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    You asked about alternative food rather than buying it especially. well when we were kids and money was tight. My mum always feed our cat on any leftover from dinner (probably she saved some of her own as opposed to it being really leftover) anyway she'd pour gravy on whatever it was and that's what it ate. I'm not sure how nutritious it would be though and if you are a veggie or vegan I don't think it would suit a cat.

    Thanks folks, we've still got grit left from the stuff I bought. Next time we're on one of the beaches we'll collect some shells for them. I had the wrong idea that the shells in the grit were for assisting in their eggshell making. Since they are only to help digestion I won't bother hunting for oystershells and I won't give them their own eggshells back either. mum had a dog who ate my sisters crayola crayons....totally unrelated to herbs like but, every time it went to the toilet it would be multi coloured, lol. Could'nt stop her doing it, she would see them on the floor in my sisters room and you would have to catch her quick because she would dive at them to wolf em down.....weird.


    Hello Hen Keepers,

    I'm just after a bit of advice. When we got our hens I bought some grit with oyster shell in it to help with the hardening of their eggshells. I've been thinking that it's ridiculous buying oystershells when we live on Anglesey with 100's of miles of coast line and millions of shells available free. What I'm wondering is would any seashell do or does it just have to be oystershell? Obviously it'll make the job of collecting shells so much easier if any will do. Also my partner thinks he's read or heard somewhere that you can use the shells from the eggs your birds lay in place of oystershells (just putting the shells in the oven to dry out/harden and then breaking them up). Has anyone heard of this or tried it?

    Any suggestions on things that can be used other then buying stuff will be gratefully received.

    I think we should have a UKHippy meet at Shambala since theres a few of us going now! :D

    Well, there's only 3 more sleeps til it all kicks off. Really looking forward to it, weather forcast's a bit up and down but that won't stop us having a ball. Does anyone fancy meeting up?

    I was talking to a few people about it at the Green Gathering last month, which brought it back to mind that I really must try it. I think one of the main reasons why I've not been yet is the distance from home. We live on Anglesey and it's a fair old treck for us.

    Unfortunately not this year Appy. It's one that I want to try (I've got a mental list of some I've got to try). I've heard really nice things about it, sounds like my sort of festy but after Shambala next week that's my festy season over.

    So glad you're a complete family again. Give them both a rub behind their ear and lots of strokes from me, they're lucky that your lifes crossed paths and your lucky too to know you were able to help them and give them a loving home. I love happy endings. Post some photo's please.

    Never made it to Pride as my other half did something to his leg and has been hubbling about. Thankfully it's on the mend now.

    Well only a fortnight to go now. I still haven't finished my fancydress outfit cos I keep doing a bit on it then forgetting about it. But it's 90% there now, if the weathers rubbish over the weekend I'll try and finish it off. Hope we get better weather this year after the mud last year. Can't help smiling when I think it's getting closer.

    Kateacosy, I went to SGP last year and thought there was plenty to see/do there but couldn't get my head around the ridiculous queues, bag searches and lack of diversity amongst the people there. Once was enough for me, must be even worse working it. Have to agree TGG had much much nicer chilled people there. Looks like tickets for next year will be on sale soon :o)

    This is my take on the gathering, music orienated, as clips of workshops don't tend to work very well.

    Had a great weekend at The Green Gathering last weekend. We've just decided to go to Liverpool Pride this Saturday, which has a "Summer of Love" theme (haven't a clue what to wear, I'll have to hit the charity shops on Friday). But best of all it's 3 weeks tomorrow til Shambala!!! Bring it on.

    Had a great time, got back a few hours ago and am now fed and shiney clean. It was lovely to meet pixoid al and Da Renn and so many other lovely people. I thought the site was lovely, pity it wasn't more flat as I'm not sure how less able-bodied people managed plus there only appeared to be one disabled access toilet on site. But that said fingers crossed for it going ahead again next year because I'm sure they'll have had feedback on disabled facilities and can get that improved.

    Yes, we've done everything possible including laying concrete slabs around the run so they can't dig in. It was one of our main concerns because we live in the countryside and you never know. We'd like to let them roam free but need to fence off the veg patch first and there are a couple of little gaps that will need sorting. So, it mightn't be until next spring but they've got plenty of room and must be in heaven compared to where they were.

    Looks like there's a late push on ticket sales TGG are saying "we’ve been taken by surprise by the amount of new bookings and enquiries by email and on the enquiry phone numbers". There's also been a new venue anounced Triban say they "will delight us all with their fab venue, sexy sound system, delicious cake and yummy posse." Largo Embargo will be playing there on Saturday. To cap it all the weather forcast is looking gooooood! :panic:

    I think the boss is turning into "Captain Beaky". Captain cos she's in charge and beaky cos she pecks at your feet and legs whenever you go in the run. Can anyone recommend something that we can use to put treats/scraps in to keep it off the floor (something that'll take wet food as well as dry). We've bought a proper feeder for their food but I don't really want to have to buy a second one just for the odd treat, plus I don't think it would be suitable for greens or wet food. I like to reuse and recycle so I'm hoping someone can suggest something that we might already have. Did think that maybe a large plastic milk bottle cut lenghways could work but it would need to be weighed down in someway to stop it getting kicked over. As I writing this a peice of gutter with ends blocked has just come to mind but we've only got plastic.