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    Agreed with the other comments here, that's a wonderful picture. Absolutely one to treasure. Technology is both our greatest downfall and our greatest asset, it's pictures like that that remind you of how good it is to live in a world with such technology. She looks absolutely beautiful.

    You're right Hazelhedge, the herbs themselves cannot be banned. How do you stop someone from growing Feverfew in their own garden? Or putting Lavender in their pillow to help them sleep? What's being stopped is the unlicensed medicinal herbs. Now while I have a grudging acknowledgement that this is beneficial and might help stop some of the snake oil merchants, considering it costs between £80,000 to £120,000 to get a licence for herbal remedies it simply isn't possible for smaller herbal remedy merchants to get something proven to work through years of practice, licensed. It means that it's only the larger pharmaceutical companies that will win.

    Yes, it's easy to pick something poisonous to use. Just as it's easy to overdose on paracetamol. Got a stinking cold with a bad headache? Well that's a lemsip, a couple of paracetamol and maybe a bit of Night Nurse to get you through the night. You've taken your absolute quota for the day within a couple of hours. Perhaps unknowingly.

    Some time in the late 90s (I believe and I'm happy to be corrected on all of this) a herbal remedy known as Kava was banned. The reason given behind the banning was that it caused liver disease. What wasn't mentioned was that the study behind this was funded by a rather large medical company that was promoting the benzodiazepine group of drugs. Kava was found to be as effective, had less side effects, required no dropping of dosage in order to 'come off' the prescription and had less effect on the liver than the benzodiazepine. Neither did it require massive use of animal experimentation, it is a sustainable plant (it's a pepper) and it has also been found to have less effect on the cognitive functions of the brain than Oxazepam.

    Yeah, so it also gets you high. So do most anti-anxiety drugs. That's sort of the point!

    The problem is we're all so used to going to the doctors and getting pills or potions for something that ails us and assuming that what we're getting isn't going to do us any real harm. It can't, the doctor wouldn't give us anything bad. Yet people end up being prescribed a set of pills for one thing, another set of pills to stop the nausea from the first set, another prescription to stop the side effects offsetting the effects of the second set of pills on the first set and so on and so on. A friend of mine is taking up to 15 tablets a day for a hand injury!

    A decade or so ago it was almost fashionable to have been prescribed Prozac. When I was in Uni the doctors were almost advertising that they would give it to us for exam stress! Not surprising when you find out that the doctors were being given an £80 dividend for every Prozac prescription. If the pharmaceutical companies took the time and researched the proper qualities of herbal remedies instead of pushing the drugs they've already ploughed money into, I'm sure many of us would be shocked at the amount of cures that could be found and patented.

    It's by no means a definitive list and there may well be more added to it. I was told that it was any herbal remedy that was not able to prove its claims. This could then extend to Aloe Vera Juice, Bee Propolis, Manuka Honey and thousands of others.

    In order for it to be classed as being a ~"traditional medical product" it has to have been in use for the last 30 years including 15 years within the EU.