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  • hi hunny hope all is well
    just wondering if you managed to finish the cardi and if you had any piccies
    hugs sensi
  • Aw, thanks chick! I am actually happy (despite appearances!), it's [I]just [/I]the work situation getting me down. Once I can find a way out of there I'll be a lot happier!
    Hope you're having a lovely evening! xxxxx
  • It was nice of you to phone this morning, you made me smile!:)
  • thank you rowan, i am looking forward to living my life the right way about for a while lol xxx
  • Oh, you know where I am if you need anything. If you'd like to meet up for a brew or anything at some point, just say. xxxx
  • Oh my goodness, you lost a friend? I'm so, so sorry, Rowan:(:(. Are you ok?
  • I'm glad you're much less scared. What are you up to on the weekend, any plans?:)
  • How are you feeling now, flower? :hug:
  • no rush hunny you take care of yourself
    whenever is fine with me
    hugs x x x
  • Hi hun,
    its all quiet in Jet Black land, how's it going with you?
  • Hello :D Lovely to meet you last week :D Hope your ok. Next time maybe we will see each other in daylight?
  • No worries, but next time, could you PM me or send me a wall message on here, or something? Just so that it frees up my time :). Did you not manage the massage after, then?
  • What happened on Friday, hun?:eek:
  • What time would you like to meet on Friday?
  • Yes, absolutely. I could do with an Indian head massage now, I feel so tense!
  • Oh wow, whereabouts is her practice? It looks awesome, if I had the money I would join you! We should save up and go on a proper spa weekend!:hippy:

    I'd love to borrow some books :) have you got any books on reflexology, by any chance?

    I think massage is incredibly powerful and comforting. I think some complementary therapies should be available on the NHS, patients suffering from chronic illnesses and mental health conditions would really benefit from relaxing, gentle treatments. I know they use it in private clinics to help patients who are suffering from conditions like anorexia, who are so used to punishing their bodies all the time, they forget what it feels like to be kind to themselves. In the same way I think some elderly people would benefit from it, I know that hands-on therapy isn't for everyone, and some people do find it intrusive, but I think a lot of older people are so isolated, and starved of feeling the touch of another human. It's so sad.
  • Oh wow, where are you going for a massage? I'm jealous:p, I'm massively into aromatherapy at the moment.

    Hmmmm.. well I can't do the weekend, which day are you down on? I could do Friday?
  • Aww bless you. Is there anything I can do to make things a bit easier for you at the moment? If you'd like to talk about things, I'm always up for listening :hug:.

    When would you like to meet? Towards the end of next week sometime?
  • No, you never did, but it's okay. I've had this feeling all week that you might be feeling a little down, I'm not sure why I've felt it, sisterly intuition maybe? Or maybe I'm just being a silly hippy and you've actually been fine? :P I hope you've been fine.

    I'm sorry that you're still hurting, have you seen a doctor about that yet?

    I'm okay, as I said on the thread, I've had a few revelations over the last couple of days, and I've cleared a few muddled up feelings in my head and my heart. :hippy:

    I've just come back from dinner and drinks with a few friends, it was lovely, I put aside some of the arguments I've had with them recently, and we made up:).

    Would you like to meet up again soon? I could come to your house, seeing as you came to Carms last time?

    Don't ever let people make you feel unworthy of respect, I have so much respect for you :hug:.
  • Are you okay, lovely one? xx
  • Hello, haven't been on here for ages as someone was nasty so kept away, The lovely little house is known as a lodge made of timber and a felt roof it has a fire in the centre and seats and three beds, always wanted a log cabin so this is the nearest i shall get. we use it for fun and frolicks not living in in yet. x x
  • It's okay petal! I should have been clearer:p. Yes, we're going to have a look at it. Need money first though, and I'm unbelievably skint.
    Whereabouts are you looking for a new council house?
  • When I said 'giving it a go', I meant the backpacking...:o

    I'll PM you...
  • Aww, how did you manage to fall, what happened? I hope you're okay missy!

    Are things ok with Rory? I'm glad he's helping you out this weekend, that's nice of him. How's it going with those people coming to your house to help out? I'm glad you're getting some support now.

    I've had an interesting day today, spent a lot of it in the pub :whistle:, went to Laugharne Festival, have you ever been? There are so many hippies there, you wouldn't believe it! I got talking to this guy who was telling me how you can backpack around Europe incredibly cheaply, if you get a hostel pass and a rail card from Interrail which allows you to travel anywhere in Europe. He's been everywhere, once when he was working as an adult support worker, and once with his missus. George and I are thinking of giving it a go!, I need to sort my OCD out first though:rolleyes:.
  • Hello You :waves: I'm okay thanks, are you alright? I've had a nice evening in tonight with my flatmate, it's been lovely. What have you been up to today? Any plans for the weekend? xx
  • Hey petal! I got your voicemail, would you be able to phone me back sometime this eve? I'll give you my home phone number so it's easier (and cheaper) for you to contact me? xx
  • :o Hi hun I hope you dont think I'm being presumptious but I sent you a friend request, I know some people think its nice to ask 1'st but I got all shy, belive it or not. x (((hugs))) x:hippy:x
  • Hehe! All cat lovers can relate:p There are better clips on youtube.
  • Do you like Simon's Cat? [video=youtube_share;w0ffwDYo00Q][/video]:p
  • Meowwww.. you're positively cat-like tonight, it's a good thing:cool:. I try not to be too politically correct, but we have it brainwashed into us in the degree I'm doing. I'm alright, how are you doing m'lovely? :)