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  • Hi, I had to quickly post 8 messages as the forum would not allow me to respond to you directly lolThe Boat is a 19ft Dawncraft Dandy. Well, was - it now has a very post apocalyptic feel to it. It is on the hard standing at Suttons Boatyard by Potton Island, which is handy as I work on Foulness Island. I have a wood burning stove (converted from a gas cylinder) and a 2.4m tall chimney. It is virtually weather tight, but not water tight - especially given the drain holes that I drilled into the floor beneath the door. It is my micro living sideways to the grid experiment (sideways rather than off as I use the stand pipe in the boatyard for fresh water, I will get a water butt at some point). So, what's your story? (as Sarah Connor said to the Terminator in T2 Judgement Day) 8-)