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    Just to warn anyone planning on arriving at Boom in their own vehicle... be prepared for waits of 24 hours or more to get on site. The roads just aren't designed for that many vehicles so it's just something that has to be put up with... just make sure you've got enough beer and tunes to keep you entertained!

    I think I mentioned this before but I'll just remind everyone now it's getting close - we have a few open slots in our cabaret so please get in touch if you'd like to perform anything at this festie...

    Thanks for all the advice people. There are actually far more boats within my price range than I thought there'd be... nothing too fancy but big enough for me to rattle about in. Think the next step is to visit a few people on boats to get a feel for it, then I guess it's just a case of waiting for the right mooring to come up, which I expect could take years.

    Sorry, I probably should have been more specific. The figure was based on the £1345 that a mooring in Skipton (which is where I'd like to be based) went for back in January. It didn't occur to me to check that against other figures...
    I wouldn't be looking for anything larger than 30ft as it is just for me. Budgetwise, I would have somewhere in the region of £25K, which I know won't get me top of the range but hopefully can get something that's not rock bottom either.

    I appreciate that these topics often crop up, and that nomadic folks must get tired of answering the same questions from dreaming city-dwellers who long to escape. This is, however, something I'm seriously considering, and I'd love some advice.
    I rent at the moment, and would love a place of my own. I don't have s steady income, so am unlikely to get a mortgage, but I do have the capital to buy a small boat or barge. So I figure that, as long as I maintain it well, the boat won't lose much value over the years, and that even with mooring fees of around £100 a month this is an affordable way of me getting a place on my own.
    So what I would like to know is, have I missed anything glaringly obvious here? Obviously I know there will be upkeep costs, and that I may have to wait a while to find a mooring, but other than that do my thoughts make sense, or am I idealising the experience?
    Would other full-timers recommend boat living for a woman on her own?
    And finally, is there anyone who lives on a boat near-ish to Leeds that would be prepared to meet up for a chat about this way of living?
    I don't want to be take on too much but I also see myself wanting to start a family in three or four years, and figure this may be my last chance to experience this style of living.
    Thanks for your time.

    I think sometimes having to be creative for a job can bring on massive spates of doubt. You're quite happy when you're working for yourself but suddenly when someone's paying you, you constantly worry you're not good enough. I've come across this problem before, and I think, perversely, that the solution is the same as the worry. You need to try and turn your thinking from "is this good enough for someone to pay me to do it? to "someone is paying me to do this. I must be amazing!"

    You constantly feel like you have to be providing innovative, new ideas for kids, but often the simpler ones are the best.

    I can't make this one as I'm going to a wedding in the States, but the rest of my Ladybird crew will be there with fun workshops and performance in the Kids Field... please stop by and say hello!

    One of the curious quirks of the science/religion thing is the faith that 'followers' of science (rather than scientists themselves) often have that science as we know it today can explain everything. Obviously it can't, and just as we now understand things which once seemed magical and mysterious - like the weather - we will understand in the future many things that we don't now. I think that people's reluctance to accept science as a fluid concept that will evolve over time has parallels with religion's struggle to balance archaic values against modern life.

    I also can't help but see parallels in the 'science' of statistics - where you ignore data that doesn't fit the pattern you want - and the 'pick and choose' attitude of many religious folk.

    Does he have crutches for getting around? Make them or the cast itself fun by fixing a bell or a horn... will most likely drive you nuts but will be fun for him!

    I forget where I read this, but somewhere in the flurry of news on this item I heard that all the whales are called Shamu when they're performing so they can replace them easily with another whale when they die due to their unnaturally short life span. :(
    As has been said, it is a tragedy but already it is raising debate about the ethics of keeping creatures like this in captivity, which is positive.

    Hey, I'm no slave to the government. I set myself up as self-employed specifically so i wouldn't have to get up before 11am, ever. Screw you, traditional working day! And they don't get my taxes for another year, so I can pretend I'm totally free of them for a while...

    'Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.' (Groucho Marx)

    'It never got weird enough for me' (Hunter S Thompson)

    'The fittest survive.
    What is meant by the fittest?
    Not the strongest; not the cleverest —
    Weakness and stupidity everywhere survive.
    There is no way of determining fitness except in that a thing does survive.
    "Fitness," then, is only another name for "survival."
    That survivors survive.' (Charles Fort)

    I got a violin yesterday - yay! Also loads of wool and fabric for the Ladybird Project, which is ace. Although once we went to pick up some old carpet for the tent and it all smelt of wee... :(

    If anyone's interested I think I've traced those stats back to their source and from my limited knowledge of quantitative analysis they're, well, a bit crap. There's a really high significance level (?) and a really low mean and... dammit, I should have paid more attention! Basically, they're a bit shit.
    I do agree that the debate shouldn't get bogged down in statistics, but I also think they're really important. If people are going around parroting these figures that paint an inaccurately bleak picture it will create a climate of fear and distrust.
    Grr... statistics make me angry!

    I've just been reminded of this in another thread... I once met a man who was convinced that to this day there were survivors from the Titanic trapped in an air pocket at the bottom of the sea. He was trying to raise money to mount an expedition. I think this has to be my favourite totally out-there conspiracy theory.

    What's yours?

    Oh I agree completely. I'm just merely recognising that many of the people who complain now would also be in uproar if a convicted violent criminal was allowed to work with their kids.

    I had to send off for CRB checks for all our festival crew last year, and I think that most businesses will know as we did that a piece of paper isn't a substitute for getting to know a person. Hopefully most people are smart enough to realise that a CRB doesn't guarantee anything.

    However, I can see why they are run. People are in uproar now because they shouldn't have to prove that they are innocent, but wouldn't they also be in uproar if a convicted sex offender was working at their children's school? Also, most companies that demand them are tied to a higher chain of command... we need them because festivals need them, festivals need them for the local council etc.

    At least if you're volunteering you don't have to pay...

    I can't help but feel suspicious that the whole thing is a massive piece of propaganda invented to incite further hatred of Muslims. All that stuff about wanting to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque? Something just feels a bit fishy about it to me...

    Woo - we collected her today! After a looong drive she is now safely in Leeds, although she's complaining a bit about the cold. We're going to work on her over the winter so she's all shiny and made over ready for the festival season next year. Thanks so much to everyone who has played a part in her coming to us, she really is perfect. Mods can close this thread one, I'll start a new one once I have pictures of the work in progress!

    So glad everyone's behind the idea... we'll be sure to get plenty of photos on here charting her progress. I also think it would be really nice to have a little sign up about her and her history as it's a lovely little story, so if anyone has any pictures or anecdotes they'd like to add to this please do get in touch.

    I'm very pleased to announce that we have found a home for Gladys in the Ladybird family... we will soon be soon be picking up to bring her to her new (somewhat colder) home oop north where she will hopefully be getting a sunny yellow paintjob and becoming a mobile shadow puppet theatre caravan! Exciting stuff, and it also means that she'll be coming around the festivals next summer, so everyone who knows her can stop by and say hi. We can't wait!

    I know I'm not on here very much any more and I am sure there are plenty of people willing to give this a home, but if you're still looking to rehome her we are in dire need of a caravan. It wouldn't be for a family exactly, but used as a shadow puppet theatre to tour festivals. Obviously. We had a caravan for this purpose this year and it was great, with kids getting inside it to do shows through the windows for the crowds outside, then being used as a place for crew to kip in the evenings. Anyway, if this sounds like a use you might like to put her to, please do get in touch. If not, good luck with the rehoming!

    Yeah, this happened to me recently. I went to Sainsbury's with a group of mates, all roughly the same age as me, and we were all asked for ID because one of them wanted to buy a couple of cans of beer. I asked the cashier whether the same rule would apply if I was a mother with a child in a pushchair, and he replied that yes, it would. Absolutely bonkers stuff.

    It was fun. The weather definitely helped, and I'm not sure how happy with it I would have been if I'd paid full price for a ticket as it was very small, but it was friendly and the music was good. I agree about the site though - not an ideal setting for a festival.