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    Know the feeling, I tried walking round the orchard this morning. Got about half way then that was it for the day, feeling like shit but it's up and down , one minute it's, 'oh good I'm on the mend', and next minute it's can hardly stand up and everythings fuzzy.

    Seems to be taking longer to get better this time around, getting older I expect. lets hope we all get through our woes ok. best of luck

    I would frequently lose days if I didn't try to keep a diary/calender going. Feels a bit like a prisoner scratching runes on the cell wall.

    That's the racer! And now I've somehow deleted all the photos on my phone, I give up for now..

    That tractor was a complete wreck when I got it, the front was quarter burnt off and the hydraulic motor and the steering were shot, (wrecked). It now has a big v twin engine and a modified hand drill for a steering gearbox.

    hmm. I actually managed to get 4 pictures of odd vehicles on and then it crashed! Maybe I took too long?

    I'll try again when I'm feeling a bit better and also when I can get into the garage to finish the propshaft on the Maverick, ( which is on stands atm awaiting the repaired shaft). I' can hardly walk yet so may be a week or two but it will happen. In the meantime I'll try an old picture of the old Merc, a few of you may recognise it.

    Cheers Millie, usually takes about three weeks to get right and all the signs are that is happening. Your good wishes are most appreciated. Thank you.

    Hope you are staying safe in your world. x

    well my first vehicle was an LD petrol milk float that I put sides in and a tent It was in 1968 and cost me £25.

    After over 200 more vehicles I've ended up with an LT35 that I converted, it was an old DHSS bus so was already insulated and lined thank goodness. 125,000 miles and well maintained, love it, although I'm a bit fickle and love my Maverick just as much even though I can't really live in it.

    I'm so lucky living in a great little country, (Isle of Man), having a house AND a van and living a gentle, slow, lovely life and enjoying my georgeous, lovely wife who I have known for the last 54 years, I met her when I was twenty although we didn't get together for the next 20!..( there's always hope out there Millie, if that's what you want).:)

    I was pretty shocked when they shut the country down as I always believed that the capitalist machine/economy came first and its work force were just disposable like a battery.

    Exactly, but if they can get rid of hundreds of thousands of non workers then they don't have to pay them out and the profits look a lot better for them!

    the cortico steroids are amazing.thanks for the good wishes, it'll take a week but i'm coming too.........damned spoors off the wood chips. should know better at my age. love y'all.

    Gorgeous day again on the island and still in the middle of laying the wood chip paths in the orchard but run out of weed matting so reverted to repairing the Maverick until the boat brings us some more!

    I think it was a Mazda design but as they were owned by FFFford it's very Ford influenced, has a Ford engine and is ex Civil Defence so it is covered with flashing beacons and aerials! It also has a 3 litre V6 which is chipped, it's stupidly, crazy overpowered but I love it and it was only£900 pounds three years ago with only 60,000 well maintained miles on it! Subsequently it has only cost me oils and filters, brake pads and one igniter.

    Had a strange vibration at about twenty mph in the Ford Maverick. Ummed and ahred and decided that a U/J had seized. (Split propshaft with C/V joint at front, centre bearing and U/J and another U/J at the rear diff.)

    Sure enough, the centre U/J was solid! Fortunately Yankee engineers usually use clamps to hold one pair of spiders in place so not too hard to split the prop-shaft, although the C/V out of the transfer box was a bit of a struggle.

    What a bastard trying to get the old u/J off the prop!!! I have never, ever had one where the bearing case was rusted solid to the spider. It was so bad that I had to cut the needle roller case off first.

    Now, a real miracle! I looked in my new spares box and there, was a brand new, still in it's box, Land Rover U/J and miracle of miracles it was the right size AND it had a grease nipple! Utterley amazing.

    All ready to put back together and instead of being scrapped it's back on the road in all it's V6 splendour. I love Yankee trucks.:wub::cool:

    Used to drive a big petrol Scammel tank recovery vehicle for a living. Reckon I could pull near a 100 tons with that thing but fuel costs, jeez, they used to give me a roll of Green Shield stamps each time we filled up. 200 gallons if I re-call correctly. 4 miles a gallon and 2 1/2 when pulling. Big, horrible Meadows engine, we converted to 6 cyl Gardiner eventually. Couple of my oppos here have got Bedfords, RL and MK, a matador, mandator and a diamond T.

    my first car was an Austin LD milk lorry! Great old bus. Put diesels in all sorts of cars including humber hawk estsate, zephyr, rover 100, volvo, commer living van and of course, landies. Oh yes, put one in a willys jeep too.

    I bought two rolls of army repair twine at Bridgnorth market in 1970. Amazing stuff and I've still got over half a roll left! Use it to repair all my outdoor clothes.

    Wire them in series instead of parallel! Join two of them end to end and they will work on 24v! Check on You Tube what I mean. All the best, hope there is no rain on you today.