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  • Dont do yourself an injustice.. youve put up some great shots!

    I occasionally go on another campervan forum,and they have a photo meet coming up next weekend in the peak district.Idea being those with experience can give a little advice to those without.plan to go along,so will see how it goes,and if successful i will report back!

    Know there was room for one or two more so will PM you the link should you decide to go..tho think you would just need to register as a free member first.

    If not maybe try something similar here?..:)
  • No I don't have a flickr account.......I don't think my photo's warrant it, they're rubbish. I'm still very much a beginner and haven't really mastered my camera yet (and I don't particularly like know what they say about a bad workman blaming his tools :whistle:). A photo meet would be good though, I can pick people's brains then and get advice :)
  • Thank you should start a flickr account(if youve not got one already?) quite enjoying it on there..saves me flooding the camera club with pics on here!:D..

    Maybe we should organise a photo meet one weekend..what do you think??..unfortunately i,m not so good at organising!! lol..tho it could be do-able:)
  • You've some amazing pics on your Flickr!! :)
  • What part of Leicestershire are you from?