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    Hello there :wave:

    The place as it is now probably hasn't changed much since you left... It went through a period of withdrawal for awhile, now it has re-emerged...

    Hiya :wave:

    You'll find there's a few folk on here from the Cambridge area.

    We're only a bit further away, to the West in sunny Northamptonshire.....:)

    I still do that with charity-shop jeans. Use them everyday in summer if out and about, then when they get a bit stained or worn they get used for jobs around the place or down the Shed (woodwork, etc), until they get holes in. When I can't put them on without putting my feet through I generally chuck 'em out or use for rag or compost. Rarely sew patches on now.

    I will buy used work trousers in good nick in charity shops, but for obvious reasons you don't see them often. They wear better than cheap cords, and are a bit warmer than jeans in winter.

    Wool is warmer next the skin than cotton, and doesn't make you cold if it gets wet, like cotton does. But some folk can't stand it: too itchy. Thin smooth wool garments don't bother me, but I draw the line at coarse wool next the skin.

    I tend to wear thin wool sweaters next the skin in really cold weather, makes for more warmth with less bulk. Wool doesn't smell like cotton or nylon after being worn for a few days. If it does eventually begin to whiff after several weeks, you can turn it inside out and hang it on a bush in the pale winter sunlight for a few hours, and it smells fresh again.....:whistle:

    I have cut the lower legs off old jeans, and using only the backs, sewn them on to patch other old jeans; sewing a big patch at the seams is more long-lasting than little patches over holes.

    Now I'm finding the sewing a bit of a drag, I often don't bother, as I can often pick up a hardly-used pair of decent jeans in charity shops for four or five quid. This time of year I tend to put the jeans away in favour of cords for colder weather.

    I hear from friends who've spent some years there that police in Germany rarely face knife-crime, hardly ever get spat at or sworn at, and command a certain respect.

    Same for Denmark, don't know about other European countries.

    Is this because they carry guns?

    I've repaired socks in the past, but only summer nylon ones which don't wear very quickly. A lot of modern socks only make polishing rags once they get holes in; not worth repairing.

    We've lost our local M&S; apparently they've been losing money with lots of folks buying online, so have closed a lot of their stores. Usually good stuff though, and I still look for the label in charity shops.

    I think I've discussed my underwear repairs on here before.... when the elastic gets too slack I take up about two inches (50mm) of the elastic waist and sew it close against the remainder. This takes them in nicely, and so long as they don't get crotch-rot, they're good for another year or so.:thumbup:

    One does feel that an avatar is a sort of reflection of the person concerned, in one aspect or another.

    But what of those who have no avatar, the ghostly ones?

    I have never felt the need to have an avatar, here or anywhere else. Any more than I have ever personally felt the need to wear a ring, or have a tattoo.

    The word means whatever you want it to mean at the time. It can be used in a derogatory or a praiseworthy fashion by different people in different situations, even when it's only based on appearances:

    "He never dresses smart; always got old clothes on, a bloody ol' hippy."

    "See him over there, that long-haired ol' hippy geezer, he'll help you, mate."

    Just two heard locally from personal experience at different times.

    But what is underneath is more of an attitude to life. Help where you can, and if you can't help, don't hinder. Not just people, but the planet and the eco-sphere generally. Live and let live as you like, and it harm none.

    Strategically, any small movement like XR, with limited facilities, has some similarities with a guerilla army.

    It has to concentrate its resources - (hopefully non-violently) - on specific targets. It has to assemble quickly, infiltrate or otherwise render helpless the target, stay for long enough to get maximum publicity without being broken up, and then de-assemble and vanish.

    Rather than scattered tactics here and there, blocking roads and generally getting up ordinary people's noses by preventing everyday work-life going on. It is imperative in any public rebellion to get the people who see you, the people around you, the general public, on your side, or at least have some agreement and sympathy with what you are doing.

    Don't agree? Tell me of those rebellions of any kind, anywhere in the world, anywhere in time, which succeeded without public backing and sympathy.

    Any if you hippies heard of AA?

    Yes, I bought a LED torch from them once; it was crap. The battery cover fell off, the torch rusted up the contacts inside so it stopped working until I fixed it, and it needed taping together to work. Shan't buy anything else from them.

    Their maps aren't bad though, so long as you buy cut price for a quid or two.

    I'm just happy to be here. And that my back is on the mend after about two months of somewhat painful daily existence, where even getting into bed was a trial, and getting out almost as bad.

    I'm happy that overall our Shed project is going well, and that we are now taking on some lonely partially-disabled people to encourage them to learn simple woodwork and make friends.

    I'm happy it's Autumn too, my favourite time of year.

    Happy that I'm retired, and don't have to work at some shit job.....:thumbup:

    I personally do feel that the XR people would be better employed directing their actions towards those big companies who are primarily responsible for global warming in one aspect or another, including manufacturing processes which lead to global warming, rather than inconveniencing the general public.

    The attention and bad publicity thus gained might go some way towards those companies wishing to be seen in a better light, and therefore taking some steps to reform their operations.

    To attempt to change the collective mind of right-wing governments by public demonstrations which mostly inconvenience the general public is largely wishful thinking, as such governments would not bring about legislation to curb anything which affected their capitalist wealth structure.

    Very true, NRT.

    We see this in the Shed; all the older folk have different real skills, and the younger ones don't, and need to be taught. The older women tell me the younger ones just don't know how to cook a boiled egg, even. I guess this is why so many pre-cooked meals are sold.

    Back in the 70's the local FOE group I was in ran a wholefood cooperative. All the stuff including cereals, was in sacks. You just weighed out a lb or a kilo of this or that into paper bags or carrier bags. Not a bloody packet in sight.

    Now if I ever go into wholefood stores every damn thing is in a little packet, and expensive.