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  • That would be cool :)
  • hi Colin, we probably did cross paths, I have hazy (?) memories of then, most of the people i hung out with were called evil weed or such names. i have not been on this site for ages I apologise... you can blame my dog. she bit me, and i ended uo in hospital having surgery. i was not amused. i have been off work for ages, but had my stiches out yesterday, so will go back to work on friday, as i dont get paid if i am off sick.
    i hope you are ok and having an ok time, current climate etc allowing. if you want to chat more often, i am on the dreaded facebook jane minefield brash...
    xx take care xx
  • Morning Jane,
    Suspect we may have crossed paths before if you were squatting round here in the 80's. I worked in the Greayhound in Carshalton for a while back then, and was generally hanking around on the edges of the big scene.
    As i still do!
    Back to wrok today for a rest; hectic night Friday, seemed to involve beer. Stocktake at work Saturday day time.
    Saturday eve we had a Wassail - well 4 actuaklly - in pubs around the area ending up at the Hope, where i live, and work part time. My son was up from Brighton and did some fire poi and fir juggling, which was grand; seemed to lead to drinking..........
    Sunday my mate and I took my new dirt bike up to his works, did quite a bit of work on it, and then we went on the motorcross track for 3/4 of an hour - I now ache all over.
    Am hoping for a quite - dry - week to get overthe it all; coz next week I'm down on the island for another Wassail!
    I so want to sleep........
    Hope the week is good to you
    :) x
  • Morning Jane,
    Hope you had a great weekend?
    Went to see Ian Anderson (he of Jethro Tull) at Salisbury cathedral with my ex. We had a grand eve, and one way and another it was the start of a good weekend, which involved beer, curry, lighting the beacon, Morris dancing (not a bell or hankie in site - we're not that sort of Morris dancers!), Solstice supper with all the team playing music and singing. Yes, was one of the good weekends.
    Now back to work and the long slog until I go back to the island on Boxing day.

    I'm based in Carshalton (south London - between Sutton and Croydon?) during the week, and i tend to go to the isle of Wight at weekends.

    Hope all is good with you?

    :) x
  • Hello!

    Nice tats, nice dog and nice ambulance.

    Based on these 3 pics, i reckon you're pretty cool.

    Hope today is good to you

    :) x