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    God some of the worst building i ve ever seen not half bond, having to do stupid cuts in middle of wall, cant beleive how slow they are even when its speeded up, they would have gone quicker if they had started right,

    As the saying goes if you start right you finish right.

    I always was slow as hell the first tow days setting out blocks for bond etc then when you get started above 2 /3 course you then crank the speed up.

    off topic, but bad food.

    hormone produced beef,

    cholorinated chicken is required because they are still reared in the us in a filthy cramped factory farmed way so there full of pathgens before processed,

    and processsing plants are a little bit laxed compared to eu standards as us is used to chlorinating chicken due to long miles across states.

    gm crops currently banned in the eu, because of fears over cross contamination with native plants and weeds (gm crops are immune to roundup and some crops come back whe land is required to grow other crops.

    Imagine gm cross contaminated black grass?

    enethical farming methods, ie beef and ranching in prevoius rainforest areas,

    and of course vaccination eu and uk standards deem against the law or bad practice to send animals for food if still vaccinated a record book has to be kept and its illegal and bad management to treat animals to vaccinate deemed for food

    in the us not as tightly regulated so dairy full of medicines vaccinations, drugs, hormones and pork is worse they hormone the pigs to fkk making them massive and full of god knows what.

    so does that answer the question.

    and look what its done to Trump, hes a massive numb thing that says silly things.

    I read both papers "goadian" and hate mail and whatever else i can to try and get a balanced view on news and journalism and opinions.

    What ive found is the goadian
    seems to have fallen into a trap the hate mail did in the past it seems to fire out divisive news weaponizing the hard left and shaming the public on beeches, shoppers, etc while remaining strangly silent on blm protest with lower social distancing and of course shaming one idiotic man peeing on a memorial.

    The hate mail does this as well but it does shame both sides with equal venom.

    Id find this bloody hard, as stated i hate right and i aint to keen on left either,

    For the last few years ive been central in the middle hating both sides and there useless ideas leadership and just utter garbage that they do or say.

    So i m forced at gunpoint to pick a side.

    Right .. we still have clueless pillocks in power sticking it to europe and losing a vast trading block on our doorstep then said idiots cow tow to the yanks and we buy american bad food, and out up or go bust.

    Left we have a middle ground which appeals to me but what get my goat its the clueless hard left in that party with crackpot agendas.

    but if the left could be hard they could tell america to stick there junk. and if they belive in democracy they have to stick to the vote on the eu.

    So crap or bust hmm.................................................................................................................................................................................................

    So its a proper civil war pitchforks sharpened pick a side angry mob situation.

    Well as i hate mob rule id brick the windows up and defend myself and independence of left right idiots till the end

    but year 1 or 2 i am getting hungry short on supplies and need to pick a bloody side. sod it i guess i go left, but just

    The left would be, trade with rules on imports, a working week with everyone on the same pay, and everyone had to work, very low taxes just minimum national wage for everyone,


    sod it 4 day week low productivty and just getting by,

    I d resent intially this movement but eventually get used to it.

    but i prefer it to the mob rule of the right and letting market forces ruin the uks food and standards.

    Hmm the young ones have always in some way been rude to the old ones, and the old ones or the aging ones who were rude to the old ones have always said its getting worse its gone on for wuite a long time.

    For the Roman historians, the contemporary period formed a part of an eternal spiral of moral decline that contrasted starkly with the glorious age of their virtuous ancestors. In the preface to his History of Rome, for example, Livy remarked that in his own time “we can bear neither our diseases nor their remedies.” Remarks such as that are commonplace throughout Roman historiography.

    Roman writers tended to emphasize the nobility of the “first people” who, as the Roman historian Tacitus noted, lived “for a time without a single vicious impulse, without shame or guilt, and, consequently, without punishment and restraints. Rewards were not needed when everything right was pursued on its own merits.”

    but personally i was fearful of elders esp grandparents. and i was a good kid, however as a young adult i rebelled as systematic bullying at school and college made me into a bad tempered paraniod anxious and somtimes cocky young man,

    Never gave grandparents lip, but rebelled a bit, and was hard work for my parents.

    I think they never really got over how hard work i was as a young adult.

    I am out of it all its all bollocks,

    left right

    far left far right,

    sick of the bullshit flying around.

    I am sick of right bigots and there plus four opinions

    and i equally am sick of the champagne socialists wanting to change the uk and world to suit what fits them and not what fits everyone.

    In fact on the top of the rogues gallery I am realy sick of champagne socialists, wanting to fkk the system and stick it to the man while sitting on a mass enherited fortune living in big old houses and homesteads.

    I am for the working man going out there day in day out and earning seen it with me and i saw it with a lad who had nothing an alcholic who lost his gf, driving licensce 3 times and worked with me in the wet many years ago.

    Fast forward to now he hardly drinks, he s a top driver for eddie stobart made a fortune driving the biggest truck and he s opened a cafe employed staff and trying to succed at that.

    He never blamed the system but he got there gave up the booze and worked his way to a better life and i know it was hard for him giving up the booze,

    likewise i hate the right because there opinionated asses as well, with a mob rule of oilskin wax and lead.

    In fact i hate both sides with vigour all dicks with a mob rule mentality, you have to be part of a movement to be somebody.

    I like the mavericks the loners the edgy the eccentric who go out there and dont want to be sucked into a flock of seagulls

    Now i think this has been in the pipeline for a long time, i am a sceptical old b tard these days, but i think everything has been turbo charged on an extreeme left wave, there was a documetary on the bbc i loved it it was of a time i thought this is great all about raves, but to be fair it was a time when i was at school the rave scene died when i started going out and it was all grunge then rave made a comeback in the club scene of the 90s.

    but this seems poliitcal like the man is spoon feeding schoolkids how to kick against the establishment and have a rave, and notice many bame kids.

    just the building blocks for a start of something i thought.

    just a shame the seed was planted in kids minds cos now they want to party and say fkk it but its different times and its dangerous times.

    A left bbc docu political depth charge was bombed aring this, i am amazed it isnt airing at the moment just to kick more steem up

    Its weird i want to in my media conditioned outlook condone it, but he never says anything racist, the only thing i feel from him is passion, guts, and a loud sod you to the media establishment.

    however jsut wonder if theres right undertones.

    i dont think there is his dialogue is smart he offends everyone to here his point to get his voice heard, a smart move.

    Theres got to be life out there, billions of planets and other solar systems, be nice if there was a planet just like ours in better shape, and the other people on that planet had done things differantly, got on and been as green as possible.

    maybe they had an industrial revolution but it went down a different route and found tech that was zero polluting and good for fellow planet dwellers and nature.

    Maybe they could advise and help us,

    nice dream

    A customer made people watch this today i just heard it in the background, its raw and of course the right will think of it as empowering,

    I personally think it kind of makes a point, for the working class and i point of getting working class together.

    Whats your opinions.

    You know what i hated secondry school hated some teachers a lot of my peers,

    i can think of nothing better than to have been home schooled online and helping on the farm. I recon id have done better.

    however a lot hated the science teacher i thought he was brilliant, i learnt a lot got a b that interaction was the best,

    but most of the rest of school i hated.

    dont know i think we would have kids back at school but it would cost. ie unions would go on strike for higher pay to work the school holidays, when most working class people work through august in fact all year,

    I think labour would c ajole them back to school, but rightly so proper social distancing measures.

    Borris has no plan as usual he will try to get teachers back to work in september, my opinion far to late, as kids will get further behind in life exams study stress and then the parents will to have to risk getting finined for not taking there kids to school, demonaising parents, so what if parents live or care for elederly would that be a paper chase to prove this? fekkin fines is that all this bunch of wallys can offer.

    then by september virus back again and lockdown again.

    get kids at school now, get army in pop up tents jeusus i bet prefabs could be up in less than two weeks bigger schools with big playing field football pitches, venues libraries sports halls any big buildings get kids educated we cannot let them down.

    Hmm i think we are not alone, but i also think other life is millions or billions of light years away, i dont think there "locals" in our solar system, but maybe by chance some have been either spotted in ufos, or have actually landed on earth, but we prob killed them and kept it quiet.

    As for ufo s in the usa i often wonder if nasa or the us military experimented with there own flying sourcers and people did see them, but where hushed up or deemed mad.

    as germany was developing a flying soucer during the war its plausable. pasted-from-clipboard.jpg


    everyone on here had to do it, maybe it could be reviewed, but it did make new members post more. just post any old rubbish in the early days a lot of people posted all sorts.

    Where did they all go, the old the young the mad the bad, one crzy member started a game where you had to pick a band or something that the last letter spelt the name of the next band posted or something like that, the avatar was funny, a young dude with a bong.

    missed those crazy posts, i guess all those people will be snap chatting, wats apping or wahtever people do now.

    Heck i wish i didnt bring him up but i guess i did.

    He surely cant stop brexit now it s happened is being a legal dude he knows thats done,

    but the choice is simple either kier or borris or whoever fills borrises clown shoes.

    could you suck it up an vote for kier?

    that way maybe (im guessing your a harder left) the working class and moderate to far left would get a voice.

    if this goes off topic i ve tried to find RT s old thread on kier starmer.

    Just wondering why are some schools not open till September, is it a catastrophic mess with the government, unions, teachers, or the lot,

    surely schools should be open now if they can social distance effectively,

    I think the local secondry is open in town near me ie lolipop ladies working etc.

    but it must be better to educate now or have part time lessons then some online at home,

    I mean the virus is maybe a little less severe in summer than winter so would it make sense to have kids in school now then home for the autumn and winter months?

    Kier starmer had a good point, aparently he sent a letter to boris saying a plan was needed for schools maybe put up prefab blocks use village halls, comuntity centers, he got no reply.

    In my opinion Kier is the best thing that has happened to the lab party in years, and borris is the state of the tories its ended up with a lumbering idiotic dinosaur, but i guess he s an expert in greek philosphy.

    trouble with the car thing it was (or im still confused) or still is illegal to have two people in a car or van from different households or maybe you can ware a mask but its still confusing, ( thanks to the idiot in no 10 i ve been confused by his messages for weeks) so people are tending to travel one car or van per person for social distancing.

    when i was on lockdown and got over a nasty cold or whatever it was, i thought right i am going to get up and do stuff, i loved the birdsong first thing one morning i ve never laughed so much i jumped out of my skin on an a really early it was walk it was dark dawn just breaking i thought i giant rat had crossed my path turns out it was a massive hedgehog going like the clappers to hide in a hedge. never seen a thing move so fast i always thought they were slow.

    Its natural, to loose mojo, and its defo normal at the moment,

    I ve lost the mojo at the moment, when i was on lockdown i had more go about me, i dug out a couple of ton of soil by hand put a shed up planted spuds.

    I am back at work not interested in anything, my bike is in bits and i cant be arsed with anything.

    Its bad i need to get my mojo going again myself.

    So if this helps i sometimes try.

    less drink,

    early mornings,

    go for a walk or run, or cycle,

    less of this social media malarky and the internet rabbit hole of lost time,

    sometimes i wish i had someone tipping me out of bed on a morning telling me to get up and running, but i dont its tough esp on your own.

    I ve also personal distanced as much as humanly possible, been to see parents maybe 3 to 5 times now, had distanced meals outside one inside while always maintaining a 2 meter distance.

    Worst people i find in my line of work are some of the older women, they cant but help get close, maybe i am that irrisible one old woman wanted to give me a hug i was woaaa social distancing i need a big stick or a length of plastic pipe to keep them away lol.

    I ll be honest i ve got lax'd in the last few weeks not wearing a mask as much, not disinfecting as much and van needs another mini clean maybe a deep clean again.

    We are getting poor leadership from our pm and we are sort of mentally believing its gone away or retreating back.

    Theres talk of local lockdowns i m a fan of this it locks down area where on the whole people have been idiots, or local hotspots and are more at risk,

    however it would be difficult to enforce, say liverpool had a lock down what would stop scousers heading to manchester to shop, or go to other counties for a walk or to work.

    The only effective way would be a national lockdown again at expense to jobs economy mental well being thanks to idiots not keeping there distance.

    Just thought id bump the thread again, its back number a rising again,

    What a surprise,

    Thank you packed beach goers, demonstrators, ravers, rioters, football fans

    You bunch of selfish idiots.

    Think of the lives of all elderly, at risk but healthy, and just everyones lives you could have saved by being sensible,

    Trouble is this second wave we thought and new was coming might bite harder than we think.

    I m guessing on the quiet we need to get ready for the certain second wave, i personally need to get food stocks up now and supplies,

    We all poured scorn on the chelternam races, what was there 150 000 there, and football matches and pubs.

    Thats small fry to who s been out and not social distancing now.

    i m guessing thousands more, so lets guess.

    demos.... some masked many not.... 200 000 guess,

    riots and partys al over the country...low est 30 000

    liverpool football fans etc..................100 000 low est

    total.....................................................330 000

    so r rate lets say two or three times that figure,

    x2 660 000

    x3 around a million cases

    just saying i recon thanks to total and utter idiots the second wave is going to be bloody horrible.

    Another factor on figures i recon from the top figures were told to keep quiet, i recon because now we know r rate was dropping but that was a bad idea.. because everyone thinks its over its gone away but this virus lurks.

    Now i am not a fan of this shambolic idiot who cant talk clearly but jwe need a leader, with clear instructions, if we are to look forward to total freedom ever again.

    We may joking aside need the military to establish law, curfews etc, as the police will struggle as they have doing so at the moment.

    snap election again get kier starmer in.

    well my parents were ok to be fair, only the threat of dad walloping me was enough, he had forearms like popeyes, i remember once i wouldnt go to bed so he when he got back from work he chased me up the stairs i was petrified he d wallop me.

    mum generally sent me to bed then left me there id have rather she came and said what id done wrong not just abandon me .

    I often used to jump out of the window i mean she used to say ill be up but often just forgot about me. i buggered off for half a day once came home with a broken ankle and she still didnt believe me. till i couldnt get my trainers off after a day around the shops.

    all the time really mybe why i like bed these days i mean the irony as a bairn your near walloped to go to bed or go to your room then as you got older you were told not to be lazy and get out of bed.

    brother was very good at winding me up till i used to loose my wrag then id get sent to bed. he knew what he was doing.

    i think mum only smacked me once i remember being really angry for that i still think to this day i hadnt done anything that bad it was more why

    I cant remeber it well i can vagely my grandad flogged me with a horse whip for not eating my breakfast which i said was awful.

    strange thing is i can eat anything now even if its awful

    This place to helped me in some bad days, kinda miss the old days dont know what happened really, often wonder where the older members who posted copiously and moderated this place went.

    dont know if there is still this rule but to become a member you had to post a lot of posts to be in ukh, so newbies posted any old stuff, some was a bit silly but it got conversation going some was out there and always engaging, and sometimes it kind of was like a soap opera id come back from work log on and see all hell had broken loose.

    I think quite a bit of flirting went on, maybe now flirting is not allowed but it was all inocent online hugs, flirting and a good place, its still a good place but not as busy.