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    Hiya,was down your way this weekend..every other week usually,we ll have to get together for a coffee one weekend..i can pick you up?

    That would be good, and we both look forward to seeing you.

    I have an eye op scheduled for the end of the month, but after that should be fine for a coffee and a natter. Just let us know when you're in the area and we can meet up.

    Akasha! When you have a go at it yourself next time, make sure to tighten them screws...:)

    First thing that tells a techie that someone's had it apart.....:whistle:

    Been a lovely bright winter day here, too. Chilly if standing about, but warm enough when working in the sun. Getting cold again tonight with another frost coming on, but a bright day forecast again tomorrow. (Got a bean trench dug in the garden and filled with compost and covered in. Then cardboard on top to stop the cats shitting in it.....:D).

    Yes, we tend to put in plenty of mixed herbs and sometimes spices when making a stew, and then usually there's enough of the liquid left over to either make stock for the next meal, or make into a soup with the addition of a can of chopped tomatoes.

    We find most instant gravy stock , whether veggie or not, seems to be very salty, so only use when nowt else is available.

    I remember one of our tractor drivers telling a tale in our bothy, about one of the shepherds he had to visit one night with a message (No phones then).

    "When I went in, he (the shepherd) were a settin' there at a big fire with his old Mum, an' he still had his fuggin' wellies on, covered in shit, an' what with the heat an' the smell' I had to get out quick! I were heavin' !" :D

    Showers in the morning here, and then heavy rain later on. 11C but felt colder in the wind. Still quite mild for the time of year though.

    Back in the day, January 1963, I was snow-shoveling, clearing roads and pathways that were 2 to 4 feet high in snow. My first Winter outdoors after leaving school. What fun!

    Quite agree.

    Don't count chickens before they're hatched.

    Neither Australia nor New Zealand tradies want to be flooded out with low-skilled poms who are looking for a place in the sun. But there might be jobs for skilled fire-fighters in Aussie, the way things are going....

    Over the last few thousand years, both in Western and Eastern societies, a great deal less meat was eaten by the working people (peasants) than is the case today.

    To all intents and purposes, most of them had vegetarian diets, (and often poor vegetarian diets), especially in the East, with occasional periods of lacto-vegetarianism if they were lucky. For most of these people, meat was a luxury seen only on festive occasions.

    But we must also remember that it's no use trying to veganise the growing population of the Earth if we do not do something about stopping that continual increase of population. Otherwise all we are doing is putting off the evil day.

    If we can be likened to the bacteria in the bottle, it does not matter what the bacteria are eating, the bottle will only support them so long as food is available. The world can only supply a limited amount of humans with food, whatever they are eating. It can only supply them with a limited amount of resources too, for that matter.

    Otherwise the final solution would be cannibalism, the eating of weaker humans by stronger and better-organised humans. This is not really what veganism intends...:reddevil:

    The Aussies have already said they don't want free movement. They don't want a squalid lot of bloody lazy unskilled poms flooding the country, putting decent Aussies out of jobs by getting employed as chancers for half the pay....

    Sounds familiar, somehow.....?:reddevil:

    Quite right Gee. All natural products, whether plant or animal, readily enter the cycle of return when they have served their human or animal or plant purpose. All break down and form part of the soil from which the new food grows, whether in field or forest.
    That is the way the biology of the planet has evolved, and will continue long after humans have vanished.

    We will not stop using plastics, we may cut down drastically in their use, but only where there are cheap substitutes available. Almost everything we humans have invented over the years we still have with us in one form or another; we just don't use them so much when a cheaper or more useful alternative is readily available.

    As for the amount of meat eaten; well, as a kid I think we saw meat in some form or another about once a week. Usually as a Sunday roast of some kind (if we had money) or sausages (if we didn't).

    Other protein foods were baked beans, eggs, (we kept a few chickens), and cheese, which was fairly cheap and found its way into various dishes.(Loved grated cheese in mashed potatoes!).

    So if meat was gradually rationed, either by law or by tax, less would be eaten, and less resources used in its production. But it would take a war, or a massive lack of cheap animal feed, to bring that about.

    But most of them that have nukes are religious.... Which makes it all the more dangerous.

    Apart from Putin, find me a couple more who are not....:reddevil:

    Have to agree that lab food is no way a natural thing, and as no humans have yet lived on this sort of stuff for any period of time, we have no idea of what allergies it might bring with it, or what long-term effect it might have.

    Look at Qourn as an example. The human gut is not used to it, is not adapted to it, and for some people it has unpleasant side effects. Whole schools have stopped using it in meals because of widespread endemic farting among those eating it. (It makes me fart badly too, so I avoid the stuff wherever possible. If eating it with vegan friends, I make my excuses and leave shortly afterwards.....:whistle:).