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  • parcel en route hun
  • hi hun both parcels arrived, but no pink tunic top xx
  • Hi Bee! Sorry I have been so out of touch. Business is keeping me sooooo busy! I hardly have time for anything other than work these days, but it keeps me out of trouble and, truth be told, I love it! Hope you are well and happy too. Sending much love! xxxx
  • Yeah lovely, im cool, looking forward to a sunny weekend! :) You up to much?
  • Hello happy flower person, how's things?
  • Hi Pauline money in the post...2class stamp may take a few days contact me if there is a problem...I ll keep your address safe incase of future orders....Karen Redsunflower
  • hi found your address and with pop monies in post today....sorry about the mix up !!!! Redsunflower
  • My skirt is a reall good fit hon! thank you! :waves:
  • yay, thanks m' dear! ...and I'll empty my inbox! ;)
  • Hiya thanks looking forward to receiving the earings....I hope to enrole on the course around Easter or just before...yes im up for suggestions, regarding beads n things, Pleased the cash arrived....:waves: peace n stuffxxx K.
  • Aw, that's wonderful! Which ones? I love to hear things like that! Have you checked out my website lately - lots of new designs! ([url]www.ailleasdesigns.com[/url]). Love the work you are doing - really beautiful!
  • Hiya Money in the post butterfly earings Thankx:waves:
  • [SIZE=7] Done :D[/SIZE]
  • Hiya please forward address as i dont keep address s out of respect...thanks :)
  • Hiya HappyFlower received all the goodie today they are brilliant:clap: and the hat fits its great!!!! the earings go with my eyes and hooks n stuff about to take part in a jewellry making course sorry didnt ask about post packing oop's:o
  • Hi HappyFlower thanks will pop money in post today.. after monies received, my address

    47C Chelverton Road Putney London SW 15 1RN thanks!
  • Hi Happyflower thanks for address...Karen Crewe [B]47C Chelverton road[/B]. Put the cash in the post today...
    :hippy: [B]PUTNEY
    [/B] [B] LONDON SW15 1RN [/B]
  • hiya happy flower are you receiving me ?
  • okay read the last message !!!!! yippee yes ! i still want items thats if you havnt lost patience...where do i send the postal order???? thank you!
  • hi happyflower i dont know how to access your last reply ahhhhhhh thats why i suggest calling..... some reason i cant open up your messages now! the last i havent read.....help thanks
  • hiya we shall get there! ha ha okay where do i forward postalorder...im off out will be back late evening..i will post cash tomorrow probably not protocol to give telephone numbers but would be speedy for finer details.. 020 87890700 land line 07949880873 and of course you require my address.......:thumbup: Thanks
  • are the elephant bag of charms still available to im up for thoese, sorry about messing around, unsure the how all aspects of the site work Im not! a nutter ha ha ha thanks redsunflower
  • plse call 02087890700 if you have a land line or not ill call you straight back Thany you
  • Hiya Happyflower i replied to your message this morning incase i didnt follow the correct instructions haaaaaaaaaa i am feeling my way around the site and you are first person i am purchasing items from, a postal order is great...is the hat very small, i wear lots of hats ! are the elephant charms in a bag for sale....Thanks for your time....
  • Ello :) how're you? x
  • The ring is very nice :), thank you lovely x