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    In a mark of respect i feel i ve over posted and saturated this place with my opinions so i will lurk for a bit let the hard liners have there day on here.

    Please new members and other people have a talk get stuck in i will bow out for a little bit

    I need to get more done in my personal life, and hoping to try and help others as well . but i really like this place.

    I dont agree with all that he s done yes he has dithered and bumbled but political differences aside i cant help but feel empathy and ok love for him and hope he pulls through, hes a brother a son, an uncle, and yes a father to many. It pained him to take peoples liberaties away at heart he is a liberatarian and ok maybe he was stressing about the economy his gf and his unborn, who knows the stress he was under.

    If he s been under stress and run down this might be a tough battle for him esp if he s in bad shape as well.

    Hate to say it i think i ve had it, it hammers you, you think your ok then it slams you back down again,

    Anyone need milk??? I live no where near there if i did id crank me van up and deliver it to whoever needed it.

    Jojosdairyfarm is ipYAEH1eH7P.pnglooking for help.

    2 hrs ·

    This is a plea for help. Please come and collect milk from us between 5 and 7pm tonight. Half price as we rather give our milk away than dumping it onto our fields.

    Everyone thinks that us farmers are ok but we are not!! Our milk used to go to #CostaCoffee, #Starbucks and #airlines. All these companies are shut and we are facing the same outlook.

    Please support us in these difficult times, support your local community. Just drive through and we will put it in the boot of your car.😃

    #localsupport #pleaseshare #inisolationletusknow

    There based near swindon

    No one will ever call out on the chinease, its fekin terrible, if it was the uk the states say trump said right i am going to execute people who dont agree with me and use there organs for transplant, he d be villified and hauled over the coals.

    Why oh why does no one ever call out china?

    protest or call out there terrible environmental output

    No because we the west are to far in economically with them, they own a lot of the uk, cars, phone networks, security, nuclear power stations, steel works banking they rule us,

    We say look cut down your co2, treat your staff to rights a good wage standard of living, stop killing endangered animals, and build products to a eu or british standard,

    but no we lap it up cheap goods from china i try i really try not to buy chinease on principle but its ni on impossible.

    most people lap it up buying all sorts of shite on amazon and the likes.

    They dominate

    we cannot call out china for there terrible ways be they animal, envoronmental and human rights.

    Garbage they shouldnt be issueing tickets, if they must do something ticket people stupidly parked blocking access for traffic, essential traffic and lets be fair there isnt going to be much traffic at the mo.

    They if they had to be at work do someting useful, maybe feckin spray disenfectant about, or something.

    Philosophical Angle

    Few things pondering on this, in south America indigonous tribes are facing extinction due to the coronavirus, they are trying to have total lockdown on there tribe areas.

    This gets me to a point do you think tales of being killed or hunted or boiled in a pot were true,

    Imagine your a tribe you hear Europeans or white man carrying an invisble disease or they have weapons that can kill you from miles away. that if they come near you they infect you with a "black magic" type death. So of course your going to kill the site of them, heck burn them or boil them to kill any bugs on them.

    Anger Angle

    I am sick of Piers Morgan,

    All he seems to be doing is shaming people, its not doing any good,

    He has the luxury of wealth, power, and probably a big garden and house, he pours scorn and shame on people in london trying to get outside,

    Yes it appears there doing wrong but the start was stockpiling, if you have a family and you get sick your going to worry about supplies running out at that moment in time.

    Going to the parks if your social distancing and you could sensibly sit out it looked like the majority were well apart,

    Its not ideal but if there cooped a big family in a tiny flat they need space,

    Its easy for him to condemn everyone, he should if he really wants to be holier than thou he should work from home and wall himself in 1 room in his house for weeks on end and go for a stroll in a pubic park or not.


    We should call everyone who try to stop at home sacrificing income, socialising, mental health, HEROS because they are.

    all under the same branch of we are all trying to be good.

    Theres also a lot going on behind the scenes people working long shifts in factories producing food, esential things like beds, meds, ppe. the lot

    instead of feking farmers they really are pissing me off at the moment

    Reason... "Well we cant self isolate we have to go to work", thanks farmers making people feel shite who want to work but cant or have chosen not to work to help everyone and cant social distance as easy as you people,

    famers can social distance in a tractor cab they get to be out in the fresh air yes they have worries but there not told to stay home. As they can work from home in a big shed or field.

    some self and other workers also cant not go to work so farmers just give out a bit more love instead of making this political, it really isnt the time, we need you farmers yes you work hard but a lot of people other work hard for a lot less recognition than the vocal farmers do.

    NHS and Key workers YES they are the top of the tree i grovel and bow to your superiority you are more important and more worthy than anyone

    rant over

    Just had a thought new houses i ve always thought are horrendous, there now three or four storey things with no garden,

    I know lands at a premium and you get sprawl, but if more houses could just have a small garden even if it was small its somewhere just to turf the kids out.

    Trouble is everyone always slaps a sodding extension on the garden.

    Some Old council houses where known for there big gardens in some cases they were to big but where worked out for a garden to feed a family

    most of these gardens got built on.

    and these gardens should never be allowed to be built on.

    I ve been a tech luddite for a long time, i ve just in the last few weeks got my internet sh**t together.

    I sometimes find it feking compicated, like i could do to set up ebay, amazon and any other accounts paypal etc, i dont have a smart phone i just use the laptop

    Got the banking set up and sorted but just want to set up accounts in everything else so i can pay with a credit card as i dont trust hackers and scammers.

    Can you help him?

    I mean if he could possibily visit you pass his stuff to you then go from there and you set all his stuff up on his laptop or smart phone he d be sorted.

    Or other option is you must have nerdy mates, i have one who set me quite a lot up last year,

    I still havent a clue how to use quickbooks, i pay etc, i was always frightened id get hacked.

    Hmm interesting maybe strong political views hard left or hard right get things done, like china its communist, yet somehow its a hard right dictatorship no one dare say or do anything, but i guess things get done and people obey lockdowns.

    i have and i guess always will be central maybe thats bloody useless in deccisive politics.

    OK maybe but possibly the socialist left agenda could be gently eased through labour by a level headed calm center ground sensible leader.

    Id rather have that it would help the country you have a possible working vote, back again, the hard left can slowly push new agendas, and thrash ideas out,

    It must be better than having a leader with hard right views and a party in a state of marshal law,

    Sense will prevail from both sides.

    Hats off to keir at the moment wanting to work on cross party talks on the coronvirus issues at the moment.

    Thats a vote winner for center and hard left politics to come.

    I think he will try to steer the LP gently back towards the centre ground, as generally those who had been reared in the Thatcher era, and afterwards in the Blair era, had no stomach for Corbyn's political philosophy. But interestingly, the young people had, and flocked to swell the LP membership under Corbyn.

    So Starmer will have to be careful not to alienate these young people, or he will find them quickly deserting him, and looking for more radical leaders to follow.

    Its a strange thing when you are young your generally fairly centre to hard left in your thinking, especially from school and defo if your in college or uni.

    However the working class vote shifted working your nuts off and paying quite a bit of tax, generally the sites are quite centre to right wing with left keeeping opinions quieter, the demographic changed on the sites post blair really somehow he pulled left and right voters then kind of made everyone of working class go right.

    As a lad at college i was a leftie, hating tories, hating landed gentry, hating farmers even though is was from a small farming background, i used to find farmers feking ignorant and bigoted at times, wheras i got on better with people studying horticulture, and aboriculture, who on the whole where left thinking.

    Forward to working in building I found myself working with an "old left" thinking foreman, he was a nice man but quite draconian, 3 long tea breaks a day adding up to sometimes about an hour and a half to two hours a day, but maybe we wernt that well paid who knows, we did work hard but as a lad i wanted to work to earn money to do well, just held back by old men with hard left opinions it was nearly work to rule i couldnt saw a bit of wood as i may upset the joiner and if i worked hard i was taking work off others. Utter madness.

    Politics are more divisive than ever, harder opinions, generally the uni kids are left wing

    On the sites your get quite a lot of hard right opinions i find unsettling almost like the hard left opinions of yesteryear. Both had racist and bigotted undertones.

    I basicly worked with someone who was a bit like John prescot years ago i never want to be trapped like that again.

    Self emplyment has freed me, like nothing else,

    As for the younger voters i think there more split than ever, i new one sparky who wanted to punch corbyn in the face and he was veryracist and opinionated, i arnt to keen on him a lad say in his late 20s whos gone it alone, he s a good sparks but luckily i dont see much of him

    Then you get other lads generally who work for someone have a kind of left leaning you just know,

    Id say amoung the young ones its a 50/50 split.

    Labour has to be center to get any chance of getting in.

    I dont think theres a dark force, but we are diligently obeying, however the cashless situation at the moment is a bit concerning, the power that be can work out where you ve been how much you have spent simply by your digital footprint and your mobile in your pocket, at present i am leaving the mobile at home it never leaves the table.

    but they will be able to link up your card payments to cameras so pretty easy really you swipe and the camera links up your face on cc tv.

    as easy as winking, to truly be undetectble you need to be able to use cash and have no social media or certainly no pictures on there.

    and either no bank account no card use but i guess the drivers licence scuppers that, unless your old and hung on to the paper ones, i had to go photo and surrender my washing machined paper one when i did my bike test at least 20 years ago.

    Nothing to hide but its amazing how they will realise how they can basicly tag everyone who has a card.

    Get your money back i bet its B n Q s own brand, usually mc allister, absolute garbage, when i hadnt a bean to scratch my backside with

    i used to buy b n q tools there crap.

    I went through 3 chopsaws in a year, one battery drill, a sds hammer/breaker drill just exploded accross a garage that i was using the hammer option to remove a garge door pillar. (just a few bricks)

    They got to know me at b nq i used to take one back with receipt get another usually every 3 to 6 months.

    Then they brought a rule you hadnt to be in a trade (ie just for light domestic use)

    the guarantee was brought in just for three months then the gaurantee had to be set up online as b nq refused to honour there tools.

    Because they are rubbish

    I get the duty of care with the nhs, because lets face it people will sue for either grievance or money issues, and then a doc or nurse might just say i am not going to ventilate this patient as i might get suid if they die, everything becomes legal and messy at the moment there just trying to save lives in somthing they know little about.

    As for phone, its simple really just leave the phone at home,