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    What your saying makes sense , but i was kind of going up the idea of it would be easier to I.D. a member {Clearly and Quickly } maybe while both vehicles or one , are mobile without having to try and read thru a minefield of other stickers they may have as well , buy that time its all to late .

    Solo, all you would need to look for is the three letters UKH. In whatever colour and against whatever background. It could be across the bonnet, or the bumper, or it could be on a panel.

    I guess it might help if we unofficially agreed a likely place to display. What about the tax disc space, now we are no longer using them? That's nice and discreet. Those who fancy a more colourful approach could have a nice big one on the back of the vehicle as well, or even on the sides. Lots of room for individual expression and ingenuity.

    Why not all produce our own individual design?:hippy: That's true hippy individuality:beard:
    So long as the UKH displays prominently in the design, we don't need it to be regimented. We can do our own thing:thumbup:
    The UKH is the important recognition bit, nothing else. That way you can be as up-front or as covert as you like.
    You could even change the design for stealth situations, and keep the bold one for inside festies.
    The sky is the limit, your minds....

    Had a relative who did that, gave his ex-missus £15 a week to support the kid. She pleaded with him to just give her £50, and she wouldn't make a fuss. She thought she could get by on that, as she was working part-time. But he refused, the tight git.

    Eventually she had to go to the child protection agency or whatever to get him pinned down. On his wage then as a single bloke, he had to pay up £150 a week instead of £15. Served the beggar right!

    Would agree it ain't right. So long as he helped pay decently for the kid's upkeep till it grew up, I would have thought that was fair enough.
    Still, if we were in her position we might probably want to give it a try. She probably got a lot of encouragement from her lawyers, who will no doubt get a good screw if she is awarded much.

    Something stealthy for me , parked up outside a Chippy for a supper ,10 at nite and a few drunken chavs come along , see a hippy sticker .....

    Using UKH could even be a form of disguise. If Solo's drunken chavs came along and saw plain UKH, and saw us sitting there, they'd probably give their approval:
    'Yeah, good on yer buddies, we're votin' for 'em as well! Get outa the effing common market, stop the effing foreigners comin' in...'

    But we don't all see life through rose-tinteds; unless we're trippin' on something, of course. But I figure what you mean, we need something that is recognisable as hippy, but pretty laid back. And have UKH on there somewhere, too.

    What would be really cool would be something very simple like the Christian Fish kind of thing that just lets other people know that you are cool


    Good idea Paul. But what sort of image suggests itself? Being hippy, maybe not a fish...
    Maybe a plant of some kind? Maybe a leaf? But that might get us pulled....[plod]
    Hmm. Maybe not:whistle:

    Yes, that would be interesting. When we first had little local meets in cafes I wondered whether I should maybe wear a 'UKH' sticker on my hat. A bit like the Mad Hatter:D:beard:

    Good link, Marshlander.:thumbup: Worth taking the quiz, with results that were not unexpected for me.

    Anyone taking it be warned that a few minutes are required to complete, and no political party names are mentioned, just policies, until after you've finished. And you have to read the policies pretty carefully, and some of the decisions you take are pretty close.

    I read someplace very recently that the present government, if re-elected, plan to go ahead with a plan to charge for the use of all major motorways as a cash generator. All intended to be done electronically, hence the push for 'smart' motorways.
    This will mean the price of everything goes up to pay for the tolls....:curse:

    I believe you can often get help with decent housing, etc, from your church, if it has any kind of organised structure.
    A chap I knew at one time was a minister with the Unitarians, and they were quite good. (He did some nice services, Diana, Woden, Thor, all these and more featured from time to time, as well as the usual suspects).

    I see the grasping swine who oversee the Canal and River Trust are at it again...

    Canal & River Trust (CRT) declared on 13th February 2015 that from 1st May this year it will refuse to re-license all boats that “don’t move … far enough or often enough” to meet its Guidance for Boaters without a Home Mooring – unless they take a permanent mooring. This places boat families under unique pressure as many cannot afford a mooring. Many boat dwellers work locally and some are key workers. Many require access to local services such as health care and schools and will be put to extreme difficulty if forced to move unreasonable distances.

    Sign the Petition here:…eviction-of-boat-dwellers

    So did anyone else hear Natalie Bennett's messed up interview on LBC?…th-natalie-bennett-105384

    Personally speaking, I totally get it if someone has a "mind blank", but should a potential prime minister be a little bit more together than this?

    No, she's jake, mate. At least she didn't try to B/S her way out of it, like most other politicians you care to name would have done. And she did apologise afterwards, whereas most politicians would have said they were tricked, or misrepresented, or some such waffle.

    So far as I'm concerned it meant she's one of us - human - and we can all have bad days, especially if harried by some of these buzzards on the BBC. (I've personally been there mate, I know. Not all of them are shytes, but some do like to show you what middle-class twits they are, and try to catch you unawares; it helps to keep them in a job).

    And I must admit I do like the buzz-saw Australian accent, and the up-front way she talks. I've had Australian mates in the past, and most of them talked like that. If you didn't like it, that was tough manure. And they had a lovely sense of humour that you had to get to understand before you could truly appreciate it...:)

    Is it not possible that these attributes could combine (honest question)

    It would be nice to think so, wouldn't it?

    But there aren't many signs of that in the world around us.

    I'm sure Kropotkin was right about how individual acts of kindness and helpfulness aid the survival of the family, group, tribe, etc.
    But competitiveness is about getting there first and taking the goods, not about sharing them with everyone else.

    Have a look at the Ixquick search engine: [url][/URL]

    I usually have it set as default search engine.
    They also have their own proxy service which you can use.

    You can read about the company here:

    Suspending my usual scepticism for a moment, as reincarnation is probably the most naturally logical of spiritual ideas.

    As Sir Edwin Arnold says in The Song Celestial:
    'Nay, but as when one layeth
    His worn-out robes away,
    And, taking new ones, sayeth,
    "These will I wear to-day!"
    So putteth by the spirit
    Lightly its garb of flesh,
    And passeth to inherit
    A residence afresh.'

    But it raises very many interesting philosophical questions, only a very few of which are mentioned below.
    Amongst them is the question of what are we doing here?
    (What other reason can there ultimately be for being here, other than to learn?)

    Plus the further question of whatever we think we are doing here, whether we actually volunteered to come?
    (So far as volunteering goes, because we may find it difficult to imagine a god or goddess or other higher being evil enough to condemn anyone to the dreadful lives some people are trapped in here, are we to take it that we must have volunteered ourselves, in order to learn, perhaps?)

    Which gives rise to the question of did we know what we were in for, before we volunteered?
    (Many 'spiritualist' ideas discuss groups of beings 'planning' their future lives, before they actually incarnate)

    Keeping to reincarnation lines, there are other explanations, of course. We may just be spiritually evolving through a myriad lives in the same way we might suppose that insects and other 'lower' forms of life evolve, blindly and unseeingly, under some universal spiritual karmic law that we are intimately bound up in.

    Which brings the further question that some sort of formal ethical evolutionary structure is implied in the above, so what is our universe - or the 7% to 10% that we appear to exist in - really about?

    Just more Establishment propaganda from Channel 4, even if it is about a political party that used to be a bit of a joke.
    (So did Mr Hitler's lot when he started up).

    If the Greens showed any signs of making it into the top three at a General Election, you would get the same kind of stuff dished about them. Sample here from our old friend the Daily Wail:…licies-dreamt-Greens.html

    Like many folks here, I have done a bit of volunteering work. But I have always took a long hard look at the org I might be volunteering for.
    I would much rather help small local charities, for example, than huge national ones whose CEO is getting £150,000 a year, and who couldn't give a monkeys whether you volunteered freely or were 'volunteered' by the local job centre, because you are just free labour.

    If you ever return to this site {wich i hope you will } you"ll find all of us on here pretty genuine and decent folk .And will give you a warm welcome .:)

    Solo, I sometimes think your new avatar is somewhat out of place on occasions like this:)

    .... Or is this state of "competition" why we evolve?

    It is competition which creates division. As procreating physical beings - human or otherwise - in a limited environment, there will always be competition. Competition for limited resources will ensure the most competitive survive. Not the most honest, not the more helpful, not the highest-minded ones. Just the most competitive within that environment. Welcome to the Kali Yuga.

    I am no expert , but have you checked the gearbox oil level , if its very low. that can affect things .

    That's the first thing to check, oil level, and any leaks from the 'box? Oil level may have been topped up at your service, then got lower since. Gears get progressively more difficult to use as oil level drops, in my experience.

    Apart from that, as already said, the clutch may be out of adjustment, usually due to mechanism failure.
    If clutch operates okay, you may need someone to look at the gearbox.