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    Quote from pikey

    I guess this is just for ladies that have had children or are pregnant now.....During my pregnancy now im experiencing clicking noises from my strange i know but i never had this with my previous pregnancies.
    I was just wondering how many of u have experienced this lol.... a couple of girlies have told me they did....just interested 2 know if any of u lot have.. .
    Big loves NatZ xxx

    hello.... its been 20 years since i had my nipper, but i used to get this clicking noise from my bump, i thought it was something else, but when she was born i heard the same clicking noise coming from the little cot thing they stick em in and she was sucking her thumb. i told the nurses what i thought and they said it's quite a common thing. so i htink you're baby is sucking it's thumb in the womb like mine did. awwww. how cute. :wiggle:

    yay, i've seen em every year round about december and this year will be no different, except i'm officially old this year. gonna try the holmfirth gig i think. should be a good un, last year in manchester was on a full moon and i totally lost it. had to book into a hotel and the lot, i was absolutely trolleyd. :insane:

    Earlier on a friend sat in front of me eating a sausage sandwich ... I made some throwaway comment about how that sausage was once a real life animal before having it's throat cut and dying a horrible death.

    all you were doing is staing a fact mate, if they can't handle it then perhaps they should change their habits.



    Regardless of this, if it was legal (as aposed to 'decriminalised'), then it would be available to EVERYONE, including young children. I don't think that this would be very good. Even beer is not totally legal.

    please you are just being pedantic, although a quick blow back of skunk into the face of my babes never did em any harm, and saw em to sleep everytime:D

    the weirdest dream i have recently was when i got lost in festival, i was asking everyone the way to the pub, where i knew my friends were. anyway no-one knew the way to the pub so i ended up in a reggae tent, i was comfortable with being alone, then a load of chavs come in and start throwing this baby between them like it's some kind of rugby ball. everyone in this tent was feeling upset and disgusted with these people and they carried on shouting and throwing this baby, and eventually singled me out for some verbal abuse.
    i was giving them as good as they were giving when suddenly they set their dog onto me, i was looking at this dog rip into my flesh on my hand and some fingers were really chewed, and all i was thinking was, " hmm, thats gonna hurt in the morning", when all of a sudden, my brother and his friends came running in asking me where i had been, they took one look at my hand and started to stamp on these chavs, they were stamping them nto the ground as i watched on. they became blood, bone, and mush, and still they stamped them in until there was nothing left except for a bit of which point, they threw a tartan rug over the spot and we proceeded to skin up on it.
    that was disturbing for me, as i hate all kind of aggression, but in the dream i was glad that had happened to them.:eek:

    you could just buy a bottle of cheap unscented shampoo and add your oils to that, rosemary is very good for dandruff, as is tea tree for is anti itching qualities, greanium would help to balance the hormones that effect greasiness or dryness etc. if the bottle has on 150mls then you add 75 drops of oils, if its for your face and you want to make your own cheap creams, then half it again so you would only put in 34 drops for your face.:)

    it is very hard when dealing with children who have a will of iron, especially when they are intelligent as well. my youngest daughter refused to go to school when she was 8 or 9. when she did go she refused to do the work, she got suicidal over it, her behaviour got worse and worse she was a total nightmare, after cutting plugs off everything electrical and basically turning her room into a cell, i totally lost it with her one night and told her she'd have to go live in a kids home. this led to tears and tantrums a new and after months and months of performing we finally got down to the truth. she didn't like school cos the teachers were ignorant and racist, she asked me why i sent her to such a place that was filled to the brim with heartless selfish people. she never felt comfortable and soon realised the teachers that were teaching her were bigotted and uneducated( her words).
    we managed to come to some arrangement, it wasn't all plain sailing but sometimes it's things out of their control that mnake them violent and abusive, they don't know any other way to vent their frustrations.