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  • Hi Zoe,
    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get an email notification lol. I keep thinking that an EMP would be a good idea and get us all back to basics - but then I look at programmes like Jericho, Revolution and Dark Angel and think maybe not lol. It would be ok if everyone behaved themselves and respected other people but they don't :( just think of the riots we had a little while back. Add to that a potential lack of police support... Hmmm I shudder to think. I think I would rather colonise my own island with a select few lol :P anyone misbehaving gets banished to the mainland hehe. I'm also waiting for a global virus which only attacks evil people lol :P leaving us good natured souls to rule the world in peace and harmony... And common sense! ;) All of us helping each other and being kind to each other, growing our own food... Ah yes, sounds wonderful lol

    Take care
    Michelle x
  • hi :) just wanted to say that I think you've got the right idea for living :) I would love to live a more free life, the way I feel we all should still be living. After all, it got us this far in our existence and is only recently that the majority of the population has started living as we do. It's definitely a balance between hot showers and flushing loos of modern day life and the connection between people and our surroundings of previous times, lol. Well, in my mind anyway :) hope you're well x