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    This is great, when your single you assume your on your own, your somehow a fek up, an odd ball, maybe this is true, but never thought of this as a help group, but its good. I ve messed up two many relationships, to count, lot of time having a very low opion of myself, as a young lad, or thinking there was always something better round the corner and finishing things not gving things time. I was working with a lad the other day he says its worse now, the tinder generation, literally most hooks ups last either a week or 2 before there bored and swipe left or right or whatever you do nowadays, its like theres women literally in the palm of your hand he showed me photos on his phone, god it was like a fashion show filters and god knows what, no one goes to the pub to chat now they meet up after being on each others profiles for a week or so. In one way its good that you get to know someone in anther its kind of fake.

    He was aying most people his age seem to be on there own, he was 29.

    funny world,

    Good look fellow singles, be you happy as you are or not , I guess keep looking, or not,

    scroogeness, grumbleness, tattness, or I used to add ville on the end of things basicly a hark back do the desperate dan comic days, so I guess spendville, or even spendvilleness,(always got a laugh with my stupid words) and was kind of catchy ness,

    Far more creative than, sick, like, etc.

    Theres obvs quite a lot of anti monacy on here, I was an anti royal but these days ive mellowed, did a job for a woman in her 60s 70s this week shes just recived an mbe at the palace for work shes done for kids, and I think shes seen a lot . she met the queen she said she stood bolt upright at 90 odd, for four hours, when she got her award she whispered in her ear, " so your one of the good ones then" brought a tear to my eye when she told me that.

    Ok if your single tell all about life, this looming bomb the c bomb looming with its advertising and the buzz that will wain in those dark months of jan and feb. Its kind of a prep yourselves chin up kind of (pma) thread.

    I am prepping mentally, but liking being busy with my work, so lets have this thread as a club the single club, non singles can chip in but really its a self help thread for loners,

    so plans.. there isn't any sod it,

    xmas tv? throw it in the garden next time a lewis advert appears,

    pub? possibly, well maybe,

    sea swim,, might do,

    walk, maybe head for a mountain but that takes organising,

    bike yeah maybe,

    flight to somewhere,, nah ill help the climate this year,

    work nah minimum in jan, sod it,

    dinner with family... as much as will try desperately to avoid it I will be sucked into it like a vortex of family competitiveness kids and chrismas best and silly hats, egos, and general family pecking order.

    Mates,, well the few I have I will look up especially the single ones having a tough time, all the rest can do one they never bother with me unless they want something.

    so tell us your plans, as I am a single bloke given up looking like a lumbering dinosaur. I ve found out look after yourself then look out for others, you are important you can only look after you no one else will that makes you tougher more resilient in life possibly more selfish but you do relish conversation with complete strangers.

    Ahh challenges afoot,.

    1 talk to a complete stranger,

    2 make two decisions don't procrastinate then flip a coin, love doing that, I ve done that many a new year on where to head off to.

    3 be there as always for mates and an very old lad I know who struggle with the c time.

    There 3 things to do that arnt sodding resolutions there fairly easy sod Christmas, all my nephs and nie s are getting a coin in there cards like I used to or a selection box, bloody going on.

    Work is my drug of choice, I am done for if I cant work, I have a love of a good coffee, I ve somehow manged to trick my head its as good as booze similar with mountain biking or just cycling just one of my knees is done in. Been helped through bad times with jack daniels but I don't really drink spirits much at home now. Another Christmas is coming I hate its arrival every year like scrooge, its a thing I cannot avoid, a rollacoaster of emotions mixed with alcohol.

    You can get fans that work by "magic" that sit on top of your stove this creates a warm air flow. Heat Powered Stove Fan | Wood Log Burner Fireplace | Eco Friendly Practical

    Just out of interest in the building trade there has been a lot less bother with damp, mould, condensation, since the use of modern building practices like pir insulation, foil tape, foams, double glazing, dry lining with plasterboard instead of rendering, breathable roofing felt, moisture barriers, all sorts, and ventilation has just come back in sometimes but not always, vents sort of went out went breathable roof felt came in, but then on some new builds where a lot of problems always seem to occour mould and damp came back, this was due to the good qualities of the house being airtight and insulation badly fitted on eaves and walls but closing cavities off with thermal insulation closers etc, all thought as over the top in the early days now the norm. I don't know if this helps but over millienia houses have evolved to keep the damp air out this has been created by damp proof courses, insulating and sealing basicly a box to a high standard, warm air by central heating has also prevented a loaded cold damp air from condensting onto walls, because I am trying to live in a cold house so far I have suffered no colds or health problems, my house is reasonably insulated for the 2000s but it could have been better done, I have no damp issues, due to a cavity wall. so if any of this info is useful to mobile living I hope that transposes. now theres a real business venture, mobile insulation services, just think if someone had the knowhow the products the designs the kits all spefically for each and every model of van complete with vent and extraction kits ...

    Especially now with so many channels smashing out what we all must buy for the dreaded C word ,brainwashing the nation!

    can I just have the credit for calling christams the c word, I invented that saying many many years ago to a customer, the customers said I want it doing for and I said don't say the c word, bewildered then the joke hit him and that saying went viral, also I am the pillock who used to add ness to the end of anything like jackness, anything I could make sound silly with ness on the end that went viral also before the net, I cant fully claim credit for ness it was thanks as a kid watching this that ness stemed from.See the source imagepasted-from-clipboard.png

    Thanks all .weird while I grew up with that dog I was a 27 year old lad now I am an older man, you just remember stages, pup, doing daft things, making you laugh growing into an old dog set in his ways.

    jacket potatoes and beans, beetroot and cheese if you arnt vegan, chiili lental , those big numb beans in stew. peas, carrots chips, peanut butter for protean. I cant do it I eat a lot of veg and need a bit of meat soz, porridge works well gills me up for the day, all summer ive praxtivallu lived off banana and oatmeal smoothies, for breakfastI added brambles apples plums in autum.

    Its weird its like we grew up together, when we started our lives together i was this mad abitious young man, insecure, but often cocky and arrogent, a bit of an arse, who fell out with everyone including my dog, all he wanted was love and to be fed and watered and dig, as he grew older he became more grumpy espcially after his tea when it was nigh on impossible to get him out "his" armchair, without him showing his teeth.

    its like the dog somehow was the same and changed quite a bit as he got older but the people around him have aged and changed massively since his time with us.

    My little patterdale crossed with something bad tempered died yesterday he was about 16 years old, its weird made me a bit sad, i remember going to pick him up and bringing him home in a tea towell.

    Saw him chase in snow as a little dog and grow to hate it as a grumpy old dog,

    rip a cusion to bit in his dog pen as a pup and just two eyes looking out of a cloud of white,

    run away to the pub and villages monthly,

    bite me hanging off my gentleman area, when the phone made him bark.

    snuggle up to me as a pup, run upstairs and wake my brother in law up licking him, to much cursing,

    He saw me grow from a young ambitious hard living man to an older wiser man,

    he saw a few women sneaked up stairs at my parents house, and told to be quiet,

    he watched me build my house,

    he saw my dad in good and bad health and then good again and to be fair the man who really looked after him.

    That dog never saw me settle down, have kids, or move in with me into my van and house, the first things i got him for subconciously at the young age of 27.

    Ill miss you mate, felt a bit down today I know why.

    basicly breathable works like a gore tex jacket, or a fancy water jacket, your body allows steam to escape so you don't sweat, but the outside layer stops penetrating damp (rain), if you wore a plastic sheet you would be dry but you would sweat, in builing terms years ago ventilation was required as old bitumen felt and plastic barriers used to condensate.

    So back on topic vapour barriers allow steam to esacape but stop any water getting back in in the form of condensation or water build up. where as if you do nothing you get condensation forming. I deally air gaps work the best in building as you get a naturally vented cavity similar to a modern house.

    I used to see problems in building/roofing where the cosy wrap touched the felt, ie no air gap, the cosy used to get wet,

    I think breathblle felt has revolutionesed building but sometimes it is over kill.

    terminology terms in building there are many

    Rockwool or isowool cavity bats are desgined for full fill cavity walls there soaked in a water proof liquid in the factory and should in theory stop penetrating damp and consation, but only if they are fitted correctly woth no gaps.

    isowool ecostic is desgined for internal walls to stop mainly sound but are quite good insultorsa as well but useless at preventing damp.

    cosy wrap is designed for flat lofts and settles if used upright or on slopes causing gaps

    rule of thumb, if its wool it generally needs a moisture barrier.

    Kingspan or pir unsulation can be fitted on a risk wik no barrier providing no gaps good fit and use tape on all the joints preventing heat loss through gaps. but as pointed out itl probo squeak.

    Westminster, shut it down make it a tourist attraction, then make politicians run the country from a proper office, and a debating room , with dead acustics so they cant all baa like sheep in an echoey chmaber.

    Theyd look berks shouting and boos like kids in a big shed on an industrial estate.

    They also have to turn up for work like everyone else, in there offices, based on the same site as the debating room they work hard and in return there paid well.

    Non of this mr and mrs speaker rubbish, or locking and unlocking doors, and shouting jeering waving arms, saying nooo eyeee and all that stupidity, its the 21 st century ffs, save time by having a keypad fob to vote , not going through doors unclocking them and all that nonsense and counting peoples heads. utter madness.

    As years in the building trade, we use vapour barriers, however me being a tight sod id probo in a van not bother, I recon you need a vapour barrier is probo a must with rockwool or sheep wool, it stops the warm air striking the cold gaps that form with ill fitting rockwool, this causes condensation, of heat and breath of you in the van, Kingspan is a little more forgiving, as it kind of is a vapor check in a crappy way itself, proving u use foil tape to tape the joints, I was all air gaps and the like many moons ago but as iam getting older I think sod it rooms at a premium in a van,

    The confusion is with vapour barriers, theres a few types.

    Visqueen or pvc sheeting, not really the best but does the job and is a fire hazard, its really designed for damp barriers under floors.

    Breathable roofing felt, works good, remember to put it correct way around it only breathes one way.

    Fancy breathable vapur barriers I used one for lineing a wine store, I thought it was overpriced but it was good stuff,

    muti foils I know sod all about these but there expensive but they take up less space and I belive work well.

    Literally, "so I was like literally dead".

    Really no you wernt literally dead you were a bit tired being literally dead mean surely you are dead. basicly literally now has a two tear meaning, one is direct true, the other is literally bullshit.