x
  • Why, what's yours like (or are you a skinhead?)? Mine is quite long at the moment, I usually cut quite a bit off, once a year, to stimulate the growth process again:cool:
  • I'm eyeing my hair in the mirror, and considering cutting quite a bit off it... do you reckon I should?:p
  • Haha! I guess so. Oh I'm ridiculously bored, the house is full of balloons and there's mess everywhere. What are you up to?
  • That's very true ;) (though of course, I'm certainly an exception to the rule, I can practically get drunk off risotto :p)
  • [COLOR=#000000]I just managed to post my response to you on my own wall, how clever of me![/COLOR]:o[COLOR=#000000]

    [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]I've had quite a hectic day, I had to get the keys to my parents' new house this morning, then wait for them to arrive with the letting agent to have it assessed *snore*. I've been looking for a birthday present for my friend's birthday, we're going out for it tomorrow, so somehow I have to find her something by then. I know what I want to get her, but finding it in Carmarthen is proving to be a nightmare, as you can imagine, there's fuck all here. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Have you seen 'Bouncers' on Channel 4, by the way? It's based in Newport, looking at the Newport club scene, very embarrassing for the whole of Wales [/COLOR]:p
  • Okay, I'm having nightmare I.T problems though :curse:, they're driving me mad! What have you been up to m'lovely?
  • Not too bad thanks, how has your Valentine's Day been? :)