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    [INDENT] Hi all,
    Well we're back again for the family friendly home ed camp at Pengraig farm.We'll be running again for 7 days,kicking off on the August bank holiday weekend.Last years event was a roaring success,brilliantly topped off by a set from the Nik Turner band on Saturday night.
    Here's a link to the updated website:-

    Keep checking back for updates of events and sessions,as ever we will have some surprizes up our collective sleeves :).

    Those of you who do facebook can also keep abreast of the latest info on these pages:-!/group.php?gid=45993853439!/event.php?eid=165659080118519!/event.php?eid=162779677097092

    Hope to see a few of you there x.

    We're running an intensive week of circus skills and theatre down in west wales,including fire circus,high wire masterclass and all sorts of interesting varied goodies.
    This week stems from the success of our WEHEC kids camp and will run 31st May until 5th June.
    Updated details and booking are available here :-

    Or for those of you on facebook


    That looks like the place, the derby clog looks like the ones I remember, anyone had a pair? The safety ones look too damn clumsy and I bet you can't drive in them, don't want to be putting on cold boots every morning! Thanks for the other links Jay, they look great, but not quite what I'm after, these look like proper blacksmiths clog dancing clogs! :D

    I've had a few pairs,although i haven't worn any for about 15 years.The high leg para boot type can be a bit like i would imagine an old pair of calipers to feel,very restrictive as you have no ankle heel or sole movement.The lower derby type ones are pretty good once you get used to them.They are all quite difficult to drive in and i've always driven landrovers,can't imagine driving a car with normal pedal spacings in any of em.Walkleys make the best proper clogs though.I had at least 3 pairs off them in the 80's.

    My husband did that too!

    A lot of colleges (6th form) take home ed kids (also kids who have been out of school due to other issues such as long-term illness) for taking GCSEs, often from around age 14. The college I used to work at did this.

    A lot depends on how understanding the local collages are.Up here in north wales it`s virtually impossible to get into anywhere as an external candidate even if you offer to pay.The only way has been to wait until 16,get a collage place for a foundation year by interview and do it that way.I know a few who have and it`s all worked out fine.Others have paid to sit external exams in England and it works out very expensive indeed.Would have been an awful lot easier without uncooperative people and their welsh language agendas though :)

    Must admit that i don`t know a lot about the new legislation concerning free schools.Hopefully it will be easier than it used to be!The home ed group i`m involved in running looked at the small school route a few years ago and we ran a mile.There was so much red tape and hoop jumping that it really felt like your decision making as a home educator would be pretty much wiped out.
    A lot of people worry about social interaction on the home ed circuit,it really isn`t a concern as there so many people doing it and support groups at local and national level a plenty.
    This is quite a good home ed link for groups,although it`s by no means complete.

    West Yorkshire has a pretty strong home ed circuit so you might be able to find some info locally,the west yorkshire home ed group has a link within the link above.Some areas of the country are better than others,it`s pretty easy to find out which are best/most supportive with a couple of days on the internet.
    Gloucestershire,Somerset,Lancs/West Yorks,Leicestershire and Brighton spring to mind.
    Good luck with it all :).

    I help to organize this

    Although i wouldn`t strictly class it as a festival we get a lot of kids with autism and are very used to dealing with all that it entails,as most of us involved in running it have a lot of experience of kids outside the standard education system.
    This year will have more of a festival vibe for the final weekend,it`s never crowded and we intend to keep it that way,there`s the opportunity to get involved in the sessions or just take off around the local countryside if you need a break.

    I had a friend who had a fire engine with a rolls engine and an auto gearbox in the late 80`s and he swore blind that it cost him a fiver in fuel when he left the engine running at a cash point!!!!!!!!!!

    Good bit of engineering work to get him up the last leg home,you need to invest in one of those ex army mobile pontoon/bridge units next methinks:D.

    That is truly awesome,did you get him up the hill ok? Is someone going to have to leave home to make way,don`t forget i have loads of interior bits if you need them,just shout up.:)

    Totally agree with using hay,if it`s dry when i cut the grass we collect it into dumpy bags and use that and it works really well.Course straw just fills the loo up,did that once because we had nothing else and ended up having to open up the pit and get it out.
    If i had access to a small tractor i`d use the plastic tank system like you have on the disabled access compost loo,take them away and empty them into a clamp to rot down.:)

    I`ve built a few now of different designs,it`s a subject that can go on forever as there are different designs,different ways of managing them and cost can vary widely.Range from a `bucket and chuckit` system which is cheap to build but needs emptying often and can smell,to a system involving 1000 litre plastic tanks to collect the waste which is the most expensive option and needs a tractor to empty them.The one i have at home is a simple hole in the ground one which i can only get away with because my water table is so low.I just lime it at the end of the summer and let it rot down ready for next year.It`s only really there to save my tiny septic tank getting full.
    It really depends on where you want to site it,how often you`re going to use it and whether you want to process the waste into compost or not.:)

    Firstly i posted that to support a friend:D

    Secondly it wasn`t meant to be patronizing in the slightest.

    Thirdly it seems to me that you are hell bent on having an arguement about any minor issue.I still think articles such as this can empower people to challenge the system in various ways,even if they only serve to highten people`s awareness of a situation.

    I`m not in the slightest bit interested in arguing the toss with you and disecting every comment made so will say no more.:insane:

    Don`t know why ya just don`t give up Kev!
    I think it`s important to bring these details to peoples attention in the hope that it may allow some to empower themselves against the system and from what i can gather links such as these and some other sites are doing just that,helping people to wake up to the fact that they are being taken for a ride unecessarily in many different ways.The majority of people are always going to accept the system as it is,they don`t actually want to wake up.
    At the end of the day it doesn`t matter whether council tax has been proved illegal or not, the cases in point just highlight that you can not pay it if you approach the local authorities in the correct way.x

    Currently nothing is compulsary.You don`t have to register your kids with anybody if you choose not too,although if they`ve been to school and withdrawn then you`re still gonna be on the lea`s books and they tend to do follow up visits.It depends a great deal on who your local authority is as to how much interest they take in home educated kids.All the law says at the moment is that kids must recieve and education suitable to their age and ability at school or otherwise.This may change in England but for the time being the status quo applies and we are responsible for our own kids education,whether we choose to do it at home or not.
    Exams can be a tricky one depending again on the attitude of local educational establishments.Up here in north wales it is nigh on impossible to get any institution to take home ed kids as external candidates at any level,correspondance courses are fine until you hit the barrier of science practicals and the like.There are other options available but they are very expensive indeed.Some community education groups now offer ucas points on their qualifications which is a bit of an untapped resource.My daughter goes to a community drama group and could well have enough ucas points for degree entry if she goes through the exam pattern till 18 (without the need for gcses or anything else).
    Lastly,i`ve found that it`s the mutual support of a good group of commited HE families that makes life so much easier,we`re lucky up here that we have a very large group of very commited people who pull together to make it work,some are even lobbying the welsh assembly over the issue of exams at the moment.x

    If it was mine i would board over the matting as it`s great for soundproofing and stops all the rattles and axle noise echoing around in the back and driving you nuts.I put one of those under the floor of my landrover ambulance and it made a massive difference.

    You`re much less likely to come under the spotlight if your kids have never been registered,but the government are putting together a register of kids not recieving education at the moment(details collected from register of births),so we will have to see what happens.I advise home ed families for education otherwise (and not) about home ed generally and in my experience it is often better to build a relationship with your local LEA when de registering your kids,even though you have no legal obligation to.In reality they are only interested in fulfilling their legal obligations to check that your`re looking after your kids ok educationally which is almost always the case with people who choose to home ed anyway.:D

    The sonic repellers are easy enough to get.They do drive some dogs nuts though,and you can`t just switch them off either or the rats just come back.These are the type of thing.…A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318

    I don`t like killing anything but rats are a menace as far as i can see,i don`t even let them go from the live traps as it is only causing a problem for somebody else.Mice are a completely different matter.

    I would be far more worried about this

    Even though it`s highly unlikely to be an issue with rats in a building,the very possibility of it with kids around is not good.I remember a few years ago deciding to lay off the poison for a few weeks and we were totally overrun with them in no time at all:(.

    You could try some of those sonic plug ins Claire they`re not massivly expensive if they do cause problems.As was said in another post though you`ll need to find out were they got in and block it up once you`ve got rid of them.They follow each others urine trails which is like a giant rat signpost leading them to you.

    Yeah Claire sounds like rats.You also need to make sure the dogs boosters are up to date with rats around as a rat bite can be very serious for a dog otherwise.(Make sure their leptospirosis is up to date.)Most dogs don`t go for rat poison but I always make very sure it`s out of the way of all animals except the rats!You usually have results in 3-4 days with the modern poisons available from farmers shops and the like.Don`t know why they`re not going for the traps though.I use jam on traps and bird seed or peanuts in the live traps and it always seems to work fine.Another old fashioned trick is to put out flour mixed with plaster of paris but it`s a cruel way to go (the plaster sets like a rock in their stomachs!)Again you have to keep it away from all other animals as it has the same effect.The only upside is that you aren`t risking your ecosystem with nasty poisons.
    See ya,Nick x.

    want to be sure its rats tho.. does anyone know what GLis Glis poo looks like?;)

    If they`re sort of oval and the size of a raisin then it`s rats.If they`re kind of curly like a spiral then it could be stoats.We had scuttling in the attic and that was a family of stoats which kept the rats well away.

    When we got them in the house we ultimately had to poison them,having tried everything else.I trap them in live traps out in the barns and can cope with that but once they`re in the house............The smell of success is not good though!You can also try sticky traps but i`ve only had limited success with those with rats.They`re like really sticky pads that they stick to and can`t move but then you`re left with a very angry rat stuck to a pad!Other than that you could invest in an ultra sonic repeller but i`ve known those upset dogs(not always but sometimes!)
    Good luck,it`s horrible.x

    I suggest midnight blue with a blue beacon(i`ve got a spare blue beacon)Could have wonderful fun with that.:D

    I still don`t reckon it`s ugly.Given 6 wheel drive and a 6 inch lift you`d have a pitzgauer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    :D Yeah I wasn`t being 100% serious in that 2nd post,just brough back a memory that made me giggle.Good luck with it though,if you need any specific detailed advice ask and I`ll let you have it.:waves: