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    Couldn't find a post started by itinerant child about living in a yurt so it must have been someone else's thread and he posted in it, so it could have been about anything. In other words I'm no help plus...

    Itinerant Child was living in a Yurt on his own woodland, but that was in France. Don't know how different the rules are over there.

    sorry FitzChivalry.

    I seem to remember reading something that itinerant child had writen about living in a yurt, but I can't remember if it was a thread he started or posted in. Does anyone else remember? Maybe you can shed some light on it, my memory not clear enough. I'll see it I can find it for you FitzChivalry, not really sure what I'm looking for.

    Itinerant Child will definately fill you in but I seem to also remember that he was going back to France for winter as was going to be off line.

    Mama bee, are you looking for "a job" or a job in a specific field? The reason I ask is, I work as a support worker. Organisations offering support are always looking for people of all ages, races etc etc because they like to have staff who are as diverse as the clients they support. Don't know if it's something you've thought of. The pay isn't great but it's very rewarding work.

    No worries Ms x :) Er well i give you the dignty of your opinion, i didn t really mean the sheep was evil it sort of was a conjured up view i got in my head when i was laid on the ground with my knee all twisted and yes i did swear at the blumin thing, it was cornered and we were gathering in to count up and check welfare etc, and then the dam dog moved i went to catch slipped and the bloody thing just charged at my knee crunch oww that hurt a lot, as a family we all love animals wheras some farms just look at them as units etc but my mum has always looked at them with there own personalities a lot are a bit silly some are tame some are wild as hell, just like people i guess. To be fair i think i like sheep better than anything really. they just seem more natural somehow.

    I must admit I like sheep too. We're get some neighbours who are a right shower of *******. They fell out with us (long boring story) and about a week later got a pet lamb, now a sheep. They called her Jane, which is my name. I think they thought I would be offended by this. Just shows how little we have in common with them. Most days I call Jane over (have a chat ) and give her a slice of bread or an apple. She's absolutely lovely and so friendly and always comes for her name, lol

    some are just dammed evil one went for my knee once on the moors when i was trying to catch it

    I don't believe any animal can be evil or cruel or sly. It's humans who can be evil and all these negative words. Animals are just being animals. The sheep that tried to butt your knee was no doubt defending itself. It didn't want to be caught. Someone once told me their neighbours cat was a "bitch", like a cat knows what bitchyness is. We humans often project human characteristics onto animals to justify our negative judgements/treatments of them. Take a fox, it'll break into a chicken coop kill a load of chickens and leave them uneaten. We say this is sly and evil but foxes kill prey and leave it to return to at a later date. Only thing is we've removed the carcasses, for obvious reasons and are unset because obviously we get attached to "our" animals. And the fox is hated for being a fox. Generally animals that are useful in helping us are seen as good, horses, dogs etc but an animal that we didn't manage to domesticate is somwhow bad. That's how I see it anyway.

    By the way that wasn't all aimed at you gee. I was just saying it to whoever.

    I'm terrible at looking after myself in a pampering way. I find it incredibly difficult to spend money on myself, even when I'm given money or vouchers as a gift from someone else! I feel like if I don't "need" a thing it's somehow wasteful and undeserved.

    It's virtually impossible not to judge people by their appearance because we all have built in prejudices. If you dressed the same person in two differant outfits. One in branded hoodie, tracky bottoms and branded trainers with very short hair and then again in colourful shirt, heavy cottom trousers and long hair. Most people, if not all (if you are truely honest) would pursieve the same person in two differant ways. Depending on who you are, you will find one outfit more appealing than the other or you could be repelled by both, preferring a suit, shirt & tie, leathers or whatever. The thing is to feel comfortable in yourself and dress in what makes you comfortable. If you are concerned with "fitting in" then dress to "fit in". Clothes are only there to keep us warm. I don't dress either fashionably or alternative. It's what is inside a person that matters not what they wear or how they wear their hair. To dress in a "style" you have to be comfortable in it. Neyni you've made a discission to cut your hair to feel more accepted it sounds like it's worked for you, I'm glad. We're all different, embrace it.