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    Hmm, this seems to me to be more about the nature of spirituality than the nature of drugs (and their (ab)use).

    The spiritual experience is a profoundly personal one and I don't think that anyone has the right to tell another that their experience is true or false; people find their spirituality in remarkable places. I'd also say that there are many, many methods that people have developed in order to obtain the spiritual experience and to allow others to experience it (yoga, mediation, prayers, hymns, chanting, imagery and drugs, to name a few) but I believe that these are just tools that can help people to achieve the spiritual experience and are not a reflection on the experience itself. Also, not everything works for everyone; I found yoga to be sweaty and unpleasant but other people find it a transcendental experience; each to their own.

    It's also probably relevant to point out that almost every religion has, historically at least, used drugs to bring on a spiritual experience.
    Examples... the use of Fly Agaric by early Christianity, the use of Peyote within North American traditions, the use of the Solanaceae family of plants within western pagan tradition, the use of Fly Agaric within Siberian shamanic tradition, the use of Ayahuasca within South American shamanic traditions, the use of psilocybe mushrooms within various shamanic traditions throughout the world, the use of Ibogaine within African shamanic tradition, the use of Tobacco within various American traditions, the use of Fly Agaric within the early Hindu traditions... I'm sure there are many, many more examples; those are just off the top of my head.

    So that covers every continent in the world besides Australia and Antarctica... which suggests to me that drugs are a fairly normal way for humans to bring on the spiritual experience and are no less valid than any other tradition.

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    Denying women the right to have children would be too great a crime - it's a fundamental freedom

    On the other hand, the freedom to have unlimited children comes with the freedom to starve to death when there is no food left/run out of fresh water/run out of energy/live off soylent green/whatever. Whilst I don't have any solutions, I would say that absolute freedom is rarely a good thing and that decisions based around hormones aren't always the best ones...

    Overpopulation... Britain is overpopulated because if we weren't screwing third world countries then we wouldn't be able to support ourselves with regards to food and energy, same goes for other "developed" countries... we've discovered how to get around natural systems of population control (predation, starvation, disease, disaster) and we can hardly renew them with a clear conscience so if we want to survive then population control is really the only option - however we choose to go about it.

    Thief Of Time is excellent... Lords and Ladies is a classic... Night Watch is very good... as is The Truth and, and, and... loads. There are loads of great books... I think you'll have to find your personal favourites :)

    They're fun. Not awesome but good fun still. And they're fairly easy to prepare... my approach is crush 'em, soak 'em, drink the liquid, throw away the seeds. Not that I'd recommend doing that, obviously... My friends take them with pills and seem to enjoy it. *shrug*

    I've pretty much taught myself to work in both reasonably well (helps with communication with the older generation ;) ) but metric is definately a better system - it just fits in better with the way people think. Same reason we use a denary system for counting and not octal or hexadecimal or something - I'm pretty certain the whole thing ties into the fact that we have 10 fingers... we've evolved certain ways of mathematical thinking based upon that.

    Erm, multiple meanings (like most British words :) )
    It can be:
    Small pieces of wood
    An offensive word for homosexuals
    A pork meatball.

    Apparently it's also a measurement for wood and a metalworking technique but I've never come across those.

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    I may have to look into Vlad and see if anything in the history brings back feelings or something.

    I looked into Vlad, actually, and now I rather wish I hadn't... what he did to people... :vomit:

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    Thats great people have the right to buy her music and she has the right to sell it, but I dont see what right she has to be publicised ? If your drug problem causes a problem in society then you are a problem. Her drug problem is a problem for society because the vast majority of parents do not wish their children to get a mixed message that drug taking and addiction is rewarded with a glamorous lifestyle of fame and fortune. Also they want some social responsibility from her since not all crack and heroin addicts are able to afford their addiction and end up robbing and killing people just to get the drugs.
    It isnt true that her lifestyle is her affair since her seeking publicity means she makes her lifestyle a public affair. Since the majority of people who pay the BBC license fee object to social irresponsibility they would be within their right to demand that the BBC do nothing to publicise her until she cleans up

    You think she asks to be plastered all over the papers? :rolleyes:

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    Ask anyone who has a debilitating illness that prevents them from walking what the problem is and they will tell you "I cant walk properly" and yet that is a symptom not the problem (at least if you look at it from the outside).

    Context, surely? If you ask a person what the problem is then they may well respond that they can't walk properly but if you ask why then you'll get the cause of that and maybe you could ask why again and get the cause of that and so on... until you can get to a point where you can say "yes, if I fix this then that will help everyone who suffers from that".


    A symptom is merely an effect. How can you say what is a symptom and what is a cause?

    I use my own judgement...


    It's absurd to say that drugs dont cause harm in society. Thats like saying "guns dont kill people, people do" well I have to tell you - it wasnt the bullet that killed him, it was the hole ! hahahahaha

    Umm........ :eek:

    How about skank?
    Skanking - a kinda dance used for ska/reggae (and as a type of walk when you're a hippy nutjob)
    To skank - to dance the dance
    To be skanked - to be conned/ripped off/whatever you yanks say ;)
    Skanky - gross
    A skank - an ugly woman

    ...Or do you have that over there?

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    Thanks, Perhite for the help with Edinburg and the poo thing LOL
    Ok...don't laugh too hard...well ok if ya really wanna. Awe Loch where suposedly the Lochness monster thing is?

    Nah, thats Loch Ness ;)

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    you realise me and john are going to be scanning films from now on trying to guess who you are (and we'll probably both fail miserably)

    We need Power_13 on our side! He has far too much much time on his hands for projects like this :D


    although we know you're not jessica simpson because she's a complete retard!

    Careful, mate, dangerous territory... you could be insulting another regular and not know it :insane:

    I'd say I'm a blend of my family but not necessarily my parents. There are definately some aspects of my personality that I think probably come from further up the tree. And, as Perthite says, I'm a lot more like my parents were at my age than how they are now...