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    Yes, done right, the slow cooker is good.

    We used to put one on early in the mornings before setting off for further-away markets, back in the day, and especially in Winter, and then, the joy of coming back home, and no waiting for supper!

    A glass of beer and a slow-cooker stew.....:):thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::)

    Funny you mentioned broken biscuits. At one time my old man worked at the Meredith & Drew biscuit warehouse in Stony Stratford, when we lived out that way.

    On Saturday mornings as a little kid I got took into work (early work experience!), and almost every Saturday someone 'accidentally' knocked a high stack of biscuits over, being careful that nobody else was in the area first.

    Blokes would come from all corners of the warehouse to view this disaster, and the chargehand would make out a 'scrap off' sheet, and then let everyone take a tin of biscuits home, usually for a few pence apiece. It was usually custard creams and the like to which this disaster occurred, oddly enough. No wonder my teeth were bad as a kid!

    The fact that vegan food is now mainstream is good news ....

    ....and Kieth you are a bit behind the times holland and barrett have been selling porkless pies for at least 10 years

    That's just it, you are talking about porkless pies. That means pies without pork, that's all. Any vegetarian pie is a porkless pie.

    The pies Morrisons are selling claim to be vegan pork pies. So what the fug is vegan pork?:D

    We use stainless steel thick-bottomed pan, soak the oats overnight in water, and cook next day. (Soaking the oats isn't necessary, but makes for a softer porridge). We sometimes mix bulgar in with oats, and sometimes muesli.

    In summer we just soak and eat raw. Sometimes we stick a large spoonful of yogurt on top, sometimes stir in a little milk while still cooking. Often have a few blueberries (from local market) on top when in season, or home-grown strawberries in summer. In the depths of winter, or on fruitless days, a teaspoon of honey or home-made jam livens it up a treat.

    I have giff-gaff too, been on it for a year or so now, at a rolling £6 a month, plus a top-up anytime you need to put one in. Most months my £6 is more than enough, as I use a desktop or laptop for most internet stuff; eyesight is not really good enough to be squinting at little screens for long.

    No complaints, except that the O/H borrows it half the time to make 'free' calls when her payg phone runs out of cash....

    Interesting about cat fleas. I've always found that after a couple of bites cat fleas won't bite again, and I thought this was so for most humans, and that they found us distasteful.

    Dog fleas are just the opposite, and once they get established they can be a devil to get rid of.

    Aluminium pans, aluminum to those over the pond, used to stick food and burn easy, for those of you folks too young to remember them.

    The insides used to get pitted, and you wondered where the aluminium had gone...inside your guts attached to food, most likely, as the molecules lift easy with strong heat, and move into whatever they are in contact with. Okay for airplanes, not so good for cooking in.

    A guy told me not long ago that he was about to start his slide-show to go with his talk when effing Windows 10 decided to do an update. :whistle:

    The whole room had to wait 10-15 minutes until it had finished, frighteningly rebooting a couple of times, so he had to reset his slide-show.

    He was the object of much amusement, and was not best pleased.

    Linux, by comparison, just indicates it has an update.:cool: You choose if and when you wish to install it, which usually takes two to four minutes.

    Yeah, fish and chips got me, I'm afraid.

    Out for a night with mates and stopping at the chippy on the way back, and just getting chips while they enjoyed bloody great steaming haddocks was really not on....

    No fake fish in those days, no fake bacon, but you could get a mean bean roast carved to look a bit like a chicken breast if you were so minded. Cut it into soggy slices, pour gravy over, and imagine you wouldn't know the difference....:D

    Veggies and vegans get it a lot better today, I think. Far more choice of stuff, whether you want it to look like flesh meat or not. No objection to vegan sausages myself, except they make me fart a bit, so I tend to avoid them; Quorn is even worse in its gastrointestinal effects - don't even go there!

    But the original question remains: What is vegan pork?

    You can have vegan meat, because meat really only means 'food', and is a general term. But vegan beef, or vegan pork, refers to a particular type of flesh meat that comes from a particular animal. So the term contradicts itself. If it is actually beef or pork, it isn't vegan. If it is actually vegan, it isn't beef or pork.

    I've no objection to vegans calling their foods whatever they like, if they perhaps enjoy following the meaty trendy terms that manufacturers think up. But it doesn't make those terms grammatically correct.

    Yeah, it's a little odd, especially when giving up meat for ethical reasons, as you'd think the last thing you'd want is to be reminded of what flesh meat looks like!

    Still, it may ease the transition for more reluctant vegans, I guess.

    You guys burn your porridge regular? Trying stirring it a little.

    We have porridge or porridge with something else most every morning, and rarely ever does it burn. As for cleaning up, well, after scraping the pan like all waste-not want-not eco people, there isn't much left to stick. As RT said, just fill it with water and leave an hour or two, and anything left just slides off.

    Hi Gal, nice to have you on board!

    You'll find there's lots of nice folks on here, you should get on well with them.

    There's plenty ideas to look through too, so spend a bit of time looking through all the van life and alternative lifestyles threads, it's fascinating stuff.