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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

  • helloooooooo i came on the other day and voted for you lol, i just quietly read :) yep yep deffo goin peace our tesco petrol vouchers at the ready!!! are we goin to see u there?? cant wait :D xx
  • ya're never on here...are you going to leamington peace festival in June? x
  • hey there,lovely to meet you at the festival,hope to see you all again next year:thumbup:
  • Hi Jen...if you look closely on one of the photos...there's bum cleavage going on in the background.:D Also that pic when that random salsa woman was showing me how to move..there's a bloke smiling at how rubbish I was.:rolleyes: I'm still practising the whistle btw:thumbup::)
    See you next year, if not before:)
  • :waves:Hi there was lovely to meet you, Jane and your family in Leamington. I had a wicked time, and will definitely be going again next year.:thumbup:
  • hehe thats well cool :) I'm loving this site so far...everyone makes soooo much sense :) like i joined here to meet people whos ideals and aims i could relate to and i feel that i'm very much getting a sense of that already..tis ace :)

    you been a member on here long?

  • just saying hi to all who nozed at me profile (I'm only a lil newbie lol) Cool user name! where'd it come from? Laura :)xx