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    Quote from aarghapanda

    Swansea was also Keith Moon's last proper gig with the band. My mum's partner was there.

    Dunno what it is with Wales, the Eagles played their last ever gig here :eek:

    saw the who at swansea football ground ('76 i think) with s.a.h.b. and a load of others, what a gig. the who were brill!!:insane:

    being a bit of a strict veggie, i always read the packets etc (veggie sign)
    if it hasn't got it on, i don't buy it.
    but what about chocolate bars...e.g. mars, galaxy, topic, fudge bars etc etc. does anyone out there have any info, lists, etc, of what is veggie.
    help!! i love chocky. (and other sweets):p

    Quote from Dharmamillo

    pheweymejoadie, Boinging indeed!!!

    Just arrived back on planet Earth.
    What a gig!! Granted I was aided in my cosmic odyssey by the finest peak district psilocybin crop but what a journey! I was fully entwined in nebulaic hubble space telescope backdrops to the song 'infinity' and stared in gawping wonder as flourescent creatures of goblinaic and pixie forms danced in slow motion on stage during many aural cascades of musicological ticklage such as Assasin's of Allah. Then there was a nerve tingling, bone jiggling, mind blasting finale with motorhead, among other classics. FANFUCKINTASTIC!!!

    I be a happy fella !!!!

    seems like you must of had as good a nite as we did, i thought they were the bizz:hippy:

    Quote from uma

    Hey hun-I wasn't intending my comment to be harsh in any way-its a beautiful painting, I just thought you might like to know. I have spent a lot of time at Callanish-my family are from Lewis(yup have about a hundred cousins, uncles, aunts, etc etc still living there) and my mum went to school there. So I've been going up from the age of 0 untill now :)
    I don't think that there would have been trees there that long ago either-its a barren landscape because of the ice age and prior to that I'm not sure, but any trees on the island have had to be planted.

    I do suggest you make a trip up, its a very special place, if not getting a bit too conmercialised for my liking now.....:rolleyes:

    Again sorry if I caused you any offence, none was meant!

    hey, no worries. this is just my style. i've done a few stonehenge as well. i just think the trees sort of frame the main scene.
    i'm a hippy, no offence taken.:happydanc
    luv 'n' peas:hippy:

    Quote from Stormypagan

    Artistic license :)

    i'll stick with artistic licence, (thanks), it's just a style that i have. also would there have been some trees there a thousand years ago? you may know more about this beautiful site. enlighten me.:waves:

    Quote from Stormypagan

    Wow that is beautiful... it is my favorite ancient site, it is so magical, and my sons middle name :)

    wow!!that is so cool. i've been to quite a few sites, even toured round scotland, but never had the pleasure of callanish (think i was still getting over castlerigg at the time) hope your son lives up to his name.
    glad you like the painting.:p

    saw the hawks last nite. seen 'em about 36 times since 1977 and i must say they were really good. they played some stuff i've never seen 'em play before, i'm not saying any more. if your thinking about goin' to see 'em, DO IT!:rockon: :drummer: :carrot:

    hiya rox, sorry to hear about your predicament. i've been to glasto 4 times, ( would have gone last year but couldnt get tickets ) and must say out of all the fests i've been to it has to be the safest and best organised of all the big fests.
    even if you go on your own, set up camp, within an 'our you will be friends with all the people round you, sittin round camp fires and havin a good time.
    goings not the hard thing, its just gitting the bloody tickets.
    any way just show this to your mom and PUGGY SAYS IT'S OK!!:hippy:

    good on ya hales, you will be surprised at all the vegi stuff out there.
    try holland & barrett (if there is one near you) they sell a whole range of stuff, vegi bacon, fish cakes, scampi, pies, bangers, vegi mince....... the list is endless. when i started about 20 years ago i lived on baked beans and mash for about the first month because there was nothing out there, then linda mccartney came along and saved the day.
    good luck.:thumbup: