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    Hi all, glad you all had a goodun, it all came together rather well!! Big thanks and hugs to Puppetry In Motion, you guys did us proud!! Love what you do and your welcome back!! Even in the unusual adversity of a warm and sunny festival you still put on a great set of shows!!:D

    COR!!! This is getting close now... Fine detail documenting.... late detail chasing..... rider collecting... stage design finalising... documentation filing...

    Due to local demand we released about 100 day tickets per day, mostly snapped up but if you know anyone who wants to wander along for the day check the website []..

    Be nice to meet some of you so please pop into the dance tent and ask for Phil :)

    Blowing our own trumpet abit I know but Bearded Theory is massively child friendly.. BIG family contingent and we have the lovely Angel Gardens which is a large kids village with lots and lots of activities..

    The festivalkidz website gives you alot of child-friendly festival low-down - Heres their Angel Gardens linkie -…tival-angels-have-landed/

    This will be my 2-year-old's 3rd Bearded!! [he was 9 weeks when he first came!] may have seen that The Egg had to pull out of the Sunday slot in the Magical Sounds Dance Tent..well, the replacement has me very very excited indeed... The mighty Peatbog Faeries will be playing!!
    Bringing Shooglenifty into the Dance Tent as well and putting together a Celtic Soundclash session...this will be programmed not to clash with the last 2 acts on the mainstage [SLF and Levs]...which means LOTS OF DANCING for a Sunday...

    Well, Bearded Theory is a definate and Beat-Herder is always in the diary.. Apart from that we are looking for inspiration.

    We always miss Knockkie these days due to proximity of Bearded and a massive need for sleep..
    Will probably go back to Alchemy as its a nice meet up of friends..
    Possible return to Willowman maybe
    Would love to return to Solfest maybe [wonderful festival] or a trip up to Eden..

    2-yr old sprogg means we may do a few less and dissapear up to Northumberland in the van more..

    to Wurzel and Cup of tipi - we do indeed charge 25 for a campervan / live-in etc, its not ideal, I would love to do it for nowt if we could but we jst can't.. Not gonna bang on again about the relative cheapness overall when you look at other festies offering what we do...:) as I sound like a stuck record..

    The new stage is shaping up really well with some stunning stuff coming up.. Just booked Will Kaufman to do a show per day, he's the leading expert on Woody Guthrie, his mixed media shows include Will playing and singing Woody's songs through a historical journey...I have seen his shows loads and they are not to be missed... Also got Peter Donnigan and the original Lonnie Donigan band...the new venue is called The Lock Inn and will be providing entertainment far into the night...

    As already pointed out The Stiff Little Fingers will indeed be joining us which rounds off the main stage line up...all looking rather lovely!!

    Cheers cemsy!! Hopefully we keep true to the feel of Bearded Theory...the first time we did a 3-dayer we called it a 'Village Fete gone wrong' :D
    All the central team have day jobs and do this for the love of it and the massive adrenelin hit we get when we see it go off.. We do keep getting things wrong but we listen and react, attendee feedback is therefore paramount...
    The other thing thats really important is the price. Full adult weekend ticket inc camping is now £79 which is more than we would like but for the acts we book and the other stuff we provide its as low as we can keep it..
    Good beer at £3 a pint is also important, I struggled to keep it under £3 but overheads are overheads and Thornbridge brewery agree with us but have to make a profit...

    Further announcements coming including the final mainstage Sunday act and details of the new stage [big marquee] which will take the place of the 'Waters Edge' stage from last year...

    i really want to go to this... not sure about baby in a tent though :S

    You won't be alone, we have alot of families and alot of lil'uns come to the festival. Angel Gardens cater for this with really lovely changing facilities and chill areas. Our son Rowan was 9 weeks old at his first Bearded Theory, his ear defenders were bigger than his head!! Did make for amusing photo opportunities! :D..

    Middle of May, 17 - 19 th. You can park up on the Thurs, but i don't think there is
    much on then.
    I'll be there then though, get smashed in a field, what's not to look forward to?

    Haha, like your style!! True the main arenas don't fire up till the Friday but I believe there will be some entertainment on offer!!

    Right, I did warn you all I would be a little Dance Tent-centric so I make no excuses!!:pp

    Heres a breakdown of what we have planned for the Magical Sounds Dance Tent...

    Mad Friday
    is going to be the full-on madness that it should, Drum-machine are going to open the Magical Sounds tent off in style, a massive drum troupe currently gathering aclaim via performances at Bestival, Beat-herder, Solfest and other festivals in 2012..
    The Penickity Bint [lovely lady, box of frogs springs to mind!!] will warm us up for our very own Gail from the Something-else tea tent and Rev Phil Dread.
    Kickflip returns [last time he played it was a tad windy] with breaks a'plenty and then prepare for some rap and electro scratch stylings from Major Triadz...
    Clumsy from the Madhatters freeparty collective will then keep us dancing before the Sickness that is SICKNOTE take us on a live journey that is becoming...nay IS... legendary..
    Local boy Andy Faze will keep the breaks and bleeps coming while we prepare for the headliners SUBGIANT to finish off the Friday night and take us into the night in their own amazing way!!!

    Psychedelic Saturday will see Drum-Machine wake us all up again, they really are a natural adrenelin shot and the best way to come round..
    DJ Chukkel will then take the stage followed by Engine Ears [live] who will take the Soundsystem to another level [he built it, he knows how to!!].
    Lost Element will then take over the decks followed by Pure Mischief [live]
    The lovely, very talented and most definately tickety-boo Lorraine is up next, her sets are loved and not to be missed..
    A full live band performance from O.O.O.D will follow and crank up the Saturday night a notch or two more before Magical Sounds regular and International DJ Ed Tangent takes us up to midnight...
    Saturdays headliner is a legend...plain and simple...flying over from Berlin especially for this show and supplying a 2-hour extravaganza with live PA appearances and live percussion...A GUY CALLED GERALD will take us beyond....

    Global Sunday will, as always be a slightly more laid back affair to start with.. Drum-Machine will do their daily thing and bring us round and they will be followed by Liverpool band F.O.E [Freedom of Expression].
    DJ Woodzee will keep it global, funky and fresh and we welcome back the stunning TwoManTing for a mesmerising set of African drumming, vocals and talented guitar playing. The Mosienko Project will then deliver more Sunday dance vibes before a live performance by the Manchester legend Astrodruid..
    Liquid Lounge will deliver the final decks-based offering, this will be uplifting and seamless and will set up the night for the last headline slot by THE EGG who play live house, rocktronic, funk and ambient influenced dance music, using electronic and live instruments, video triggering, samples and live and vocoded vocals. Like Pink Floyd and New Order floating on a cloud...but better...

    So thats it, 3 different days hopefully providing a mixed up and fresh but flowing and fantastic 35+ hours of programmed dance music....

    Hi all,
    Well under 6 months till the 6th Bearded Theory Festival so time for a thread I guess..

    I'm Phil [or Flip] and I do the Dance Tent [so apologies if I seem to concentrate on that area:D]...

    We remain not-for-profit in as much as none of the central team take a penny out of the festival for their own [we all have day jobs and do this purely for the buzz]. Surplus is either put back into the festival or goes to local/national/international charities...

    So...who's coming? Any feedback on the festival [good and bad] gratefully received and will be acted upon...

    Lineup now looking mostly nailed and can be found at