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    Didnt have lez when we were there. Their business would be hard hit if now in lez. I seriously doubt it is, being in far SW suburb surrounded by water, barges/houseboats, a large new age travellers' site and a wintertime showmen's park up. Their website should have this info. Toby.

    Dutch folk friendly/helpful too, and mostly are able to speak English too; just as well cos their own language is double Dutch to me......... Sorry, couldn't resist that one.... !!!! Love Amsterdam, lovely site called "Camping Zeeburg", a bit like one of the last hippy crossroads of the world, with lovely freshly baked bagels each morning. Toby.

    If you can, purchase the "Camperstop Europe" book which lists most of the Aires of 17 countries in Europe. Published by Vicarious Books, this is invaluable including as it does the coordinates and info for every one of them. If you can put these coordinates into a sat nav it'll be extremely helpful, taking away the stress of directions and leaving you to concentrate on the road. The motorway identification numbers have been changed in the recent past, hence they can have 2 or 3 numbers each...... Enter the sat nav.... Toby.

    The only real concern I've had my m8 is when vehicles joining the road or roundabout have right of way over you; fortunately the signage on the joining road is usually visible with the "Cedez le passage"sign prominent. Be aware that when entering a named village/town that the speed limit commences from that sign until you pass another sign as you leave the settlement with a cross through the name. Stick to 30 mph in these places except where the signage decreases it further still. This will be clear to you. You will be surprised to find these places seemingly deserted by the human race, I've not yet managed to work out where everyone is!! The toll motorways will get you around much quicker but are exorbitantly expensive. If your vehicle is deemed to be a truck, they'll try and charge you as class 4 instead of class 2. Simply being over 3 metres high can cause this and you'll be charged, I think, twice the fee. This has happened to us. Most tolls (peages) are unmanned which does not help....

    Alll of this refers to France, btw. We've found the French folk to be really welcoming, friendly and helpful. Ensure before departure that you have the relevant crit-air sticker on your windscreen in case you stray into one of their low emission zones. Off the top of my head these are Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyons, the last of which includes part of the passing motorway network; there may well be more by now. Two places we avoid like the plague are Paris and Calais. Every settlement has its campervan/Moho park and many are free, just follow signs to the "Aire de camping car". Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, on here or pm. Fly or Languid will be able to offer more advice I'm sure. Keep on truckin' with Toby n Suzy Trux.

    Ours doesn't tell us to drive on the right, but the picture will show you in the right hand lane at junctions and roundabouts. It has not been a problem; you just find yourself thinking "right hand lane". However, single track roads can be a problem for some who automatically pull over to the left to allow others to pass. Toby.

    Being an ex-long distance trucker (keep on trucking), I have a reputation for being a walking sat nav; I only ever use one

    when we're in mainland Europe where they are invaluable. Apart from the Florence area, that is... But those are other stories.... Keep on doing it with Toby n Suzy Trux.

    I thoroughly agree with NRT' s comments above re OCD washing/showers etc. I bath and wash my hair using only hot water about every 6 weeks or so, and have no problems, even during this "heatwave" the media is so excited by; I'm loving it too mind!!!! I am really turned off by the "really need a shower" culture. But then, I'm really turned off by most modern culture...... ⛄?☠️☮️. Toby Trux.

    Many spots, just turn up n drive around. Some car parks are closed at night, but what a pleasant place to be locked in, eh! If you're out of sight you may get away with it. Many other spots though. Beware of the wild boar though, you could wake up in the equivalent of a ploughed field..... Keep on truckin' with Toby n Suzy Trux.

    Check out elderly hymers, they age well with their classy German pedigree. All good but go for Mercedes if you can. Our old one is up for sale with Stewart Moulands of Peacehaven near Brighton; they didn't pay us anything like that for it. They wont sell it with that poor advertisement either. Doesn't mention 175 watts of solar panel feeding 2 110 ah leisure batts, underslung LPG tank, undersealing, 4 speaker dab stereo etc. Toby Trux.