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    Yes, they bring back great memories for me; the hippy couple in the flat under mine were always playing them, and I'd go down for a drink and a smoke and a philosophical chat about the universe, and sometimes crash out until the next morning...:D

    Its the only way to get the message across to some people unfortunately

    stupid, very arrogant, woman on TV this morning saying that forcing people to wear a mask is an invasion of our human rights.

    And getting infected by some idiot who won't wear a mask isn't???

    Once you begin to follow orders which have no logical reason, you can be sure that you have entered into the realms of those who have given up thinking for themselves.

    Yes, forcing anyone to wear a mask is certainly an invasion of their human rights. To force someone to wear a mask, you would need to securely hold them by physical force, fit a mask, and then follow them to make sure they did not take it off, wherever they went. Apart from somewhere like China, this isn't going to happen.

    That is why the government have to ask you to wear a mask, and why they can threaten and land you with a fine if you persistently do not do so in an area they have defined. But they cannot force you to wear a mask after the event. All they are doing is to make it highly inconvenient to you if you do not choose to wear a mask. They cannot force you to wear a mask, and they legally have to inform you about this.

    The proof for the above is on the government's own web pages on the rules concerning wearing a face covering, hidden away about halfway down the page. They even let you print the fact, if you wish to, and carry it around with you. Or stick it on your mobile phone, too.

    You won't be questioned about it; they dare not do that. It's not quite a fascist country, yet.


    So far as getting it from someone not wearing a mask is concerned, what are you worried about? If you are wearing yours, you are safe, right? You've got the talisman, the thing that is supposed to give you security, immunity....

    Or don't you really believe all the propaganda concerning them?:reddevil:

    Interesting. But such a technological dictatorship, like all technology, depends upon electricity. Electricity supplies and electronic communications are very easy to intentionally knock out or destroy, both at a national and a local level, either by insurgents or by an outside power, or even by natural forces.

    And what are they going to do if a poor guy can't cough up £10K?

    Put him inside? They'd fill up in no time doing that, they are well overcrowded already.

    Just enjoy 'em both with both lots of people!

    If you don't like one or the other just call it all the two-week Midwinter Festival!

    This guy had some scary stories, like workers throwing meat at each other in meat fights, then straight off the floor into the vats; spilled meat left for days under the rollers eventually shovelled off the floor directly into the vats; night-shifters too lazy to walk the 200 metres to the toilet pissing into the vats...

    Just to give it a bump, there's an interesting little article here on the Black Vegan scene over in the States....

    Only ever known one Black Vegan over here, and that was years back. He used to work in a local meat processing and pie factory for awhile, and what he experienced there turned him vegan by the time he left....:vomit:

    The conspirators, if they exist, haven't personally incurred any costs, agreed. They will have used government money. Printed money, if you like.

    But the cost in savings to any country from the dead - one of the reasons invoked for a conspiracy theory - have been nowhere near the spending of any country in supposedly combating the virus, giving huge contracts to their business friends from borrowed money for which we the people will eventually be made to pay.

    It's rather like the money borrowed and paid back on wars, but with much quicker returns to the profiteers. But the people still end up paying for many years after. When did we make our last payment for money borrowed after the 1939 - 1945 war? Around 2006, I think....

    If it was - is - a conspiracy, I think it has backfired already.

    Almost as if - keeping to the conspiracy theory for a moment - the virus was released too soon. If it was a conspiracy intended to wipe out the old, the infirm, the chronically ill, and the BAME elements of society, any society, it has been very unsuccessful. The cost has been far greater, so far, than the money saved by wiping out thousands of ailing or otherwise costly people.

    But of course, this could just be a rehearsal....:reddevil:

    The growing food bit..... well I can grow enough food to feed a small town. But the DIY, building, fixing, repairing bit....

    If you lived a bit closer Lesley, I'd advise you join our community shed! A sort of club where older men and women can learn how to make things and use tools belonging to trades they'd never been involved with before. We have several ladies who, after only a few months, can now not only put up their own shelves, but make garden furniture from pallets, repair garden sheds, and use hand saws and power saws and drills, etc. Oh, and blokes who can now do a nifty bit of upholstery, which they learned from the ladies....:)

    I guess you are pretty far from anywhere like that though, so YouTube is a great help. But study several different videos of the same thing if you can, and take notes; you'll soon see that you can pick up different techniques and tips from different ones: nobody can cram everything into one movie.

    Hi LightTouched,:wave:

    Good to have you aboard!

    Great group of alternative folks on here, and lots of good advice for alternative ways of living.

    Come out of the shadows, and warm yourself at the fire....:peaceman:

    Install double-glazing of some kind? And/or make lightweight shutters on the outside that could be closed snugly at night? You could even insulate the shutters with that wool!

    Wooden frames easier than plastic for the double-glazing, and the lightweight shutters easily attached to the frames.

    Personally I'd think of renting it out and making a few quid. The seating upholstery should be fairly straight-forward to replace, especially as you have lots of good wool available for stuffing.

    (I always go for the easy options first!):)

    If that didn't work, you could take a look (via internet) to see what other people have done with oldish caravans, see if it worked, and check how easy it was to do.