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    I got a wonder washer from a charity shop, looks a bit like that. I use ecoballs in mine so no need to rinse the clothes after washing em. I paid £4.50 - £2 a bargain yay :)

    I live on a boat and don't have to lie at all.......but it is difficult not having an address, I use my mum's as a care of but she lives in Kent and I'm in Staffordshire at the mo lol. I've just started a new job with the local council and they have been fab - they understand that I will move on and said I can have the job for as long as I want it. I cycle to work so having to moor on one stretch of waterway for a while is a problem but as long as I keep moving every few weeks should be ok, more of a problem in the summer than winter when we boaters tend to stay put Nov-March.

    I was feeling pretty rubbish when I was put on the work program but it helped me to gain confidence in myself and apply for jobs. I got a job too after going to group things, which was a nightmare for me at first as I didn't even want to mix with other people at the time. That was over a year ago and I haven't signed on since. Can't say what it's like in all parts of the country but Hinckley wasn't too bad they held job club each week with plenty of computers and help and the group things were small and the same people each time all in the same position as each other.

    Hope it goes well for the op:)

    This is a great thread I love charity shops and carboots too enjoying everyones pics - my bestest bargain was my pyrex carnaby pattern dinner service, plates, bowls, small bowls, gravy boat and saucer, sugar bowl and milk jug, butter dish with original 69p price ticket on, cups and saucers all for £6 from a charity shop. Will post a pic when I can. I love it and it's the same as we had when I was at home. It takes up loads of room on the boat but is used every day:)

    Charlie used to bring mice into the house and release them on a regular basis, total nightmare to catch! He was quite the little hunter. He also used to bring me loads of old sponges. God knows where he used to find them all, but there never seemed to be a lack of manky old sponges!

    Sponges lol, I've had no more mice because I now let jess out and make sure she's alone when she wants to come in again!:)

    it's sad when pets die, it's the only bad thing about having them:(

    My cat Jess brought a mouse in yesterday, she's was an indoor cat for 10 years until last year so when she started going out I didn't think she would. Yesterday I'm afraid I freaked - I love animals but I got it cornered but just couldn't do the catching bit. In the end jess killed it:eek: and a passer-by disposed of the corpse while I bravely stood on the bank.

    Jess is outside now just hope I don't get another present today.

    my favourite animal since I was little has been the horse - I always cry while watching the cavalcade at the HOYS when the horse poem is read out at the end, lovely animals. Have to say cat and dog too as mine are good company:)