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  • Hi yeah I think alot of peeps use both sites, as people come in to the discussion the tone may change, although I note alot of peeps are saying walk the dog but quite happy to transport theirs in a car/van lol. I had a dog stolen so know exactly where you are comming from, any ways you troll a way, never know you may have unknown skills at writing contraversal threads unlike my spelling skills. One of my friends works for the big T and dogs are not the animal to worry about rats are a continual prob.
    Chat soon MF :)
  • Hi Moonchild I am really sorry to hear you are deleating I understand your reasons, I am amazed by the reaction your comments have drawn, I understand your thinking behind wanting to take your pup out and about, I think some people see your point of view but others have not thought it through. I'd just ignore them all and stay or at least say on your thread that you are going and why. You and the pup take care and have fun MF
  • Cheers and thanx :D