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  • Hey Alan, you seem an intelligentand impassioned sort of person. I am in a real mood for liking my fellow human's today and have been meaning to say hi to you, so, here's me getting around to it. Hi :waves: :flower: :waves: .
  • Hi :) really enjoyed your comments on the therapies and charging thread - i don't often get the chance to discuss reiki with other practicioners and i do really need to get over the mental stumbling block with regards to money and reiki so it was interesting and thought provoking to read your comments. I was wondering if you'd like to talk about Reiki more? I took reiki 1 with Dez Sellars in Stoke on Trent (where i was living at the time) and then felt ready for and took reiki 2 by distance in 2004 (again with Dez over three days). I have felt for the last year or so that I am ready to begin studying for my master teacher level and have put the intention out there (and a few feelers) to find a reiki master down here in somerset who will teach me. I hope you don't mind me messaging you here.. I really should find a circle down here but honestly... glastonbury :S :) lol i miss the midlands and north for the down to earth reiki people i knew there :)