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    Agghhh! now I'm even more confused! :panic:lol. I was just going to go as a man so I can just draw on a moustache...easy ;) Have fun at The Green Gathering!

    Go as whoever/whatever you like please don't let me put you off going as a man, it's just my person taste in fancydress outfits (not that I'm a connoisseur). Thanks for the good wishes for TGG, looking forward to it but not as much as Shambala:)

    Yay :clap:, my other half has managed to get the Thursday off work and I'm finishing at 2.45pm that day so we can head down Thursday after all. Should only take us about 5 hours and we get an extra nights fun.

    We collected them last night and put them in their coop as it was late. This morning they happily started making themselves at home. I got home from work about 3.30pm and there was 3 eggs in the nest box! :)

    So, now we've just got to give them plenty of TLC until they put their feathers on. The woman who rescued them said the reason they are so poorly feathered is because in the commercial farms stack them in cages 3 high. Those on top have the most feathers in the middle have less and those on the bottom has least of all because their poo is caustic and it burns the feathers off. The poor birds at the bottom get it dropping on them, how horrible.:(

    Got back home after a long weekend working away and my tickets were waiting. :clap: Thankfully I get paid just before TGG cos I'm majorly skint at the moment, so I can get some ciders in, then it'll be Monmouth here I come.

    I like the "things" people go as best, if you get my meaning. The Carola crayons, who go year after year always make me smile, there was some wind turbines the other year and a jar of Marmite that caught my eye. But I guess you'd either love it or hate it :whistle:. There is a random word generator which might give you ideas…mWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx Whatever you decide on it'll be fun. Really looking forward to it, got the Green Gathering the week after next first though.

    Well I'm certainly looking forward to it. Only a couple of weeks to go, unfortunately we can't get there until the Friday due to work but we're planning on setting off very early Fri morning so that we get as much time there as possible. Just waiting on the tickets now, then the excitement will rise :D

    I've been thowing snails and slugs into the field next to our house for years. I really hope Beachcomber is wrong or it's probably the same ones!! But moving them elsewhere seems the most humane way to me. Thankfully I haven't had any problems from bigger pests such as rats (as I've got 2 cats) but I know all my neighbours have.

    any more line up info????or on things happening,what food,fancy dress theme type thingy the websites still a bit vague,still got june as latest news.

    The website is poor, if they updated it regularly and had it designed better it might help with ticket sales. But to be fair it is the first one and they've probably got more pressing things to do. If they manage to put it on again next year they'd be well advised to sort the website out.

    [please do not post the same link in multiple forums]

    Oh, and I already moved one thread to the correct place - please be more careful in future.

    This forum is for physical protests, not petitions.

    I will, it'll be sometime during this next week all being well :) As for getting dark it's probably around 10ish so hopefully it shouldn't effect us. I'm getting quite excited now, been doing a bit more reading and not feeling as nervious. Went and bought some food for them earlier. My main concern now is I just read something which says foxes are good climbers. We made the run big enough so we can walk in there and originally it was going to have a mesh roof, then we saw that they don't like too much sun so we put shading cloth on top instead. But obviously that wont keep a fox out. So, I think we need to maybe have a rethink before they come.

    For the night owls like Da-renn, Weirdigans will be open into the wee hours (in fact, we'll be open 24-hours-a-day so long as we have customers), so the meeting people and drinking chai and probably a bit of acoustic music will be happening way after the main bar and stages shut down.

    Sounds good to me

    I'm so glad she's okay. I got quite intrigued, it sounded horrible for the poor thing. I hope we'll be good carers for ours when they come. We both love animals and we always take the care of any animals we're responsible for seriously but to be honest I'm a little nervious. The main reason we're taking them is because they've obviously had a shitty life as battery hens. Years ago (thankfully it is a long long time ago) I used to just buy eggs without thinking of were they came from. The thought that I am in part responsible for the sort of conditions that battery hens have had to endure sickens me. So, if we can offer a happy life to 3 hens it's the least we can do.

    Thank you for the offer of advice leo-saphira I'll definately take you up on the offer.

    Beachcomber, I hope ours don't want to go to bed at 11pm because it'll mean staying up for them!

    What happened? I was just reading this thread because we're getting 3 chickens in a couple of weeks (our first ever) and I want to look after them properly. If looked like you'd sorted it for her but was she okay?

    Ecowatcher that sounds cool.

    moo-moo are you up for the fancydress?

    Isn't is great when the parade arrives at the main stage and you're in the middle of a huge crowd of smiling faces all in fancydress, I love it!

    They haven't anounced one yet and they don't always but when they do it's usually something that encompasses practically everything like Fact or Fiction. Whether they do come up with a theme title or not I'm working on being a Grandfather clock because we had a load of cardboard laying about and it's an easy thing to make. Last year I was a Men at Work road sign. Will you be joining in with the fancydress?

    I love cats, there something about them that draws me too them. If I see a cat when I'm out and about I always try to entice it to me so I can stoke it. I like animals in general but cats are somehow differant, special. Maybe it's because they are independent yet affectionate. You can always see the "wild" animal within a cat yet it can be loyal and loving it's no wonder the ancient Egyptians worshipped them.

    Those photo's were so cute. We are in the process of making a chicken run cos we are rehoming 3 ex battery chickens in about 2 weeks. Neither me or Mr Xray have any experience of looking after chickens but we've been reading up and to be honest I'm not worried if we don't get many eggs we just wanted to offer a proper home to the poor birds. Anyway, now I know there's some eggsperts (:ocouldn't resist) here, hope you wont mind if I need to pick your brains.

    We've already eaten some cougettes, radish, salad leaves, stawberries, garlic and black currants. Got brocoli, spuds (just need to digs em out), red onions, celery, toms, peppers & cucumbers still on the go. I planted some red currant canes the last year and there are now some looking nearly ready. Might sound like an idiot (what's new) but they seen fairly tart do you have to cook them like black currants with sugar? I got them cos I thought you could eat them off the cane. Also my cucumber plant is poo this year not doing much at all.