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    and as the holaday forms were past from employees to boss's both angi and sunflower boomed were going to big green weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    missed a year but bk freash and ready to party. small diffrence tho im going as a punter never done it this way before so should be fun and intresting.

    so if you know me [and are brave to admit it he he ]
    look out for use come say hi and even join use for a cider

    hope to see some of you there big hugs sunny an angie

    it is more than possable to be a true photo du to sevroul factures some being......

    the laughter and happyness in the room would cause a spirt to invstigate.
    the crying child same reson as above.

    but with all your photoshops and photo manger sites around its hard to tell. good if it is real as its extrimly hard to catch a gost on film it just happns by acsedent .

    Quote from PlutoPete

    I think the authorities would love to pretend she doesn't exist, she represents the side of cannabis that they don't like to talk about because they cannot justify persecuting pensioners that self medicate.


    im looking into it if i can get the time off [wow that sounds really weird for me ] .

    depends whos going really not sure dont wont to bang in to poeple i dont wish to see from last year ??.

    but to all thoses thinking of going dont think just go tis a mind blowing festavil

    why do these crimes carry on ? ill say bcouze the laws to soft short sharp shock treatment along the lines of boot camp or stoping them being able to claim benafites.
    and were are there parents why arnt thay geting involved ?
    its sick and all backwards all we see is gold dust muddled together quick solutions not perment fix

    if my daughter asked me to get her booze id say the following.

    yes certionly on two conditions i choose the booze and you drink at home.

    this is the tact my mum use's and used with use lads it works as we respect the priverlige the feeling of being treated like adults and this way mum new we wernt out on a street corner geting pissed and muging old ladys.

    Quote from Fëanor

    You might think it's cool to be bullied by the government but IMHO this would be the time (yet again) to tell them to fuck off and leave peoples freedom of choice alone.

    Anyone up for a shared shopping trip to Calais?

    sadly with out a pasport but if your passing poole on your way back do drop in

    firstly and most im portantly tell her to calm down and not panick .

    secoundly has she restountly moved in to this property ? [your coisen that is] how dated would you say this little girl is i.e modern day or a few years back can gerouly till by style of clothing.
    and has she had any mager life changes i.e a death a new baby a family member become ill ?.
    now by tilling this little girl to go away she may have caused damege simply becouse ghosts do listion if you say go away its the first thing you should do if you have a poltergist. its very posable this girl had a messege or was asking for help.
    your cousin needs with a fellow beliver not a none beliver to seat in the house and whilst speaking softly say aloud its ok im sorry are you all right im sorry i asked you to leave i was scared i do whant to help. as not only well this girl be a comforting atmosphere in the house you well allso maby be able to help her pass on.
    but most importantly your cousin needs to not worry as its unlikely this little girl well do any harm or damege if she has a baby moniter in the house put one half in the little ones room and a nother half were she can here it. any more qustions ask a way ill answer were i can

    Quote from Flamboyant Queen

    If the bill gets the go ahead, anyone who wants to smoke will need clearance from their doctor in order for them to get a permit. If they don't get the clear, all those who currently smoke will have to give up. INHO, I would start giving up now.

    well thats me fucked then unless the doc well grant me a licence on the grounds of everytime ive tryed to give up ive nearly killed someone but why the fuck should i ask permission eh bollexs i say