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    I find that still happens even though I am in a friendly, kind and helpful community where everyone knows everyone else. Old habits die hard and as i get older I seem to suffer the paradox of thinking, 'what will be will be coupled with being scared of everything and everybody'.!

    The human brain is a weird old thing and I don't think that people are aware of how their lives and hardships will affect their old age and the elites and priviliged don't care a toss about how the conditions they inflict on the masses cause the masses such anguish.

    However it's a lovely sunny day outside so I will venture into the poly tunnel to breath a little co2 onto the seedlings and think nice thoughts!

    Peace and good health folks, hope you all stay well.

    I wish I was more IT capable so I could flood the internet with gifs of dad's army's Fraser.

    A chap on a tractor has just passed me, he was shouting, 'we're doomed, the world is ending, we are all going to die!',................I asked who the hell was that, the reply? 'Oh that's Farmer Geddon!'.........

    Went for a lovely, quiet drive to Laxey beach in our mobile isolation machine. Took a picnic and coffee and sat looking out at the rather large waves with the cormorants and other birds skimming the wave tops looking for food. Sun was shining and although cold and windy it was beautiful. Took our minds away from being in home isolation and the kindness of our younger neighbours and friends more than makes up for the brazen selfishness of the horrible supermarket shredders.

    Millie, I am 74 this year and fully agree with all your points. I would say though that us older ones have, whilst enjoying a growing standard of living in our lifetime, we are probably more practical and have lived through many, many crisies both personal and social.

    I would suggest that we are more versatile, practical and better equipped to handle the coming disaster. Fragility and age being the only negatives.

    There are many of us who's combined positivity and thoughts are out there supporting other humans.

    I know I live in a small island community that has an extremely powerful social bond and network so maybe I feel a bit more cushioned than you do but support and help is out there if you look for it.

    Good luck in the ensuing weeks and months and may your gods go with you and yours.

    Well so far, our country, (the Isle of Man), has done nothing, zero, zilch! No one appears to have it yet but the govt seems totally complacent. Not even thinking of cancelling the TT races in June apparently.

    There has been a bit of stockpiling and the toilet roll shelves are empty in the four or five big supermarkets but all the local shops are service as normal. We do of course depend on the ferry for a lot of our supplies.

    I see the Channel Islands are taking some action.

    I have a two compartment woodshed, a roof over slatted sides for the wind to go through. Use one side while filling the other side for next year's supply. Works for me.

    I read somewhere that the Swedes put their kindling on the TOP of the fuel to be burnt because the majority of pollution is caused during the ignition phase through unburnt or partially burnt gases rising from the fuel that is starting to burn. The kindling burning on top ignites this partially burnt gas and fully ignites it!

    I thought that was a load of ballcocks and that the fuel wouldn't ignite at all. How wrong can a person be? It works a treat, at least as well as the conventional way and maybe even better, sooo, that's what I do now.

    I'll bet that most of our lawmakers have never even researched such things before they make their chattering class decisions.

    My son lives in Copenhagen and all the heating is via the hot water from the local power station. No boiler, no fire, nothing but the feed pipe from the street system. Brill.

    I got a bolockin' off a green nerd the other day for scavenging wood off the beach, I just nodded and couldn't be bothered to point out that it's seasoned in a proper wood store for next year or to point out his diesel car, oil central heating, or twenty mile commute each day.

    Although I read the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Swallows and Amazons along with the Water Babies, Biggles and Kemlo the space child, Noddy and Rupert Bear amongst many other books of the time, I now cringe at their sexist, racist and elitist content.

    The group of people I mentioned above , in my opinion, killed my grandparents by exploiting them and keeping their wages low and their living conditions poor. Pop was a miner and Nan was a skivvy/cleaner.

    As always the rich, elite and privileged are not affected whilst the ordinary citizen suffers.

    This is the worst piece of legislation with minimal effect on pollution.

    I'll just carry on collecting wood from the beach and letting it dry for a year. Almost stocked up for next year already with the storms help and I should have some of last seasons wood still left by the time the burning season is finished this year.

    So fuck them with a very large piece of contorted drift wood!!!!

    Thought it was fire next time round?

    Spent years floating on the Severn and no-one argues when she's angry. ( She because her other name is Sabrina).

    The conclusion of a successful piece of work whether it's mechanical, musical or artistic. All of the above that's been posted too!

    Now, I'm sitting in front of the log burner, cat on my lap and we are listening to Tuba Skinny in the background whilst drinking milky, real coffee and listening to the rain and wind battering the windows.

    Shear bliss!