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    this si the sort of thing i think of very often.
    i dont think the world will end 2012 just to say quickly.
    but if as you say that all the satelites etc i dont think theres really any point in taking out the money becvause loads of people would think of that and if the satelites did go it would just resolve in anarchy anyway and money would no longer be an issue because everyone would just go get everything they want by stealing it because all shops rely on electricity to run tills and such now.

    for so many years now the world was supposed to have ended i can think of at least 3 or so in the last few years. 2012 will come and 2012 will go and then another "scientific theory" will come along and say we are going to die.

    i think its all very silly at the end of the day really everyone needs to stop and take a deep breath and realise even if the world is to end in 2012 big whoop what can we do about it? nothing.

    rant over