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  • Oh, haha! Misread that, will do!

    That sounds really good, I bet you do! The closest I've seen to that at a festival is probably the Samaritans, haha! The volunteering I've applied for has been about doing sound there, the competition's huge though. :(

    That's good. :D I love 'em, just 1 LP short from having the lot on wax too. Just waiting for them to repress We Live and I'm laughing.
  • Haha, sweet. :D He was playing around Leeds recently, but I couldn't afford it. I had to choose between Jimmy Cliff and Toots & The Maytals before that too, bad times. Toots was amazing though, and I assume Jimmy Cliff will be back.

    I can't imagine having short hair now, it's too big a part of me to lose. That's cool you had them as a kid. I remember the first set I saw when I was about 5, he was a black guy on TV who had thin, short dreads. I said he had worms on his head to my Dad. :D Nice one, who do you go through to work festivals? I've applied for a few in the last couple of years but I haven't got through. That's been through uni for Glade, Leeds and places though.

    RJD2? Are we talking about the same Electric Wizard? Haha

  • Ace, I just realised you're in the same area! Did you know Silas Wynne is a member now? Saw them in Leeds in May, they were brilliant. I don't know how you saw King Tubby though, he was killed in '89. :P Jealous you saw Squarepusher! His Ufabulum show looks amazing from the clips I've seen. Apparently he played in Manchester but it evaded me completely. The KLF is another brilliant project to check out.

    I've only got Bloodstock this year. :( And Damnation in November but that's a one day/indoor festival. BUT, Electric Wizard are headlining so it'll be fantastic as usual. How about you? Heard of Exploding Plastix but not the others, I'll have a gander at them all!

    Haha, ginger dreads are ace, don't be :/'ing them! :P Yeah, definitely takes a while... but my mate brushed his 7-year-old dreads out with a big tub of conditioner and a week of him and his wife brushing. Mine will be 4 years old in October. :) How old are yours?
  • I used t0 g0 t0 sch001 with s0me 0f the 0zrics kids :) g0t signed c0pies 0f m0st 0f their a1bums, went t0 see king tubby in brist01 2 years ag0, he is SUCH an awes0me guy! Very much an 01d geezer n0w but sti11 s0unded great

    And i 10ve b0ards, my fave s0ngs is hey saturday sun, a1ways reminds me 0f rea11y g00d things! Went t0 see squarpusher in brist01 a few m0nths ag0, he's g0t a crazy 1ihtsh0w g0ing 0n n0w with a11 his stuff, h0ping t0 catch him at a festi,

    Are y0u g0ing t0 any festiva1s this year? And have y0u heard 0f nauti1is 0r exp10ding p1astix? They are simi1ar t0 b0ards, theres an artist ca11ed tipper and his a1bum re1ish the tr0ugh is rea11y g00d f0r w0rking t0

    yeah g0tta admit, dreadin hurts my hands, gets very s0re after a whi1e, i have 10ng red dreads with a 100se fringe, i say red, they're ginger :/ I d0nt think i c0u1d brush mine 0ut even if i tried, 0ne, i 10ve them t00 much, and tw0, theyre s0 tight it w0u1d take weeks! h0w 10ng have y0u had y0urs?
  • Aye, it was ace! But I have to admit, it was a bit anti-climax when the Money solo didn't come in. :P But that was my only slight gripe. I'm guessing there's members of 10ft. Ganja Plant in there, they're largely incapable of wrong-doing so it was always going to be a winner. Try it if you like! No-one's changed their minds when I've done it, folk will have made the decision beforehand obviously. Besides, you can brush them out even years later and have nice hair.

    Haha, that sounds a bit inconvenient. Or fun, I don't know. Dreads are a bit tough on my hands when I've been sat there doing it for 6 hours. Dexterous activities are a bit of a chore in the evening if I've been doing hair.

    Definitely! If I can make music and earn simultaneously then I'm sorted. :D Do you know Ozric Tentacles? Erpland and Paper Monkeys are brilliant albums of theirs. I assume you know King Tubby? Boards of Canada - "Music Has The Right..." too. Squarepusher! Feed Me Weird Things is a top notch album.
  • (message was too long) That's impressive that you have the drive to study like that independently, even if it is sometimes difficult. The flexibility must be a great bonus though. I take it from your profile that you're a self-employed seamstress? Must be tough on the fingers sometimes doing it as a job. I do dreads for some minor income, but clients are few and far between. It pays the bills for a while when it does happen though, and I love being able to sit in my front room talking to someone and doing dreads to help get by. I'm going to start a small production "company" in the near future too. I've been needing to upgrade a lot of gear before I can even consider offering that sort of service but I'm close now. It should be a much better earner than dreads. :)
  • You know what, I've never heard Dub Side. Off to track it down now! That's brilliant he has a studio, hopefully one day I'll have bought enough bits and bobs to amalgamate into a recognisable studio. Unless I become rich and famous from this planned EP... well, maybe not. Haha! But still, you never know.
  • It might even be my favourite album, I love it. :) It's pretty close between that and Dark Side of the Moon. You're right though, there aren't enough hours in a day to spare listening to music.

    Haha, it's good that your Dad's teaching you though. Other than 2 cousins, the last musical member of my family was my great grandfather who played the drums. Ah, bad times... but it's probably a lot harder when you're studying law! I just play with equipment and studios most of the time. :) Where are you studying?

    It's grim up north, as the KLF said, haha! Nah, it's all right really. Though everywhere in Yorkshire's uphill, often the return journey too somehow. I'm from Dorset but my parents moved to Warrington about 10 years ago. I wouldn't be opposed at all to moving back down south.
  • Have a listen to Shpongle's album "Tales of the Inexpressible", they're great at mangling and processing acoustic instruments into digital music. :)

    I'm studying Music Tech at Leeds Met! Should have finished for the year a month ago but due to some personal struggles I'm working on an extended timeframe. Should be back to normal for my last year in September. :)
  • Do they still do it at Lakota? I only been once and loved it! :D Don't think me knee's would do clubbing these days though lol :D Think i drove past you in Radstock on Wednesday!! Spotted a lady with a chestnut brown dog with dreads walking along with a lady with a dennis the menace style hoody on? You were by Radco and i drove past in a dirty green minibus with a white roof :D shall give you a beep next time if that twas you :) my parents live up Woodborough road up Tyning so am often over that way :) xxx
  • How was your night out? :D hope you had a goodun and the ex thing wasn't too awkward! Did you manage to hook up with Karl at all? :) xxx
  • Heylo - just sending you big hugs from one newly singleton to another. Things will get better :hug:
  • hiya - just seen on a thread that you're going tribe of frog :D have a great time! The friend i have got in Frome goes to tribe of frog - you probably know him anyways!! Tis young Karl who I believe is one of the TOF dancers sometimes :) he has blondish coloured dreads but anyhoo he's the guy who does reenactment stuff and he has a pony too :) have a wicked time :) xxx
  • lol - not the right fur in the material - but its there as a saying that if you like to dress as an animal they call you a fur/furry (a slang for say gay etc) plenty of stright "furs" there = but "very" rare (and I fit in one of them "rare" brackets of a stright one) There is another tier in the fur world you must be aware of which a sexual side - alot of people do not talk about it but you will see it there so best be aware of that one ;)

    Anyway - the link to the forums is [url][/url] - you will need to reg to the forum to gain access.

    Wiki on Furs - [url][/url]

    Personnaly one day I would love a dragon one day .... better start saving lol

  • Glad you like it, it's odd that I rely on this madhouse to keep me sane in the real world!

    Hope the day is good to you.

  • Hello, welcome to the mad house