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    work i somtimes zone at at work imursed in a yen like status, thinking of better ways to do things, almost like a massive jigsaw puzzle, planning, prioratising, jobs, instead of getting stressed like i used to i now often put my ear muffs on it deadens the noise i am sure i dont get as stressed as i used to or if i do i kind of zone out, it weird but it works.

    dew on bare feet on an early morning in summer,

    swimming in cold water i liken it to eating a really hot chilli its kind of crazy but addictive,

    Yeah a sad day, newsnight did a nice report on him, sounded like a nice man who wasnt interested in the mainstream big time was the making of primal scream in my opinion, in fact miss those days, studying hard, the good it did me.

    I ve been known to cry my eyes out several occasions, but i try to hold it back, mainly trying not to cry at funerals dam funerals always get me a bit misty eyed while trying not to cry as the old ones never seem to.

    Just to be devils avocate, pre plastic, i guess we had to buy food daily or go to the greengrocers, butchers, etc, with a shopping bag and grease proof paper or i guess newspaper packageing no quick instant meals, prepare more of our food from scratch, less shelf life on food ie not vacuum packed.

    power tools, light switches electronic devices needing plastic, and i guess in the old days goods came in crates or boxes with shredded paper or straw for packaging.

    Maybe we demand perfection for say new tools when years ago we were gald to have nice affordable hand tools.

    Plastic packaging revolutionised say deliveries of kitchens etc less stuff risk of getting damaged, but most plastic is insane and little is done to slow its reign at the moment.

    Whats a bit annoying is packaging of food due to shrink flation, ie the product is smaller but the pacging has stayed the same size or even increased to make the products look bigger or the same.

    I wont buy products like this, i ve had enough. theres cheeses that are smaller but the packets are the same, theres biscuits that are smaller but the packets are the same and dont get me started on mr sodding kipling, lidl have bloody stupid packets on some of there cakes and cake bars so sod em i wont buy em.

    I dont eat this stuff now i eat more fresh veg and fruit, with occasional treat of maybe biscuits,

    I ve been on sim only for about 4 years now never looked back best thing ever, but i may have to re think if iam going to go all techy and data use. The best signal hands down time and time aain are vodaphone near me, but the ruthless b tards really, i stareted on a £9 pound a month sim only deal bloody great then 6 months in they said they had to rise the deal to 11 quid which they apprently could do, i thought not bad, its been rising it went 16 now 20 and this strange set up where if i use the phone a bit more they ve started hammering me, the ruthless little shites, every other network signal is utter garbage tried em all so ill stick to voda but they just need a bit of a talking to as usual theve been relying on my laziness to check up on them threaten to leave and ask for a pac code and they start offering you sweetners.

    wish they would burn heather in winter they always start in march and april, at lambing time causes no end of bother sheep and lambs all over the place and sometimes bird nests get burned. Guess they would never burn in december at peak grouse and pheasant time. We used to get lambs aborted or singles where doubles should have been .

    vet says its caused by stress,and sheep ingest a twin lamb if under stress, the hunt now goes on the moors all winter as the low lands are always wet nowadays,

    Parents have had to alter how they farm as shooting is so popular nowadays they gather sheep in if a shoot or hunt is happening as they get sick of there sheep scattered all over the place after such events.

    then they now shoot pheasant and grouse on the moors, so all winter its dogs horses lots of bangs and stressed sheep

    then come april the signs go out to tell the walkers to keep there dogs on a lead as its a critical time for grouse nesting birds, oh the irony.

    The new cat phone looks awesome, i went to a 2nd hand phone shop (its about an hour away from me as i live in the sticks) i asked what will take knocks they didnt have one in store but online there was a second hand one in there cambridge store however the lad said it wouldnt work for contactless payments and possibly for contactless payments off customers which is the way i am thinking of going, fed up of cheques going to the bank etc as they shut all the banks down and the nearest one is over half an hour away.

    The cat phone runs on andriod software if that makes any sense to anyone.

    Eccentricity, inventiveness, history, a tough inner strength, (the stiff upper lip) underdog player, our lovely women, the different languages, accents, dialects millions of them, cultures, landscape, coasts, even weather at least we arnt on fire even though we get wet a lot of the time, work ethic, play ethic.

    I ve worked for other nationaleties and they just love our humour, they struggle with the dry sense of humour but i guess we are funny.

    and god knows why but this is a favourite of the germans its a weird german tradition they play this film every new year and its a british film that id never heard of till i worked for some germans.

    Saw a thing on car sos or wheeler dealers they sometimes change the light bulbs for led lights, there more powerful last longer and use less of the battery, my little peugeot van for reason seems to use lightbulbs maybe every two years i think theres something a bit iffy with electrics prob a factory fault as sometimes lights or dash flicker weirdly and randomly Its far to tech for local garage they were scratching there heads with a relay on the transit.

    Well in the construction trade, phones dont fare well, tried keeping it in van but then you miss phone calls or have to traipse to van to ring people, when the phone is in your pocket it knackers it, i phones and most phones are utter rubbish what with the dust, fluff, stanley knives in your pocket, screw etc, and as for those useless casings the one i tried dropped the signal by about a bar and where i live it is generally two to three bars so with a casing on phone always cut out mid conversation as it seemed to block the signal. then the final death nail was phone dropped on a tiled floor only to crack the screen.

    These cat phones sound awesome for me, underwater photos so i am guessing drains, puddles not an issue, and massive padding around the phone.

    The origional nokias were brilliant never really had any bother with them if they got wet i used to put them in an airing cupboard and they sprang back to life in a few days.

    Forward to now phones are made not to last otherwise you would never bother buying a new one, they go flat all the time meaning you may as well have them on an extension lead all day. utter madness.

    but they do more and i need to get more out of a phone, i guess its essential to me nowadays.

    id like everything linked up laptop the lot maybe get a tech y person in to sort my life out, tried a mate but god they mess on, spending weeks looking for the best deal and basicly saying you dont need this or that i can do that on a speadsheet or make my own software/programs only to find nothing happens for months.

    I need to get sorted, and get to work no faffing.


    I love my mountain biking, hiking,walking, and gyl scrambling, however knees tell me otherwise and the bike is nearly shaken to bits, its a crappy entry level one, i may buy a good one but i have a few ideas instead of blowing money on a bike.

    Mountain biking, I love mountain biking. Love Brechfa, Glyncorrwg, Mach, South Downs, shredding single track through the woods is my favourite.

    Have you downhilled at festiniog, did that last year its a bit hardcore, but full of go pro plonkers, giving it the thumbs up to there screens.

    transits are a pig, my headlights on pickup fill full of damp as seals are gone i ve nursed them for about 5 years now, a lad told me if you get a hairdryer and take bulb out it gets rid of the condensation just before mot, i couldnt be bothered to do this this year it failed on drivers side so new one was needed.

    maybe a justification for hs2 so one day they can work from gods own country, and thus all the rich elites would further ruin the north.

    Manchester would be a funnier place, or leeds, bet they wouldnt be to keen on those places, knowing york is a mecca for posh wannabee yorkies but to be fair they would be straight off the hs 2 link boom straight up and down london.

    To be honest its just another mp racket, they could have 2nd homes in york claim travelling on expenses while having a jolly old time in yorkshire.

    as i always say, shed on industrial unit get some work done peers.

    Hmm interesting day today, ok there may be trouble ahead who knows we may do ok,

    Heres one, theres talk of York being the base for a northern assembly or something, maybe this might cause friction in lancashire, as they might want a lancs assembly, thus causing a mini argument dubbed "The war of the roses" .

    yorkshire people will have white roses everywhere getting all patriotic, and for either peoples there will be a hard border on the penines but there will be a black market in cloth caps, blackpool rock and the like.

    I need to get into the 21st cent.

    I tried before i bought an old i phone 7 and it lasted about 3 months, tried the bullet proof case everything, the case blocked the signal in a poor area then the screen cracked and it was flat all the time, so angrily i went back to an old nokia, its been the best.

    However i need to get better need to take photos at work, maybe pay for stuff or reiceive payment with my phone, have a cazillion apps to make work easier, google stuff i am maybe stuck with on a job. and buy products on the net.

    I ve looked at a caterpillar phone its nearly bomb proof and many good apps on it like heat camera measuring stuff etc, but i probo cant use pay option on it as the casing stops the wirless pay option working properly.

    I hate tech but i must move on,

    Looks i i need whats app, online banking, paypal, i pay or something, andriod, e bay, and the like. if i get a cat phone, and maybe quick books if i do a job i coud in theory get it in my bank before i get the tools back in the van.

    So basicly need tech advice to get me up and running, be they sodding i pads phones etc, time to move on to the next centuary,

    At moment i am like a very old man using pen and paper waiting for bank statements and buying stuff only with a phone number on the net or going shopping trawling stores and merchants wasting time.

    basicly maybe i should see a tech guru set everything up, i just worry of being hacked an money floating away somewhere.

    bookwork, and tax, do it all for cash and have lots of local banks, you go in the bank once a week theres a row of staff to help you out with finance, bills mortgages etc etc instead of current salespeople posing as bank staff. and paying in your earnings and yes if your doing a bit good you pay tax, that way its sorted every week over say a nice cup of tea.

    i suppose im prob just having a bit of a grump cus i so miss doing the job that this late in life ,iv realised its what i love doing,and being stuck in an overheated indoor job is to me horrible...iv looked but theres sod all in this area in most types of work apart from caring or cleaning...thought of starting up myself but with rules,regs,dbs,insurance,tooling ,dont think its possible...gone are the days of doing mrs smiths garden to help her out in her advanced year,to get a few £ to get by xx

    Trouble is are you prepared to do the rough work for mrs smith, ie digging the flower beds shoveling tons of horse manure and compost then barrowing it to the beds in the rain, mowing the lawn in baking hot sun.

    Its not all snipping a few shrubs people like to see a lot done and the rough with the smooth and what gets gardeners backs up is when they are just left woth the rough.

    Try working for a gardening firm it would maybe be an eye opener, you would maybe find you would enjoy it. and learn skills.

    Personally id hate it, its hard work on your knees weeding and generally nowadays it rains all the time or you get burnt to a crisp in summer.

    Try an old school nursery or plant place that way you get to know all the plant names diseases, nutricion etc, and that way you get to meet your mrs smiths needing a few plants snipping and you get to look really clever knowing all those latin plant names.

    The easiest job going in my opinion is decorating, your in the dry most of the time you cant do the job if it rains, and it basicly consists of sanding papering and painting and its a job you can do as an old person as when you get slower people still pay for a good job.

    but if your really keen on gardening see whats about, but remember its a seasonal job, and if its a wet summer its a pain, but the many good summers i guess its quite satisfying.

    most of my life i ve worked with blokes, at college the engineering course was all lads bar one lass in the year above and she just joined in with the banter.

    but the last 25 years i ve worked in construction its been a hotbed of sexist well generally ist tabloid place of work. I miss some elements of those days the tea breaks no phones and conversation at those times. I dont miss the breaking down of everyone and mild bullying of everyone,

    Now i just try to be grown up avoid talking about sex, realtionships, and try not to get involved in site politics, if someone asks me or draw me into a slag off fest i wont do it, i say that between you and them i ve even had families on jobs trying to get me into a bitch fest as well and that is like a bucket of tnt.

    I ve found lasses esp electricians work well and i hate to say it as a possible sexist comment lasses are better at lighter jobs, electrician, plumber, tiling decorating

    Hate to say it unless there a butch 14 stone woman they dont really suit labouring or heavy work like building etc.

    in fact no one in there right mind likes labouring, but when women come moaning to me about thats to heavy for me can you move it and they struggle with wheelbarrows full of gear, i think if that was a lad i d say do it yourself thats what your paid for, but because its a woman i help out.

    When a womans on site men generally are better behaved better mannered it sometimes kills conversation but when im busy i am not to bothered about talking rubbish.

    Maybe id struggle if the lass was drop dead gorgeous you would find the men flirting and trying to out man each other, but generally if everyines in work wear they look the same baggy trousers fleeces etc, so everyone works.

    God i am just sick of the media at the moment, wall to wall never ending documentaries on Edward abdicating and his wife being american on and on about it its pathetic slowly brainwashing everyone and drawing paralels to harry, media shut up leave harry and meg alone, I am guessing a hard word has been said from the top.

    They just cant win, they can never leave the royals, locked forever in a circus of media attention, 2 nd to your brother, media loving you when you do good and slamming you down when if you fail or have a bad day.

    Finnally you cant go and live in the woods which iam guessing he and his missus wants to do just live a quiet normal life maybe endorsing a few things close to his heart like envictus games because his and his misus lifes are worth millions to the wrong people,

    He s knackered wanted to bin it all off sort his life out he cant forever locked in.

    I wasnt a fan when he preached about climate change while jetting all over the place but good luck to him and his wife and i am guessing he really isnt good with public appearances even though hes good at it but he probably want to keep himself sane. they aint got it easy at the moment yes it looks good money power easy life but i bet he would trade it all to live in a shack in the woods and be left alone.

    The more and more I see of harry the more i like him. He openly honest, about his mental health he appears to really reach out there. Definatly the best royal the most interesting one,

    I see simular traits with him and myself,

    but i also respect the fact that the older more boring one is working hard doing his duty trying to hold it all together, but he has more to gain.

    Hary is definatly a man id help if he needed a hand, hes a man id buy a pint although he could afford to buy me a brewary, to me he s trying to be ordinary normal and hes probably got flaws but we all have.

    Wears his heart on his sleeve but he s basicly abdicated on the quiet i recon, i think hes sick of being a spare aire and the medias whipping boy, he cant win, food luck to the lad and his misus.

    As for megan i still aint sure i am blinkered by the media i feel she maybe worked the media in a film star way but its turned on her and yep i get why shes buffered off to canada but id just leave her dad alone hes suffered enough by not getting inveted to the wedding.

    but again who knows what strings were bring pulled above her.

    Word of warning meg, just dont mess with the majj.

    Dont really work with sheep much nowadays, but when i did and do now and again, you kind of ingest there smell its horrible, you basicly smell like a sheep in all ways for about two days after working on them, i swear you get the sheep farts.

    Off topic i know but as lads shearing lads and lasses (sorry) really take pride in their work, its all about being quick, clean and smooth with the sheep comfortable sat on your feet, all about positioning, timing and of course no cuts, i cant deny it doesnt happen but if your the best of the best if your fast and the sheep is calm.

    I went on a shearing course with british wool the emphasis was on not cutting the sheep, or stressing the sheep, and in doing it quicker as it stressed the sheep less and the shears stay sharper ie they dont get blunt buzzing away doing nothing,

    I am crap now i sometimes shear a few a dads but i forget the moves and my back kills me.

    The best system i ve seen on you tube an old aussie has made it hold the sheep on a nice bench while your shearing it stood up, less stress in the shearer and i think the sheep get used to it. and the job gets done so the sheeps back on the pasture grazing away again.

    The worst animal to shear are alapacas, i havent personally but they spit bite kick, but there coats need shearing off, when summer comes, again its not pretty i believe, they make a bit of noise but 5 mins later again there in a field grazing like nothings happened.

    Yes sheep shearing is done per sheep i ve done it, i wasnt the fastest, but the best bloke i know is now in his late 60s early 70s, and trust me he doestn stress the sheep it makes it harder to sheer properly, the younger lads some trained in nz or aus go fast and to be fair if your good and quick it stresses the sheep less as the quicker and cleaner you do the sheep the sooner its over for the sheep, and they go back into the field grazing away like nothings happened. The worst thing you can do is sheer to late or have a catchy or wet summer as flies and maggots crawl under the wool and eat the sheep and cause fly strike a stress and diease caused by maggots, that far worse.

    Also shearing to early is problamatic if the wool hasnt "risen" ie the fat on the sheep and lanolin is like crying to shear through a block of soap, the best time to shear or the climate that suits is red hot summer days, the wool rises the soap var back is now greasy and the sheep shear well.

    but very tricky to get perfect days.

    If more widely available id ware merino wool fleecces there a far superior fleece to the man made oil based crap that ruins the environment and food chains and animals and marine life in so many ways.

    A Properly trained sheerer shouldnt nick.cut sheep and trust me they hardly ever do but It happens now and again ive done it honestly about a minute later they forget about it, there far more releived to have there sweaty and potential maggot and tick infested coat whipped off.