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  • In a nutshell, tired! How are things with you? Lovely pic by the way! Very soulful x
  • following the link you sent at this moment. thank you!
  • That would be something :P Off to sleep, have a nice night/morning!
  • There's not going to be many drinks left for me at this rate.
  • I've never been a fan of whiskey, which is sad because most of my friends and I drinking songs seem to revolve around the stuff. I like Pernod though, will that send me to sleep?
  • Sounds nice, I wish I was more tired so that I could go to sleep. Might read.
  • Nothing at all to be honest. What about you?
  • Most probably, I need to get more proactive. Started the job yet?
  • I feel quite bad, but I can survive! How are things?
  • If you're bad, I'm sure everyone will here you :P But me!!! I'm the bastard superior! Nah but anyway how are you?
  • The nervous laugh will kick in then I will say something thinking I'm being witty while everyone briefly stares at me with blank faces. Then I just resort to smiling slightly and nodding slightly to odd pieces of other peoples conversation with the red face of embarrassment while my will to exist saunters away from me.
    Or alternatively it could be great, got to stay optimistic!
  • I'll take a look now, thanks!
    Yes it all sounds very socially scary, I need to socialize with new people more though. May be good, may be the biggest mistake of my...week.
  • I haven't got a specific field I want to go into really, I don't think I have anyway.
    I did notice it, I'm up for it although it will be awkward not actually knowing anyone but yeah as long as I can get there via public transport and by foot I'm game.
  • That sounds very cool. I wish I'd just carried on from Paris and not come back, now I don't feel at home...at home :P I'm not a member, no. Your job sounds interesting and you're actually going to be doing something worth while which is exactly the type of thing I want to be doing. I'm looking for a residential voluntary position for a new experience with new people and to actually be doing something! To be honest I just want to be doing something, just need to pick a path to take me somewhere.
  • In a cheap hostel five minutes walk from the Sacré Coeur , but I was barely there. So is you're new job part time or permanent?
  • I just felt like doing something different so I randomly booked a bus ticket to Paris. Got talking to a busker, met his friends and hung around with them nearly everyday, I guess it doesn't sound too fun but it was. One of the best moments was one day at night there were a few dozen people playing Jazz and drinking right next to the Seine, the whole area was just so full of energy, musicians jamming, people dancing!
  • That's great news! Well no luck in terms of a job for me. I went to Paris for ten days, been back a week. It was amazing, made some great friends out there and just had so much fun.
  • Hello! Long time no speak, how are you?
  • Hi Elfie
    :waves: feeling a little bit sad the dark nights are coming, along with responsiblites, gonna have to sort it out. But on the bright side still sunny days about.
    What about you how you doing :D
  • Hi and good mornin :waves::D
  • Hey how's it going hope you are enjoying sunny afternoons in wales I' ve been drown this morning and yesterday, plants liked the rain alot. Whilst in the garden I was reminded of my mouse terror which is a little strange ; my mother is absolutely scared to death of mice and as a little child I to learnt to scream at mice upon sight, although I'm not scared of them and have kept hamsters and mice as pets. It is so in-grained in me to scream I used to have to warn people I worked with. So think I will have to join you on the phobia journey. Chat soon MF
  • Just pop by to say hi hope you are feeling better after chocy wallow MF
  • Be happy flower :flower:
  • Heya, glad I could help. Unfortunately GPs don't know all that much about the brain ... you're far better off speaking to someone in mental health, or even better, neuroscience where things like that are concerned. Feel free to shout me any time though, I've been through severe depression myself and I know how frustrating it is trying to heal without all the information, especially when the advice is conflicting (which it often is!)
  • [URL]http://www.facebook.com/alex.powell.9674[/URL]
  • Yeah I am ok. He was a good friend. Always there, the uncle type figure. He was ill for a while though, so everyone knew it was coming I think. Found out when we turned up at the hospital trying to say goodbye. His funeral was fitting. The wake will be more so, he was very musical.
  • Well my friend's wake is tomorrow, a rather large gig by the sounds. Might possible Join Jay in for the hippy visitng game because he is in your county! I really hope nothing else happens this weekend so that I have to miss anything important. Oh, and I need to water some tadpoles for somebody nice :). How's about you ?
  • P.S. Feel good, because 'Your worth it' [SIZE=1](in the make up advert voice) [/SIZE]
  • Much less scared, now just exhausted, had a good day or so inbetween though, shame it mostly consisted of funeral lol.

    I really like your new profile picture sweetie :). How are you doing just now? The only way is up. Plus, Duckman is right about the transfats, and the omega 6, omega 3 and zinc are terribly important to get in your diet when you have depression. I know a lot of people who are struggling with their emotions can have trouble with nourishing themselves as well though.

    I hope you feel better soon too. xxx
  • Aww hope your feeling better, just remember when your down the only way is up. for every good thing in life you have to experience the crap things in order for the good things to seem good, big hugs to you