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    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    Denying women the right to have children would be too great a crime - it's a fundamental freedom

    On the other hand, the freedom to have unlimited children comes with the freedom to starve to death when there is no food left/run out of fresh water/run out of energy/live off soylent green/whatever. Whilst I don't have any solutions, I would say that absolute freedom is rarely a good thing and that decisions based around hormones aren't always the best ones...

    Overpopulation... Britain is overpopulated because if we weren't screwing third world countries then we wouldn't be able to support ourselves with regards to food and energy, same goes for other "developed" countries... we've discovered how to get around natural systems of population control (predation, starvation, disease, disaster) and we can hardly renew them with a clear conscience so if we want to survive then population control is really the only option - however we choose to go about it.

    Quote from helicopter

    Thats great people have the right to buy her music and she has the right to sell it, but I dont see what right she has to be publicised ? If your drug problem causes a problem in society then you are a problem. Her drug problem is a problem for society because the vast majority of parents do not wish their children to get a mixed message that drug taking and addiction is rewarded with a glamorous lifestyle of fame and fortune. Also they want some social responsibility from her since not all crack and heroin addicts are able to afford their addiction and end up robbing and killing people just to get the drugs.
    It isnt true that her lifestyle is her affair since her seeking publicity means she makes her lifestyle a public affair. Since the majority of people who pay the BBC license fee object to social irresponsibility they would be within their right to demand that the BBC do nothing to publicise her until she cleans up

    You think she asks to be plastered all over the papers? :rolleyes:

    Quote from helicopter

    Ask anyone who has a debilitating illness that prevents them from walking what the problem is and they will tell you "I cant walk properly" and yet that is a symptom not the problem (at least if you look at it from the outside).

    Context, surely? If you ask a person what the problem is then they may well respond that they can't walk properly but if you ask why then you'll get the cause of that and maybe you could ask why again and get the cause of that and so on... until you can get to a point where you can say "yes, if I fix this then that will help everyone who suffers from that".


    A symptom is merely an effect. How can you say what is a symptom and what is a cause?

    I use my own judgement...


    It's absurd to say that drugs dont cause harm in society. Thats like saying "guns dont kill people, people do" well I have to tell you - it wasnt the bullet that killed him, it was the hole ! hahahahaha

    Umm........ :eek:

    Quote from Perthite

    you realise me and john are going to be scanning films from now on trying to guess who you are (and we'll probably both fail miserably)

    We need Power_13 on our side! He has far too much much time on his hands for projects like this :D


    although we know you're not jessica simpson because she's a complete retard!

    Careful, mate, dangerous territory... you could be insulting another regular and not know it :insane:

    I'd say I'm a blend of my family but not necessarily my parents. There are definately some aspects of my personality that I think probably come from further up the tree. And, as Perthite says, I'm a lot more like my parents were at my age than how they are now...

    Quote from colours of thewind

    well, giving caffeine and tonnes of sugar to kids is a bad thing, but aren't there 25 teaspoons of sugar in one tin of coke or something? I don't know that it is demonised more than other soft drinks, for anything other than ethical reasons.

    personally I'd like an anti red-bull campaign.

    sweet coffee is vile I agree.

    Haha, I drink sweet coffee :o I was meaning that fizzy drinks are vile! But yeah, I'm not sure that taurine should be a legal ingredient in soft drinks... red bull is just the tip of the iceberg - I was given a sample of a drink in Dr Hermans and my mouth went numb and I felt wired :eek:

    But yeah, that is a lot of sugar....... but I have definately found it to be the most demonised soft drink but I rarely hear anyone but myself mention ethical issues surrounding it ;)

    Quote from colours of thewind

    I think the cola issue is to do with the sugar content and caffeine - as long as you don't overdo it, what's the harm?

    Thats pretty much the conclusion that I came to but it doesn't explain why coke is demonised so much more than sweet coffee or (:vomit:) tango/lilt/etc.

    Quote from willowphoenix

    Try pouring it down your loo, its eats the fuck out of limescale.Just imagine what its doing to your insides :eek:

    That'd be because it's a weak acid. I'm certain that stomach acid is a lot more potent. Think what that does to your insides! :panic:

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    Ah, I'm not a sciencey person, so I'll leave that to someone else, but yeh: the way the company behaves is enough of a reason for me not to drink it...

    But that really only applies to the coca cola company and perhaps pepsi and similar companies. How about Fentimans, for instance?


    I really can't imagine drinking caffeinated syrup can be especially good for you. I wouldn't touch it. Or any other fizzy drink for that matter.

    But is it especially bad? People often warn me off coke but are happy to drink other soft drinks which I personally would consider to be far more unhealthy.


    My comment was about pregnancy, the rest you can argue among yourselves :D

    You did pass comment on coke generally but yeah, I'm looking for a general answer really - it doesn't have to come from you. Just wondered why people are so happy to lampoon coke when it seems like the least unhealthy option when it comes to fizzy drinks.

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    Not quite as bad as diet coke (aspartame = bad for you), but yeah... sugary caffeinated crap that's in no way good for you. So why drink it?

    Well, it was originally developed as a tonic for the stomach so that seems like a reasonable reason to drink it. Also, I don't see that there is a problem in indulging in sugary products, so long as one doesn't overdo it or make it a regular habit. We all need a quick burst of energy some times and coke is, in some ways, a better alternative to products marketed specifically as "sports drinks".

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    Ethical and general health issues aside, it's full of caffeine which is not good while you're pregnant.

    If you're talking about the general way that the company behaves then, sure. And yeah, I'm sure you're right about the pregnancy stuff. Thats why I thought it'd be better to start a new thread on the topic. I'm looking for more general information as so why coke is bad for the health because I'm told it alot but no one can seem to substaniate it.

    Quote from Perthite

    got pretty much the same bollocks as diet coke no? and a world of sugar.

    Which is...?
    I'm pretty sure that diet coke is only nasty because it's full of sweetners, hmm?

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    I really, really wouldn't recommend drinking coke whilst you're pregnant (or at any time!) though it's definitely true that flat coke helps settle your stomach... but so does flat ginger beer, and that's nowhere near as bad for you.

    So... whats wrong with (non-diet) coke?

    Quote from helicopter

    Where is her social responsibility - to the society that pays her wages ??

    It doesn't come out of your tax money :rolleyes:

    I'm inclined to believe that our drug laws are, well, wrong and also that we wouldn't have some of the greatest music around today if it wasn't for drug (ab)use.

    Whilst I'm not condoning her behaviour, I don't think that drugs are the problem - they're the symptom. If we just attack her drug abuse then she'll just look for another way to escape. The real issue here is the way that the media treats people in the spotlight - and they don't do it for a laugh - they're well aware that people will happily buy magazines for this kind of material. I guess then that it's just a symptom of society at the moment. Until the attitudes of people change, this kind of thing is going to be a recurring problem.

    Quote from Owl Knees

    John! Remember me?? :D Long time no speak.

    Heya hun, 's been a while :waves:


    And thanks for the suggestion - Wanna share yours? :p

    Now, now, I'm hardly about to start selling class A drugs over the internet :angel: (also I'm all out of 'em ;) )

    But, uh, you could have a look somewhere like here if you were interested in... uh... doing some ... research :whistle:

    Despite being one of the more sceptical on this site (;)) I'd say that yeah, I think we're all a bit "psychic" although I'm more likely to put it down to things other than "the gift". I used to know when my ex was about to call - not just I'd be thinking about her and then she'd call but I'd think "Oh, I think she is about to call" and I'd get up and be halfway to the phone before it'd start to ring. Even to this day I sometimes just know when things are up with her... even when we haven't spoken in a fair while. So yeah, I reckon that we're "psychic" to a degree. But I dunno... I'm more inclined towards more rational explanations than just "psychic".

    I'm aware that I might get lynched for this suggestion but...

    Both LSD and Magic Mushrooms, when taken at doses below recreational (ie non-hallucinagenic) levels, are meant to be highly effective at migraine reduction. One dose can keep a person migraine free for several months. I personally have noticed that my infrequent use of psychedelic drugs has lowered my number of migraines to almost zero when before it was a recurring issue.

    There are actually a legal (but considerably less effective) medicine based upon this action - Methysergide.

    Some links on the subject:…/mushrooms_medical1.shtml

    There are some excellent links on the second website if you're interested.

    If you're uncomfortable with the idea of taking an illegal psychedelic drug for your migraines then you could consider asking your doctor about methysergide. Good luck

    Quote from muffy1956

    Good point. Back in the 60s, America saw itself as progressive and a champion of democracy. Perhaps that was simply what we were being fed as Americans. All I know is that I would rather be here...

    What, when they were attacking vietnam? I guess the media machine was just more effective back then.

    Quote from Katie18

    yes they know how to stab and shoot people really but they wouldnt teach the kids that they'd teach the kids to be respectful and stop them acting like animals but then again i dont know any animal that goes around attacking others for no reason

    I've never met one of these kids who "act like animals". What I have met is lots of kids with dodgy home lives or nothing to do because the council hasn't provided them with any youth activities or kids who've fallen in with bad company or kids who're bored because the school curriculum is a bad joke and they'd rather be doing something with their hands rather than media studies or whatever. I don't think the problem is that teachers don't treat children like members of the nazi youth - I'm more inclined to think it's a deeper problem within society that is causing our problems - and that turning schools into barracks isn't going to fix those problems.

    Quote from pteroophia

    riding lands end to john o groats

    On what?

    Hopefully Small World (x2) , Sunrise, Big Chill. Mebbe Canada, mebbe Europe - we shall see :)