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    Just one last point on the side of masks.

    You go to a hospital there is staphylococcus everywhere, this bug is carried in the nose throat and on unclean hands surfaces.

    Your about to get either cut open for surgery, or go in for cancer treatment.

    So in this tack you would think the doc would be a bit of a tit for not wearing a mask, breathing potential superbugs all over you.

    Flip to the current situation, I feel its just a small chance of trying to stop the risk of vulnerable people getting ill from my potentially covid carrying breath/droplets.

    Its not my personal or political rebelliousness to stick it to the man by not wearing a mask

    This bug is bigger than "the man" politics or what background your from.

    I d liken this to saying, i am not wearing a seatbelt, i am not wearing a crash helmet, i m not wearing safety goggles.

    Fair enough thats your choice on the belt and motorbike helmet your breaking the law and if you want to stick it to the man ok, if you way up the risk of accidental death to you thats ok .

    However the mask islike a rear seatbelt situation, again you can weigh up your risks you more than likely wont die, but what if your flung forward into the front you body/head flying about might kill your driver/passenger or you go through the windscreen and kill or injure yourself.

    Ok masks arnt 100% proven but in your sticking it to the man you may help spread or kill someone else,

    Its all stats slow the spread as much as can be, and hopefully help us all keep alive.

    Ok i can see you mask haters point now, and i do see a point of if it messes with you mentally or physically then that risk needs to be accounted for.

    but if we all try lifes better hopefully for the genuine mask fearers who struggle wearing a mask.

    I am going off topic here, but believe it or not Tesla the inventor wanted electricity to be free, to move in through and under the earth, he even was toying with moving electricity through the air, and maybe even tapping cosmic rays, he was a pioneer in laying the foundation for modern wi fi, even some batterery charging techniques that some use wireless,

    His competition was thomas edison, brilliant at his job bit of a patent nicker improver, and sharp businessman.

    we know of course edison liked dc electric, and tesla ac and tesla was proved right.

    He may yet be proved right on other things. apparently global warming etc etc, so maybe his cosmic ray idea was the foundation for solar panels.

    but as he wasnt for filling his pockets and governments he was sidelined.

    also heard rumours of hydrogen cell inventor silenced by big oil companies.

    this may or not be correct.

    the more i think about stuff the more sometimes things may go down as missed.

    I m no hard leftist, but i now think corbyns idea of a nationalised phone and data network was possibly a good idea.

    instead of the mess we have now with the huwawee debarcle.

    and private companies fighting it out and some ripping us off.

    if the network belonged to the government its a taxable system that works, we have the use of it and pay tax to use it its so simple.

    and a national grid of fibre, wi fi, and whatever G would make sense instead of companies wacking a dissaray of masts in competition to one another.

    but he was shut down as a fool.

    I m not 100% sure of there is abosolute power of the 1% to alter governments

    however cant deny the two go hand in hand money and power or power equals money.

    theres also conspirocy of possibly the russians/chinease meddling with power and algorthyms and elections.

    and i those countries do have a lot of power and wealth.

    who knows eh

    It doesnt sound good that, as a kid growing up on the moors we a where schooled on lymes disease, its not nice, i think it stays with you we were lucky or maybe we are immune highly unlikely but we used to get covered in ticks as kids making dens in bracken,

    its maybe more common now i think maybe due to climate change ie no heavy frosts killing the ticks back a bit in winter.

    bigger spread more people dogs about etc than i remember as a kid

    and i hear some of it has come from the continent.

    Theres a slight link in that sheep used to get a disease known as louping ill basicly the tick causes a virus or poison to attack the sheeps nervous system.

    Recently sheep farmers have been forced to give there sheep live vaccines of the louping ill vaccine, to keep shoots happy as there grouse can also get this from a tick thats lived either on a sheep or grouse or anything else.

    I argued the case that surly if a live vaccine was introduced clould the tick bite a sheep going through the vaccination process suck in vaccination and become immune itself or ramp up a mutated strain of virus or super tick

    I was of course not laughed at but proven wrong , maybe i am wrong but i couldnt see the point in bombarding sheep with vaccine and pour ons if there was no louping ill in flocks or grouse. (then)

    guess what grouse now have louping ill and there numbers are down

    read into that what you will.

    (heather beattle isnt helping again hot summers and mild winters are making heather beetle survive and killing heather.

    So on point back to lymes disease.

    a relation i know has had it, he went to the docs several times before they would test him as they didnt test for it then (about 5 years ago)

    He got all sorts of bugs from abroad.

    which docs couldnt detect so he blasted a lot of savings i think and went private on tropical disease place in london.

    As lymes weirdly wasnt tested for then and classed as tropical disease,

    Lots of pills tests etc, but i heard them on aboat germany being a leader in getting rid of bugs and diseases.

    I heard that they were considering and i think they did use,

    one technique using proton beam therapy, mainly used for cancer but it was used widely in germany to zap bugs and diseases of the body.

    if any off this rambling helps i hope it does if not i appologise, take all the above with a pinch of salt,

    and please just pester your doc, i think there a bit quicker on board on lymes these days.

    I am gettting sick of the constant moaning of masks.

    Are you in a catagory of exemption.

    emphasiemia, psyschological/mental promblems,

    or any other health issues.

    If not why moan on about the bloody things?

    If you were in a work environment you as an ex union rep would demand the use of masks if there was a small chance it saved lungs and health.

    Likewise i think shop keepers and workers have the right to make sure we where masks if it puts themselves and there customers at risk.

    in fact anywhere indoors where you are mixing with many people from all over the place.

    Personally id go as far as the pub unless you where outside and socially distancing.

    Ie queing to get a drink, and strict social distancing,

    work should be the same, if i was told to where a mask all day i would, if say i am working with a lot of people in enclosed spaces.

    Basicly if in doubt where a mask.

    I also think there is room for improvement in the design of work masks, goggles ear defenders, there so crap for misting up you tend not to where masks and goggles combined as they steam up but if better products ppe and design rolled out and it became the norm in the work environment who cares it wouldnt be an issue wearing them.

    I dont if it makes life better, less dust breathed in and less risk of virus spread if a good face dust, sheild was rolled out for sites etc.

    Hate to say it its a typical moan like moans i used to hear in the past from older lads who had hearing loss and buggered eyes lungs etc because they could be arsed to where stuff that in there words "namby pambys" wore.

    As somone who has recently buggered an eye through not wearing correct ppe, i am in favour of improved ppe, and if say a decent face shield stopped dust and virus movement im all for it

    move on not moan on.

    Masks work ,sorry,

    believe it or not there actually a mask of socialism, there not to protect me the user, there to protect me from everyone else, and vice versa. collectively we should try at least.

    As a society instead of moaning about wearing thing that inconviences us slighty in our lives to something that can kill someone is a small sacrafice to make.

    Its sod odd really.

    In the grand scheme of things.

    Lets look back at the past

    Our anchestors got bombed gassed and often had to where gas masks for hours on end sitting in cramped shelters.

    but oh my god we have to stand 2 meters apart, and what where a flimsy little mask when we get our shopping.

    I do have a slight gripe people do fiddle with them then touch food doors etc, but hey nothings ever 100% perfect.

    and if we also sanitise hands wherever possible it must help.

    Persoally i think masks are great i ve no problem wearing one i notice more and more if i am in conversation with people i notice i produce droplets that fly.

    so to me it must work droplets cant move beyond your mask onto people food etc.

    Its a shame most of not all people on here pull up stop a bit and do no harm, just want to be left alone or not, love being mobile,

    leaving no litter, no dung visable, its either taken away or buried,

    but there is a lot have found a lifestyle they love, but arnt really bothered about litter, poo, or being annoying there rebels sticking to fingers up but leaving there life, waste, and often tents behind.

    Why do some always spoil life for others.

    Ive kipped in my van all over the place, never trouble, now i foresee just bother, getting moved on or worse.

    Just wish these idiots could be found and told to clean there crap up, maybe a video or two of animals and heathland getting burned due to bbqs , and animals injesting plastic, etc etc.

    I hold my hands up here as a lad i stoped on campsites got a bit drunk and we were maybe a bit loud as lads, but we got told off and if we kept that up told to leave so we behaved after that.

    I found as a young man you behave badly in a peer group situation you try to get more drunk be louder be more rebelious.

    So make it not cool to crap all over the place, litter and leave cans and rubbish, make it not cool to piss off locals and tourists, and other van dwellers,

    be good if an instant cs order could be served, luminous bibs all round and litter picking duties for a day.

    or a big fine asbo on number plate for this year, if proven you really were out of order.

    other good people good van dwellers, etc just leave alone,

    There was a tv interview last night on the news,

    a health spar woman was complaining about being shut down

    and that they had everything covid proof

    all while wearing a fancy pink mask with a valve on,

    this got me thinking ,
    thats going to blow direct at you,

    utterly pointless.

    yeah i still dont get the pub and restaraunt thing.

    and the distance is lower, ie meter plus ffs

    Ive worn a mask in the shops tried my best to maintain 2 or more social,

    Oh god i give up, sorry this enfuriating me, i know a nurse i am friends with , her pet hate is non mask wearers and people who are moaning about masks.

    Ok nhs staff may not knowingly know they have the c virus, they could catch and have no symptoms before there test results show they have covid. so yeah masks are also for nhs staff to stop them passing there germs to patients, be they covid or anything else.

    thats why surgeons where bloody masks, because they we all caryy harmful germs that can be breathed out in droplets and end up as a n infection or superbug.

    fucks sake nhs staff where masks more at the moment to stop a movement of covid and anything else in them knowingly unknowingly from patient to staff and staff to patient.

    Its a barrier a first line of defence in a hospital in close working and people conditions

    Enough moaning about masks.

    . They are not wearing a mask to protect you from them, at least, I certainly hope not....

    evening er thats where at the moment thats exactly why they are wearing ppe in hospitals to hopefully protect themselves infecting patients and protect themselves against a patient with a virus. or any other dieseases infecting them, its effectivly a barrier to hopefully stop fluids, bloods, spittle, etc etc moving basicly.

    and the late thought after it was said masks do fkk all now a u turn saying they might work as usual a mess.

    I think masks work to stop people spreading the virus from one person to another, trouble is way back there were no masks in the country, so the mask advice was blundered and bluffed.

    now i suspect theres a glut of masks to get rid of that are no good for the nhs, i got some at screwfix they were dated 2003 i m sure they were from turkey, so maybe theres a big heap of usless masks to get rid of. just thinking.

    no harm in wearing them if idiots dont pull them down to talk or fidlle with them then touch food, in the supermarket, as you see out and about.

    remember it is often part of the job, and for your own good. I wouldn't want to be welding without a full-face helmet on....

    you but you dont pickup or spread coronavirus from a welding torch.

    that you can spread and infect and possible kill someone,

    So it starts from the top docs nurses where ppe to stop infection while they work on you and dont kill you, always been so and now it l become even more the norm and be so.

    whining about wearing a mask to go in a shop is sod all in the grand scheme of things, wear a mask stop whining

    I dont think a mask protects you against viral infection but i arnt a doctor or expert in any field.

    However i think it may prevent you spreading the C virus by breathing droplets on people and objects in food stores.

    The madness i cant get my head around is you have to be masked up to go in a socially distanced shop, but in a pub, cafe, restaurant you dont need a mask!

    obvs you cant drink or eat with a mask but while queing waiting, etc there is still risk.

    I have no gripe wearing a mask, i ve been in itchy lofts in a space a ferrit would struggle to fit in with a boiler suit on on a hot day thats pain thats horrible

    and the nhs nurses are wearing them to protect hopefully themselves and you by not spreading droplets on you the public and the hospital surroundings.

    So ill never moan about wearing a mask when nurses doctors nhs workers in this heat and stress there under hving to wear full ppe plastic suits, visors, masks, gowns, etc

    makes joe public moaning about wearing a mask to get a pint of milk seem a bit daft.

    masks dont bother me (they make me look better^^) i ve had to ware them in hot cramped dusty spaces so going to the shops in the shops isnt really an issue.

    No i was sorting something for work, i went to stoke on trent, in a garage i noticed the racial coralation, just non wareing seems to irk me a bit daft really but thats the law at the mo, and its ripping in sities.

    also noticed it at a petrol station near nottingham, and leicester, didnt want to stop there but van was low on fuel.

    and the non mask waring annoyed if if there was a chance of it not spreading why is it an issue to ware something on your face.

    whats the law on shops, ive been down the m1 stopped at service stations, everyone wheres masks it seems apart from asian/indian blokes, the women are waring there veils if there muslim, but it appears they seems to not have to wear them.

    i thought it wasa 100 quid fine.

    likewise the hard shoulder is it allowed for pee stops to tip rubbish and have picnics? it seems same for same ethnicity maybe the latter was wrong maybe they where broken down but i couldnt beleive a pee stop on a hard shoulder.

    I recon i worked on this figures

    mask wearers.

    elderly white mf....100%

    white mf middle aged...100%

    white young adult/teen.. 80 90%

    black..... 90%

    asian woefull

    elderly men 0 %

    elderly women veil half hearted attempt...10%

    middle aged men 0%

    young men 5%

    young women/veil 50%

    so there you have it covid ripping around leicester and manchester i m guessing asian comunity and to be fair a lot look like they couldnt care less.

    this isnt racist purely observational.

    If were off down fart avenue,
    as it is quite funny, we once years ago had a labourer on,

    who ate all sorts of rubbish that made him crap about 4 times a day and fart on the way home the most deadliest awful noxious silent things.

    Anyway back in the day me and him took turns to go home in back of escort van not really illegal then but on the borderline.

    on one trip home the labourer started chuckling, a deadly wretched pong drifted forward, dad who never lost his wrag much said you dirty sod, and preceeded to open van window, his chuckles soon turned to a pleading i am cold, bugger you wont do that again, it was only 2 miles he got out shivering and cursing. He never farted when dad was driving again.

    Another situation we were working in a church vault an old lad i worked with silently dropped his guts, dad who was deaf started sniffing are the drains blocked, in here, to which a chuckle off the old lad preceeded in you dirty old b.... so we retreeted to fresh air, for dinner, met by some japeanese or chinease tourists, they went into vault the old lad laughed they wont be in there long he was right they came out fairly quick.

    the main electrical training teacher where i did my plumbing training had blown his hand off, with high powered electrics, (dont know how he did it) he had it stitched back on it looked weird like a plastic hand, the reason was i think he had no feeling of hot and cold and i think he burnt his hand on a cooker or something and his misus had put a bag of frozen pees on it while he slept, or something, not wrapping it in a towel, and then he got frostbite in it.

    Weird thing was he was a sensible bloke it just sounded like aa disaster area though.