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  • Hi,
    I saw somewhere you said about keeping in touch but I can't see how to.
    • Hi - depends how you prefer to communicate - my e-mail address is and I'm also on FB -

      I've just bought a tablet for the first time and have installed the Messenger Lite app, but I'm still on a learning curve as far as that's concerned. I'm not online much during the daytime - too busy out in the real world - but I usually manage to get on late in the evenings.

      Get in touch by whichever method you prefer - I'd like to retain some of the contacts I've made here over the years if possible.
  • Hi,
    Nice to see a kindred spirit! I am in the Charente. Don't have anything as posh as a smart car but do have a converted ambulance!Been trying to see whether we can form a painting/sketching group with other like-minded people, without falling into the "expats" community situation, Any ideas how? Not yet fluent in French but getting better, been here 18 months now and loving it.
  • huge hugs hun great too see you x x x
  • [URL=""]Enigma's mum[/URL] - I've sent you a PM on this matter. xJeanx
  • Im so sorry to hear you were burgled, I couldn't add to the thread as its been closed. Its such a horrible feeling, when it happened to us we felt vulnerable and violated. We had friends come round to put the 'us' back into our home. It did help how we felt about staying in the house, but did not take away the frustration that someone can just take what they want. I really hope you can get past this and enjoy your home again x
  • Cheers hippyvik - new to this technology - so will need some time to become accustomed.
  • Hi beadyjean, I just got your visitor message, I usually go on ukhippy on my phone which doesn't show if I have any visitor messages so a PM is probably the best way to get in touch :)

    You live in France don't you? And yes, you're right, we do seem to have a bit in common :)
  • Cheers Abby - I'm looking forward to meeting plenty of interesting folks - and sharing some creativity.
  • hello, your beadwork looks amazing - welcome to the site x abby x