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    The public is rarely told the truth by the people who got it wrong. Maybe it comes out from official records under the hundred years rule, but sometimes we are lucky to get that. And WTF will remember it then?

    So far as bio-weapons are concerned, the big problem is developing an antidote before you use them, in case your own side gets infected, or if you have to occupy infected countries.

    I can see electronic technology being used to a much greater extent; especially with so many satellites scheduled to go into orbit. Capable of tracking individuals from their smart phones down to the nearest metre, and sending mini-drones to observe, listen, and even destroy them.

    Yes, don't give Them anything to go on while using Zoom.:reddevil:[panic]

    If you stick to everyday stuff you should be okay. Just be aware that the NSA etc are probably looking over your shoulder, as it's an American company, and everything you say will be routed through the land of the free.

    Just like Skype in that respect, but without your info being sold to the target advertising merchants' databases, like Microsoft do with Skype. (But they're probably working on it!).

    I think they were definitely experimenting with the bats, and very likely someone at the labs did get accidentally infected and spread it.

    It appears from that clip that they were in the habit of clearing out a batch of disease-ridden bats every now and then. Some of which had probably already been experimented on. So if you did this, what better place to make a few yen than sell them down the market? There's two chances of infection there; the guy who works in the lab and gets infected - perhaps unawares - and spreads it around, and the bats themselves, which get eaten.

    I guess we are fortunate in having a few big stores quite close. A little local one that charges on a par with Waitrose, but for low-quality stuff, alas. (I try to only use this place for emergencies).

    Then we have Aldi only a couple of km away, and Waitrose in a slightly different direction, but same distance. Alongside Waitrose lurks Asda, but I don't do Asda often; their prices are about the same as Sainsburys, but for poorer quality stuff. Owned by Walmart, they generally pay their staff the lowest wages they can get away with (I have a neighbour who works there).

    So what we can't get at one place we get at another, and generally don't run out of much for long.

    Milk and eggs were about the only things we got low on, and curiously, wholemeal flour. Why the human locusts cleared the shelves of wholemeal flour I don't really know; half of them couldn't bake a loaf if they tried.:shrug:

    Been breaking a few pallets myself, Bigbear, the last few days. The O/H wants a garden box to put some of her garden stuff in when she's not using it. Pallets are pretty well ideal for this. I always screw 'em together, so they can be easily dismantled if she ever changes her mind....:whistle::)

    I think you might be right, Prepper. But I'm not enthusiastic for people running bangers like we used to, just remembering crazy youthful times....:whistle:

    In a properly-organised country the wholesalers would have to stay open for garages to buy parts to do essential repairs. But what we have here is those at the top making it up as they go along.

    Of much more concern would be lorries and other big commercial vehicles. I hope they are not stopping tests for those as well. The idea of a petrol tanker going down a wet town hill with dodgy brakes is horrific, to say the least.

    If we are to run a thread on 'Coronavirus' then all aspects of life which corona virus affects need to be discussed. Everything from everyday life good and bad, to political - and medical - competence and incompetence.

    As in any discussion, where we have a definite opinion about something, we should try to back it up with some facts which everyone can access, and thereby decide for themselves.

    It can sometimes be difficult, because people tend to have opinions linked to their emotional reactions to events, and post hurriedly, rather than taking a step back and saying to themselves, 'let's have a look at this, let's see what is actually happening here'.

    We are in this thing together, whether we like it or not, so we have to try and make the best of it we can, and help each other where we can. We can do this by posting a variety of information and also personal anecdotes, which tend to find common ground between people. We can post bits of the dark side to show the seriousness of the situation, but we should also post some of the lighter side to compensate.

    You feeling okay, chap? OK in the head, like? I figure this virus crisis has kind of overwhelmed you.

    You were writing like a fairly sensible chap only a few weeks ago, your earlier posts bear this out.

    We have had nothing but downers from you since this corona virus started.

    You have given nothing but panic reactions. Doom and gloom.

    You have been posting every new instance of sad happenings, constantly emphasising the negative, without trying to compensate with anything positive.

    You seem unable to take an analytical look at the situation. Unable to see the good side of humanity in a crisis. Apparently unable to even follow even a simple logical argument.

    I can understand how you may have allowed all of this to overwhelm you, particularly if you are on your own, but help is available.

    Both on here and elsewhere.

    Take a look inside yourself, try to analyse your problem. Take a look at what you have written up there; not very clever is it? Not even thought out, and even vitriolic, some would say. If you cannot even discuss something on a forum in a sensible manner, you certainly have my pity.

    But that is not enough, you need to get help for your psychological condition, before it becomes too much for you to handle. You were not always like this, but you have allowed yourself to go downhill rather drastically since this corona virus crisis got under way. Others on here have noticed it, but you yourself as yet do not appear to have done so.

    Laughed when I saw your potato post Prepper; we have baked spuds in their jackets at least three nights a week in Winter, sometimes four. They go with pretty well anything. As we have only a smallish flat, with the kitchen door open while they're cooking we don't need any heating on.....:D

    A lot of garages where repairs are done are actually closing, because with the wholesaler parts and other agents closed garages can't get the spare parts to do repairs. No more MOTs for six months.

    Sounds like back to the Sixties; so long as she runs, she's good, bro....:reddevil:

    What nobody here seems to have noticed over the EU offer, is that our government denied they had taken part in any such meetings, whereas the Gruaniad had seen proof of the minutes of no less than four of those meetings where UK government officials had been present and discussing.

    It was only later that policy was changed, apparently from the top.

    So another BoJo massive lies fug-up, or perhaps it is Cummins who decides policy?

    Milk always seems to be available at the local shop here, so long as you aren't particular what sort it is. (I prefer the filtered sort myself, but they haven't had that recently).

    The queue goes all round the store, with people keeping their social distance, laughing and joking too, some of 'em. Fug being miserable, just get on with it, sort of attitude.....

    The business of sending out millions of letters setting out the obvious is just one more way of the government covering itself, so that it can say 'We did all we could' if things go sharply downhill.

    Its called seeing to be doing something. However effective or ineffective is not the point. Its that you, as government, have done something you can point to, in case questions get asked.

    The fact that most people, when sent letters obviously from their local council, or from national government, are known to file them in the bin, is little to do with it.

    Authorities of most regime's especially in this age of hi tech information generally do not distort , manipulate and outright fabricate facts to the same degree as some absolute state controlled regime's do in order to further their narrative and if they do you can generally find out the facts for yourself online......

    I feel that comparing the UKs handling of news of the Spanish Flu in 1918 to the Chinese Communist regime's reporting on the Wuhan flu today is a little disingenuos .

    Essay from Unherd - China is not the hero in this darkest hour.…r/?tl_inbound=1&tl_groups

    Come off it, man, you can't even spell disingenuous! :D Nobody is going to take you seriously!

    Any state which controls its media is able to control people's thinking, to a greater or lesser degree. Sure there are alternative web sites one can visit, but does the average guy visit RT, for example, and compare it with Fox News? And then try to figure if either of them is right? Or perhaps best to stick to the BBC for the official UK propaganda, what?

    Nobody on here suggested that China is any sort of hero, so where did you dig that up from? China is the main suspect in the case, so far, if you hadn't noticed. We're just a little more civilised about how we say it, that's all.:)

    As the pandemic apparently started out in China, it more or less has to be taken for granted that the Chinese authorities will do their best to produce 'respectable' figures, keeping the ratio of deaths to infected at a 'reasonable' mean as they go.

    Millions have starved to death in China in the relatively close past, and little has been heard about it from their authorities at the time, and their official history since then has probably drastically down-graded the numbers affected.

    Authorities of all countries do this to a greater or lesser degree, depending on what they think they can get away with. An example closer to home: the 1918 flu' pandemic was not reported in the newspapers of the period in the UK and several other countries which were still at war, for reasons of 'keeping up morale', even though it was killing tens of thousands in the countries concerned. Instead their newspapers reported the 'Spanish flu', as if it had originated there and was only affecting Spain. (Spain was neutral, so was fair game).

    Quite honestly, I saw only two people with masks last time I was out, on Thursday, queuing at Morrisons. (One inexplicably took his off when he got inside the store???).

    Morrisons were doing 15 shoppers in, 15 out, which seemed to work well.

    Even persons of non-English origin were not wearing masks, and there were quite a number of those about. Apart from the fact that masks are now difficult to obtain, some people say they don't try to buy them because the doctors need them. The local Screwfix were rationing builders' masks so they could continue to supply the trade, or that part of it still working.

    I think that perhaps the universal wearing of masks in South Korea has kept the infection rate low, but it does mean that there will be no 'herd immunity' once the epidemic dies down. So if it begins again none of those people will be protected, unless they are all vaccinated before then, of course.

    One does come across 'precautions' which suggest somebody has not thought it out properly, or are just making a public show.

    The other day, when drawing a bit of cash out of the bank, the young lady clerk asked if I knew my pin number, and if so, I would have less risk drawing it out of their machine.

    I pointed out that perhaps more than a hundred people had already used the machine that day, using both the buttons and the touch screen. In so doing, anything they were carrying on their fingers would be well distributed by now.

    Unless the bank was disinfecting after each user, of course?

    Oh no, she said. I hadn't thought of that. We only disinfect the machines at the finish of the day.

    A bit late then, eh? I suggested.

    I almost said that I'd rather catch it off of her than off of a machine, but thought I'd better not.....:reddevil:

    My gran believed that lightning was 'attracted' to anything made of steel (think of lightning conductors), so the cutlery must be hidden, lest the lightning zap into the house after it.

    My grandad, by comparison, used to frown on this practice, and even used to stand out of the step watching the thunderstorms.

    My gran used to go mad! 'Come in, Man, you'll get struck!' She would scream at him.

    'Ain't done nothing wrong, Woman! The Lord shan't strike me down!' He would shout back.

    (I was about five years old, a bit scared, crouching on the mat, ready to dive under the table!).